Adorned Nails: KOH Romantic Flair

KOH Romantic Flair is the second polish from the new KOH Vintage Jeans collection.

It's an odd-one-out in the lineup of the six Vintage Jeans polishes. It' one word......dainty. It's such a sweet baby blue créme, very innocent-looking compared to the other grungy five. KOH has certainly given it an appropriate name.

Just like KOH Rock Chick, Romantic Flair applied beautifully. You're looking at two coats.

I wanted to give the blue some texture and so, I stamped this design from an Essence Nail Art Stampy Design plate (I've mentioned this before - it's pointless telling you which plate it is because Essence calls all their rectangular plates either '01 have fun' or '02 style it up').

I stamped three or four times on each nail, firstly because the design isn't big enough to fill the whole nail, and secondly, to give it a rougher surface. The first layer was with the mildly matte white Herôme Ottawa and the second layer, with the same blue of Romantic Flair.

To preserve the rough surface, I deliberately did not use a top coat on this.

This polish was provided by KOH Cosmetics.

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Jossie said...

Rocked my world!! Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I really like the colour, but the mani you did is just plain awesome! :D I have to try something like this when it's warm enough for my lighter jeans. :P

Unknown said...

Such a nice blue!!
This effect you gave is just perfect!!

Anonymous said...

I love your last pic and your stamping design looks stunning, just like the texture of your jeans. I LOVE it! It is such a gorgeous refreshing shade. "KTee"xx

Nikki said...

Licht blauw is leuk als het zonnetje schijnt maar ook in de winter, zeker met zo'n wit design erop. Heel mooi als het sneeuwt! Hele mooie foto's van deze nieuwe collectie. Groetjes

esther said...

Een hele frisse lente/zomer kleur. <3

Net als Koh rock chic staat deze Koh romantic flair heel mooi op jouw nagels. Het is zo mooi egaal, je ziet gewoon dat het aanbrengen van deze lak makkelijk en probleemloos was. <3

Witoxicity said...

Yay, thanks, Jossie! :D

Thank you very much! Yeah, do give this mani a whirl some time. :)

Thank you, rock-or-not! :)

I'm so glad you like this mani, KTee. Thank you for your kind words! :D

Dank je, Nikki! :) Als ik foto's met sneeuw had kunnen maken, dan zou het plaatje compleet zijn. Jammer genoeg (of gelukkig?) hebben we deze winter nog geen sneeuw gezien. Groetjes! :)

Het was inderdaad een fijne lak om mee te werken. Rock Chick ook. Het is zeker een zomerse kleur, maar zoals Nikki zei is het door het witte design tevens een winterse look geworden. :)

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered why people didn't play with texture on their nails, how neat! You have such beautiful hands.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. I love your presentations and the themes you come up with. The stamping design with its rough surface is very cool, great job, I love it. Take care, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

Hi, Natalie! I'm so pleased you like this. Thank you for your lovely words. :)

Oh, thanks so much, Nicole! Yay! It's always good to know that you approve! :D

Marionne said...

Briljant design! And as I am a sucker for baby blue I definetely will "need" this one too. Really looking formard to this collection.

Witoxicity said...

Thanks so much, Marionne! :) The collection is actually available in the KOH Shops now but it may take a while still before it makes an appearance in the general parfumerie stores.

Bear Woods said...

I don't have light blue color in my stash but after this post I'm wondering why?
And the rough surface, this is just brilliant way to make baby blue a little less baby ;)
I love it

Witoxicity said...

Thank you! Well, I think it's time to get yourself a baby blue polish! :) You know, that was exactly why I wanted a rough surface. The baby blue looked......too fragile on its own. :D

Anutka said...

I'm in love with the stamping and the texture that you created! Absolutely beautiful manicure :)

Witoxicity said...

Thank you so much, Anutka, for your kind words. :)