Adorned Nails: Nails Inc. London Nights

Here's another black one. A plain unadulterated black with high gloss from Nails Inc., known for their nail polishes named after mainly places in London.

I checked their website and I don't think London Nights is available through them anymore. The formula for London Nights is on the thick side, but that could be because it's an old bottle. Nevertheless, it applied fine. Two coats did the job.

I don't do much stamping these days, but this black was calling for one. Some time back, I bought these Essence Nail Art Stampy Design plates. I've pointed this out before and I will point it out again. Essence sure has a strange way of naming their plates. They seem to be stuck in some name warp: always the same few numbers and names even though they are totally different image plates! Check these plates out and their corresponding names:

There is at least one more other Essence plate out there with that very same name. Go figure! It's as though Essence has a perpetual overstock of these packaging labels.

I used the zebra print found on the plate on the right. These full-nail images look fun at first, but coming back to earth, I find them too small for my nails. If my nails were short, they would probably just about fit but they still won't fill my whole thumb nails. These images seem to be made for those with small nails, or perhaps for little girls (okay, true, little/young girls are Essence's primary target market anyway).

With that in mind, I chose to stamp the nail leaving the tip plain. Admittedly, my stamping here could have been better executed. Stamping purists might cringe looking at the unevenness! So, do forgive this greenhorn in full-nail stamping.

The final effect is like an inversed zebra with black french tips. Funny!

More information:
Nails Inc. website


Anonymous said...

Your nail shape is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I love the top photos. The shiny black polish looks rather elegant on your beautiful nails. Stunning!
"KTee" xx

Funny post btw.

Paulina said...

it's very misleading,
they should have named them better!

Witoxicity said...

Thanks, Asami. :)

Haha, I take it that's your way of saying you cringed when you saw the inversed zebra. ;D Thanks, my dear. At least, you like the plain black version. Phew! :)

You're absolutely right. Me thinks it's a case of desperate clearing of packaging overstock and/or someone in Essence not paying close attention to product names/labelling. :P

Anonymous said...

The print is indeed too small for such beautiful long nails and I think you must be right with the overstock of the packaging labels. It looks very unprofessional to use the same numbers over and over again.

Your nails look gorgeous anyway. Take care, Nicole x

Inge (PolishSis) said...

LOL you stamping looks like if you put on a coat of crackle polish :-)
I like it!

sugar sugar said...

really pretty!!!! :D your nails look fab!

Witoxicity said...

Thanks, my dear. It's more the width of these images that is the problem. It's all too obvious that Essence has put little thought into these plates. Sigh!

Haha! First, the zebra gets inversed, then frenched and now crackled? Oh, poor zebra...... ;D

@sugar sugar
Thank you! :)

Adis said...

Oh gosh! Those stamping plates! Where did you find them??? I've been looking all over for them in the NL but I never seem to find them :(!

Witoxicity said...

Hi, Adis! I got these at the Kruidvat in Alexandrium (please note that this was many weeks ago). I know what you mean though, as I don't see the plates in the other Kruidvat stores I've walked into. There's supposed to be a third plate that came out with these two but I've tried so many Kruidvat stores and I still can't find it. :P I hope you'll get your plates. Good luck! :)

Adis said...

Thanks dahling :D! I'll check that out as soon as I have some free time to go to Rotterdam :).

Also, forgot to tell you, but love your blog! I like your reviews since they're more in-depth than most others and the stuff you review are things I can usually find here in NL :3. Hope you keep this blog going for a while!

Witoxicity said...

Thank you so much for your supportive words, Adis! I appreciate it a lot. I do my best to keep my readers entertained. I'm glad you find my writings informative. :)

The Beautifier said...

Stunning! really stunning nail art pattern!!!