Chicken Poop: Lip Junk and Outdoors Review

If the name itself isn't ridiculous enough to grab your attention, I don't know what would.

Those of you who have already come across this brand would know that it's a brand known for its lipbalms. They contain no poop. They are just simple, natural lipbalms with a goofy brand name. Very contrarian indeed. I like that. I've also read of people buying these lipbalms as a joke for their family and friends.

Wichita-based Simone Chickenbone is the name of the company behind Chicken Poop and it's obvious that they love humour. On the website, there is a lot of wordplay, for example, Pile of Poop (if you purchase multiple tubes) and La Chick Poo Poo (a range of coloured lip shimmers).

The founder's name is Jamie Tabor (no, no, it's not Simone Chickenbone). From what I've read, she seems to have a flair for entrepreneurship. The first product she developed back in 2000 was a hair pomade, which was a success. When she developed her lipbalm, she got the inspiration for the Chicken Poop name from her grandfather who used to say, "put some chicken poop on your lips so you won't lick 'em". So, there you have it!

These lipbalms come in two versions. The normal lipbalm in the predominantly white packaging is called Chicken Poop Lip Junk. The other one in the predominantly black tube is for outdoor use, hence, Chicken Poop Outdoors.

So, here are the thoughts of a lipbalm junkie on the Lip Junk and its outdoor counterpart.

Chicken Poop Lip Junk Review

I like this one very much. The balm looks like most lipbalms - off-white and translucent - and has no particular taste. The texture is just right and it glides on easily. The lips are left nicely moisturised, also when used overnight.

I love the simple list of ingredients:

Avocado oil, jojoba oil, sweet orange essential oil, lavender essential oil, beeswax, and Vitamin E.

There is one very important thing to note though and it may be a big deciding factor on whether or not you will love this lipbalm: its lavender scent. Lip Junk also contains sweet orange essential oil but it's the lavender scent that dominates. I'm not a big fan of the scent of lavender (but I don't hate it) and that's why I hesitate to say that I love this lipbalm. It's a good lipbalm nevertheless. I finished my tube in about three months.

Chicken Poop Outdoors Review

I hate this one. This is meant for outdoor use and it is great that it has sunscreen (zinc oxide). The SPF is not stated though.

As you can see, the balm is opaque white.

List of ingredients:

Avocado oil, beeswax, zinc oxide, vitamin e, sweet orange essential oil.

Outdoors has a pleasant orangey scent.

Here's what I dislike:

• While it does glide on all right, it doesn't apply evenly on the lips. It's grainy and sometimes, I see thick, flat bits on my lips which need evening out with the finger or by pursing my lips repeatedly.

• It leaves an awful white layer on the lips. You'll end up with white-ish lips which reminds me of, at best, those hunky beach lifeguards, and at worst, a corpse.

There are other better lipbalms with sunscreen, so I would give this one a miss, unless you're a beefy beach lifeguard. I'm having a hard time finishing my tube.

I've seen various prices for these lipbalms (Net weight 0.15oz / 4.2g). On the Chicken Poop website, they are USD4.00 each. On iHerb, for example, it's USD2.00 for Lip Junk and USD2.40 for Outdoors.

My iHerb coupon code QOJ683 will get you a US$10 discount on orders of US$40 or more, or a US$5 discount on orders less than US$40.

More information:
Chicken Poop website


Unknown said...

Gross lol The ingredients list makes me want to check them out though. Thanks for the review!

Me said...

I have to get hold of some of that. I bought my husband cat poop for Christmas. If I recall, it's an anti fogger for sunglasses/goggles.

Toyomi said...

Nice review ! (:

Unknown said...

With the name I wouldn't buy it!!!
Too bad they're not really good )=

Anonymous said...

LOL!! That name is sooo funny, hilarious and easy to remember.......good name for marketing.

Great review!! "KTee" xx

Adis said...

Haha :DDDD! The name is awesome! I find it hilarious you wrote a review for this, but I don't know why. Probably because it's so 'Beauty stuff, beauty stuff... Suddenly! CHICKEN POOP! D:!'.

Thanks for the laugh :)!

Milz said...

Strange and gross name.

Witoxicity said...

You're welcome. The ingredients all sound very good, in total contrast to the name. :)

@Zuzu's Petals
I had never heard of that, so I checked it up. That anti-fogger lens cleaner is called Cat Crap, I think. LOL, also hilarious! :D Imagine how funny it would be when you get your Chicken Poop and used it in public while your husband cleans his sunglasses with Cat Crap. :D

Thanks, Toyomi. :)

The normal version (Lip Junk) is actually pretty good, but as I said, you mustn't mind the lavender scent. It is the outdoor version that I wouldn't recommend unless you earn a living on the beach. :)

Thanks, KTee. As you can see in the comments here, some people are truly repulsed by it but I don't think they'll ever forget the name now. :)

Haha, this post must be sticking out like a sore thumb at the moment but we all need to take a break and smell the po-.....sorry, the roses sometimes. I'm glad you were entertained, if only for a couple of minutes. :D

Indeed. For others, it's a genius and memorable name. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't like the smell of lavender that much too, I am ok with it but I don't love it just like you. The first one seems to be a good lipbalm though. I loved reading the review. Take care, Nicole x

나니 said...

What the....... O_Ô

Unknown said...

I posted a review on Chicken Poop lip balm on April Fool's Day a couple of years ago. It's good enough that I thought of maybe having it as a stocking stuffer for Christmas that year. I'm glad you found a site where people can get it cheaper. I bought mine at health food store and it was close to $4.

sugar sugar said...

LOL @ the name. x) thank you for your honest review dear. i also don't like chunky and grainy lip balms. :/

Witoxicity said...

Thank you, Nicole. Yup, the original version is a good lipbalm but you do need to get past the lavender scent. I got used to it and consequently, hardly noticed the scent after a while. :)

.....heck? :)

Haha, your readers must have found it very funny! But you're right. These lipbalms do make great lighthearted gifts. Let's not take life too seriously, eh? :)

@sugar sugar
My pleasure, sugar sugar. I'm just telling it like it is. I couldn't possibly do it any other way. :)

makeup merriment said...

lol I have this as well! I don't like the lavender flavor but the balm is good! xx

Anonymous said...

Oh my.... what a name!! he he
I don't think I would like to have chicken poo on my lips! :oP

Witoxicity said...

@makeup merriment
Haha, yes, I remember. If it weren't for the lavender scent, I would actually say that I love the lipbalm. :) I actually bought two of the original version: one which I finished last year and the other one as backup. The outdoor version - I don't think I'm even halfway through it! :P

@Beauty Addict
Love it or hate it, it's a name so disgusting that it's unforgettable. :D

Anutka said...

I meant to tell you when you 1st posted this, but as always time just got away from me...

This is so much fun! I love the name, but not sure I'd put something like this on my lips :)

My bf and I were buying chicken manure right before you posted this and we kept calling it "chicken poop"... when I saw this I knew I had to get it for him as a gag gift... so funny :)

Witoxicity said...

OMGosh, that is such a funny coincidence! Haha! Yes, do buy one for him and see how he reacts when he opens the gift. Hee hee!