LUSH: Tea Tree Water Toner Review

My first LUSH product feature! Well, let me put on record that this is the one and only LUSH product that I own. I'm not such a big fan of LUSH and I can't explain why. I'm intrigued though. I mean, I love the sound of LUSH products. When I think of LUSH, I think of natural, colourful soaps, HIWTK, funky-sounding masks, freshness, refrigeration..........

When I was researching for my article on Beauty Shopping In The Netherlands: Branded Stores last year, I found out that long before the current form of LUSH came into existence, the founder was actually making bath and beauty products from natural ingredients for other brands, one of which was The Body Shop. Interesting.

Anyway, I must say the interior of a LUSH store is a feast for the eyes but isn't it funny that the sales assistant only succeeded in convincing me to buy this one bottle of Tea Tree Water Toner? And it was the smaller of the two versions too.

It is available in bottles of 100g (€5.25) and 250g (€10.95).

According to LUSH (excerpts from packaging and website)
Tone and detoxify oily skin with tea tree, grapefruit and juniper. Take control of those troublesome pores.

Spritz directly on the face after cleansing and use a cotton pad to remove any excess cleanser. To tighten pores, let the toner air dry.......Facial toners also help combat the drying effects of airplane travel and air-conditioned offices. Give yourself a spritz or two on your next flight or at work, you'll know what we mean.

Tea Tree Water, Grapefruit Water, Juniperberry Water, Limonene*, Perfume, Methylparaben
*Naturally occurring component of essential oils

My Thoughts
Well, I can describe this in only one odd way: it smells like a hospital ward. But that's just my nose.

It looks and feels just like plain water.

I use it twice a day. I prefer to spritz it on a piece of cotton pad (five to seven spritz would do) as I feel I can clean the skin better this way. The skin feels very fresh and clean thereafter. I don't often use layers and layers of foundation on my face, so I seldom have issues with cleaning off residues of makeup after facial cleansing.

I don't know if it was a coincidence or really due to its antiseptic properties (previous years of struggling with acne and trying almost every possible remedy under the sun have made me a cynical skeptic, you see), but I did spritz it directly on a pimple twice a day for three days and I thought the pimple healed quicker.

I didn't notice any difference in pore size. I'll probably try spritzing it directly on the face in the warmer months to cool and freshen up my skin.

This Tea Tree Water Toner has found favour with me, despite my ambivalence about LUSH. It's alcohol-free, so it won't dry your skin out. It's a good enough toner. My small bottle should last me a few months. I've been using this toner for two and a half months now and I've probably got one-third left. If you're looking for a simple, fuss-free toner and don't have very high demands, do give this one a try.

More information: LUSH website


Zara said...

I'm glad to learn I'm not the only nail blogger who's not crazy over LUSH! I went in one of their stores once and even though one of the shop workers gave me a hand massage with one of their scrubs and Lemony Flutter, I still walked out without buying anything. I'm not sure why, but their stuff just doesn't appeal to me. Anyway, I'm glad you like this toner!

The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

Lmao, smells like a hospital ward! I know what you mean, I just found it slightly amusing :P

I'm kinda ambivalent about LUSH as well, I guess it just hasn't grabbed me like it has other people.

Nea/ Fashioned in Finland said...

I also like Lush shops a lot but buy just a few bath bombs or something :D

Michelle said...

I just think Lush is overpriced. :))

Witoxicity said...

@The Student's Guide To Nail Polish
How interesting! I was half expecting that I would be one of the very very few out there who's not that into LUSH. The products are really nice to look at but somehow, I haven't had the inclination to buy them. It's good to know that you're in the same boat, ladies. :)

@The Student's Guide To Nail Polish
Heh heh, that's just how my nose interprets it. Twice a day, I smell the hospital. ;D

Yes, they're not cheap, are they? You do have to pay a premium for freshness. :)

Shivani said...

Are you sure you don't like Lush as much? I love Lush, some of the soaps are quite overpowering with fragrance, but if you find the right product, there are plenty to love in lush. Glad you love this though :) Do try their hair masks.

Witoxicity said...

@Adorable On Your Vanity
Well, I guess it's because I find the product range all so overwhelming. I don't dislike the brand. I remain intrigued! Hey, thanks for the recommendation, Shivani! :D

Himi said...

I actually have this, and I've been using it for over half a first, I wasn't too expectant, but I needed new skincare range anyway, my old one wasn't working for me. I find the products work pretty well, so I've been converted haha. But imo, it probably won't work for everyone. But hey, you can always get a yummy bath out of LUSH =)
Ps, if you want to use something for pimples, try Grease Lightning. The bottle lasts FOREVER~

Karla Michelle said...

I've got to try this! :) when I enter the Lush store, I feel like a kid entering a candy store.. I'm such a sucker for organic and natural bath and skin care products. But true enough, these are never budget-friendly.

Anonymous said...

I went to a lush shop twice, just to have a curious look, but I am not attracted to the brand at all. Was it the price? I don't know about that one any more as it was a long time ago. What I do remember is that I don't want to smell like a bar of chocolate or a coconut when I take a bath. I am happy this product is to your liking. Take care, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

Hello, Himi! Thanks for recommending Grease Lightning. I might have come across this product on another blog months ago, but I'd totally forgotten about it! I've just had a look at the product info on LUSH's website and hmmm, it does sound good. The bottle looks biggish and since you don't need much each time, it's no wonder that it can last for a long, long time. Well, I never say never, so who knows, I might become a LUSH convert one fine day! :D

Oh, I know exactly what you mean about the feeling that you get when walking into a LUSH store! Moreover, I think if I took the time to inspect every single product and read the accompanying info, I'd end up spending half a day in there. Wouldn't that just annoy the sales assistants?! ;D

Well, I suppose the price is an important factor. I think the other thing is the fact that many of the products are so fresh that they need to be refrigerated and be used up quickly. I'm terrible at the latter - I'm a diehard procrastinator. :P LOL @ smelling like food. Some people like that, some people don't. I guess I'm on the fence, but I do agree with you about the chocolate thing. Chocolate should be eaten!! :D

Cynthia Z said...

I'm not a big fan of Lush, but this sure sounds like my kind of toner...until I read "hospital ward" haha


Witoxicity said...

Haha! It must be the scent of tea tree oil. You'll get used to it after a while. :)

Mz More said...

I tried this and love it, it's a great toner!

Witoxicity said...

@Mz More
Hi, Mz More! It's a good toner - that seems to be the general consensus. :)