Adorned Nails: Catrice Dirty Berry

Dirty Berry is a simple but curious one.

It is lilac, lavender, blue and grey all thrown into one. In poor lighting, I would call it slate blue. I've got three coats on here.

Dirty Berry is not a bold holo. It is in fact so half-hearted that I wasn't even sure if it was one.

It looked like it had only silver micro-glitters just like with Forget-Me-Not. However, if you looked closely and if you viewed it at the right angle, you just might see the micro-prisms.

This is how Dirty Berry looks in very and I mean, very strong sunshine:

The ongoing Catrice Dark Elegance Giveaway features Dirty Berry.

Have a look at the gallery for my other Catrice nail polishes.



Wauw deze wil ik ook!!

D.Sadie (D.G.S.Beauty) said...

Damn, thats pretty.


Toyomi said...

Gorgeous holo (:

Irena B said...

I love this nail polish! A friend of mine have bought it for me :) Can't wait to get it :)

Unknown said...

This is gorgeous- even if it is a very light holo, I like how it kind of resembles the suede finish OPI polishes! And of course, I love any and all purples!

The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

The base colour is SO unique. I may have to track this polish down! Even though the holo is pretty weak, it still looks gorgeous.

Unknown said...

Such a beautiful polish. I would LOVE to have it!

Michelle said...


lavender said...

This is a beautiful color. very unique.

Unknown said...

I have this one on my nails too!
I love it!

Anonymous said...

Love the color!

Anni said...

I have bought this one too, when Kruidvat had the 1+1 make up deal going on. I haven't tried it on yet, though! I'm curious to see how it looks on my nails :)

kavitha said...

i love how its not an in ur face holo. very pretty. :)

Karla Michelle said...

Very beautiful color! it reminds me of my aunt's Chinese jar.. :)

sugar sugar said...

this kind of reminds me of blueberries. so pretty! :)

Adis said...

It's not halfhearted, it's just painfully shy is all :p! And it looks really nice. My spaces aren't really sunny so I haven't seen the holo effect yet :(. Maybe next mani :)!

(Also, can you believe my manicure lasted me almost a week and a half?! :O! I'm stunned! I need to show you the pictures! :D)

Witoxicity said...

Ga maar eens kijken in de winkel. Deze lak is nog steeds te koop in Kruidvat. Ik hoop dat je al meegedaan hebt aan mijn Catrice giveaway! :)

@D. Sadie
I'm pleased you like this! :)

Yes, when the sun shines. Otherwise, it's a simple but lovely slate blue polish. :)

@Irena B
That's fantastic! I'm sure you will love Dirty Berry on your nails. :)

Indoors and with low lighting, it's more slate blue than purple/lilac, actually. These photos which show it as a more lilac/lavender were taken with good natural lighting. :)

@The Studeent's Guide To Nail Polish
I don't know if Catrice is available in the UK yet. You could alternatively try your luck in the Catrice Dark Elegance Giveaway. You've still got a few more days to enter. :)

I'm so glad you like this one. :)

Yay! :D

I'm pleased to hear that, Lavender. :)

Oh, you're wearing this now too? How lovely! :D

I'm glad this is to your liking! :)

Getting it during that fantastic offer was definitely a wise thing to do. Well, the weather's crappy this weekend. You might want to wait for more sunshine to wear this. :)

Haha, no, this one doesn't exactly scream "Look at me!" like some other holo's (that I've featured) do. :)

@Karla Michelle
Oh, it must be a beautiful jar! :)

@sugar sugar
That's sweet. :D

Okay, Dirty Berry is shy and needs some lessons in holo assertiveness. :D You had better wait for better weather and as you and I know, it has been so darned gloomy these few days. I managed to capture Dirty Berry's holo-ness during one tiny window of opportunity when the sun miraculously shone. :)

Wow, a week and a half?! That must be one amazing top coat you used there!

The Beautifier said...

Its such a rocking shade!! I wish I had Catrice cosmetics near my place :(

Anonymous said...

This shade is very unique, never seen something like it. It looks gorgeous my dear. Take care, Nicole x

Cristina said...

What gorgeous colour! I'd love so mush to have access to Catrice polishes...

Witoxicity said...

@The Beautifier
Who knows, perhaps Catrice will enter the UK market one day. :)

Well, it's not garish, so I'd say it's quite an office-friendly holo. Have a lovely week, Nicole. :)

Witoxicity said...

Dirty Berry is featured in the giveaway I'm currently holding (link given above). You might want to try your luck. :)

BlackCherry said...

How odd, I thought I had discussed this topic!

This one is also beautiful. Maybe we can meet Mermaide Iron and In The Bronx too ;)

Witoxicity said...

Yes, I'll be doing (most probably) In The Bronx next. Coming soon! :D

Anonymous said...

Can't really tell what the color is, like you say it is a mix of colors. I am very drawn to it though as I can't make up my mind about the color. Yup, I love it.

islandgirl said...

Where can I buy this and I want this color?:)

islandgirl said...

Where can I buy this I want exact same color!? Pls let me knoe :) super excited

Witoxicity said...

Dirty Berry is mysterious and that's why you love it! :D You know, I should have taken a photo of it in low lighting because then you will see the slate blue (darker than what you see in these photos). Urgh, I didn't! :P

Hello! As far as I know, Catrice products are available only in a few countries in Europe. You may want to check the Catrice website for more information. Don't fret though if you haven't got access to it. I have heard that the Mad About You polish from H&M is a dupe of Dirty Berry. I haven't got Mad About You myself to compare but I think it's worth checking that out. I hope this helps. :)

(So) Originail said...

hey, yesterday i had this nail polish on my nails...i love it,reflections are subtle but beautiful!have a nice day ;)

Raey said...

oooooohhh i like the lilac!!! LOVELY!

Witoxicity said...

@(So) Originail
It's indeed a lovely but subdued polish. I hope you're having a great weekend! :)

Yay, I'm so pleased this is to your liking, Raey! :D

BellasUnhaseCia said...

Esse esmalte é perfeito!!!!


This glaze is perfect!!

Witoxicity said...

I'm glad you like Dirty Berry, Cris! :)

Vonvon said...

Love this Colour! Will check out H&M to see if I can find Mad About You.

Witoxicity said...

I haven't checked it myself but I hope you can get your hands on Mad About You. :)

Inge (PolishSis) said...

Those pictures must have been taken when it was scorching hot and sunny, (my kind of weather!)because that's the only way to get that pretty holo to show up that well. Lovely pictures again, you sure know how to make everything look extra pretty!

Witoxicity said...

Aah, I guess I was lucky with the timing. If I recall correctly, I did have a hard and frustrating time chasing the sun in the process of getting the right photos. Well, I'm glad you like the end result! :) Whatever prettiness you see, it didn't come from me. It came from the polish and the sun. :D

Bear Woods said...

This one is gorgeous, I love the unusually shade and a hint of holographic effect

Witoxicity said...

I'm pleased you like this one! :D