Surprise: Winner of Teeez Smooth Holo Nail Polish

Every now and then, I like to do something unexpected. It's nice to give my readers a pleasant surprise sometimes as I truly appreciate the support.

Today is one of those days.

I got hold of another bottle of that berry pink holographic nail polish from Teeez, and I am giving it away to one lucky reader who left a comment on that post featuring Teeez Smooth.

I've used The Hat to help me choose the unsuspecting winner. The ladies who were eligible were the following (for comments left up to the time of publication of this winner announcement):

Using The Hat, I shuffled the names around and got it to pick one winner and the winner is:

Congratulations, Lolipop! Lolipop, please get in touch with me (see Contact page) so that I can have your postal details.

There may be other little surprises coming soon, so do be on a lookout.

The ongoing Hello, Holo! giveaway on Witoxichic, my style/photography site, also features this berry pink holo (together with a blue one). It ends 6th May.


sugar sugar said...

congrats lolipop! thank you for hosting this giveaway dear. =)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Lolipop, such a sweet surprise :-) Enjoy!

나니 said...

SOOO nice of you : P bsh!
It's a gorgeous polish tho! Congrats to Lolipop!

Belleza y Manos Make Up said...

mee encanto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amiga!!! Como estas me encanto tu BLog esta muy completo y divna la nota, yo actualice el mio y el diseño esta muy tranqui pero original para Uds con la mejor musica que nunca se corta..Disfrutenlo!! cariños
ya te estoy siguiendo seguime besos

Michelle said...

Ohmygoodness! I was one away from winning! LOL

Congratulations Lollipop! :-)

Lolipop said...

Wow, thanks a lot!! That was really unexpected! When I saw the name I was like "oh wait, I don't recall entering any giveaways recently...maybe someone has the same nickname as me!" xD This is so nice of you, thank you very much!

Witoxicity said...

Thanks for leaving a congratulatory message for Lolipop, ladies. You're very kind. :)

The pleasure's all mine, Lolipop. Thank you for your support! Anyway, I'm glad that I am able to make one lucky reader happy this week. I hope you will enjoy the polish! :D