Adorned Nails: Teeez Smooth

So, you've seen the purple/violet holo from Teeez. Today, it's the turn of the berry pink holographic polish called Smooth.

To be honest, I thought the colour didn't look too dull under normal lighting to start with (image below).

I had this on last week. You're looking at three coats. I noticed some minor chipping on the third day but I'm not complaining.

Look at the explosion of berry pink! It's quite dominant on the nails but you would still be able to catch glimpses of yellow, blue and purple depending on how the micro-mirrors catch the sunlight.

In the following image, you might be able to notice the glint of blue/purple close to the nail tip, which then turns to yellow as I change the viewing angle (you might want to view it from further away).


-Diana- said...

Such a pretty color <3 I have the blue Teeez one but not the pink and purple one....they are on my wishlist.

sugar sugar said...

this is so pretty! :3 i do love pinks and purples so both the nail polishes appeal to me a lot. =)

AmyGrace said...

What a pretty polish ♥ I'm so glad I discovered Teeez, their nail polishes are a-ma-zing. Your hands & nails look so elegant!

Jo said...

I love holos! This is really pretty :)

Karla Michelle said...

my gaawwdd!! very very gorgeous color! if I have something like this painted on my nails then I think I'll have the excuse for not washing the dishes! :)

I appreciate how you showed how pretty the little rainbow glitters are.. :)

Karen said...

I swear you have the most perfect nails, in shape and length and everything <3 This pink color is so pretty and I love holographic polishes, my kind of eye candy!

Anonymous said...

OMG this is so gorgeous! It seems Teeez has some awesome colors, the purple one you showed was even more stunning. "KTee"xx

Michelle said...

I looooove the different reflexes!! So pretty!!

Lolipop said...

This looks really great!! I loooove holographic polishes, but I think the major problem is that most of the time, it looks quite dull under normal lighting :/ But this one looks fantastic!!

Witoxicity said...

Hi, Diana! Oh, yes, you really should go get them at the first opportunity. The price is reasonable for such stunning holos. I wish they offered more holo colours though. :)

@sugar sugar
I'm with you on that. These two I've shown so far, Outta Control and Smooth, are certainly right up your alley. :)

Hello, AmyGrace! Thank you for your kind words - I think it must be due to all the flattering lighting. :D You know, I must have seen Teeez several times in the stores before but I never used to take notice. It's just brand overload sometimes. Well, I'm glad I finally took a closer look at their products. :)

Hi, Jo! I'm pleased this pretty holo is to your liking. Yay! :D

@Karla Michelle
Heh heh! You know, I did do the dishes last week with this on.....but I went about it daintily. :D I'm glad you could see the rainbow colours. Like I mentioned in the post, the pink was very dominant. :)

Oh, no, Karen, please don't swear! ;) Thank you very much for your kind words. Like I mentioned to AmyGrace above, the lighting was very kind to my hands when I took those shots. :) Hey, I'm glad this holo has caught your eye!

Hi, KTee! Yeah, truth be told, the purple one has a tad more WOW factor. I haven't seen it in the stores, otherwise I would have bought a second bottle! Hmph!

I'm pleased you managed to spot the rainbow colours amidst all that overwhelming pink. :)

Hello, Lolipop! I absolutely agree. This colour is dark and deep enough to hold its own in normal lighting (but still, I often found myself placing my hands in sunlight just so that I could see the rainbow colours again and again. Haha!).

makeup merriment said...

These are beyond gorgeous! Why is it everyone gets the pretty holos but is US girlies??? lol xoxox jeanie

Witoxicity said...

@makeup merriment
Oh, Jeanie, that couldn't possibly be true! Milani, for example, has holos. Try checking them out in the stores there. :)

Inge (PolishSis) said...

I didn't buy this one, it looked kind of boring to me in the store but now you made me want it after all, great holo!!!!

Witoxicity said...

Well, it didn't look much like a holo in the bottle. As mentioned, the pink is very dominant (compared to the other purple and blue holos). However, irl and with strong sunshine, you can just about make out the rainbow effect. This holo is one that you should enjoy looking at upclose. :)

lisadrivesavan said...

wow loving the polish and your nails look amazing!! wish mine would grow that long x

Anonymous said...

WOW what a pretty color!! This color reminds me of Teenage Dream by OPI, which I'm in love with!

Witoxicity said...

@Lisa Van
Thanks, Lisa! :)

@Serena Rai
I'm glad you like it, Serena. :)

Amber said...

Such a pretty color! The color I have (forgot the name) from China glazes tronica collection shows this no justice!!

BTW thank you for the sweet comment on my blog!

Witoxicity said...

Don't mention it, Amber! I'm happy you find this polish pleasing to the eye. :)

Paulina said...

omg! it's just wonderful!

Witoxicity said...

I'm glad to hear that! :D

Kanisha said...

Hiii...i just found the Outta Control nail polish, in this small shop here in Delhi (India)'s STUNNING! at first, i was like whaaa? :/ but once it sets...oh..instant love!

Thank you sooo much for introducing them to us!!

Witoxicity said...

OMGosh, Kanisha! That is super super awesome! :D I'm really happy that you could get your hands on Outta Control. I remember you were telling me back in April how much you wanted to buy it.

We need to give that shop owner a pat on the back for selling that gorgeous holo polish in the shop. But of course, the polish is a stunner! I hope you've been admiring it in the sun as that's when it's the most stunning. Have a great week ahead, Kanisha! :)

Kanisha said...

I'm honestly so touched that you remembered me from back in April!
You're so sweet :)and yes,it's a stunner in the sunlight!! Even my guy friends noticed the holo effect :P

Hope you have a good weekend too :D

Witoxicity said...

Hi, Kanisha! Of course I remember you! I don't usually forget comments left by my kind readers. :) Moreover, I still recall giving you a rather disappointing answer about Teeez's limited retail presence. So, I'm honestly happy that you came across that very polish in Delhi. This polish is really something, if even your guy friends could notice the holo effect! Haha! Btw, I was so excited at the news the other day that I forgot to thank you for keeping me posted on this. Much appreciated, Kanisha! :D

I hope your weekend is going well! :)