Adorned Nails: KOH Bohemian Chic

More KOH! There'll be quite a few posts on KOH this week as I go through the KOH Vintage Jeans collection.

KOH Bohemian Chic is the third one to be featured. Just like the previous two, KOH Rock Chick and KOH Romantic Flair, this one's a crème as well. The formula is nice and creamy, and it went on smoothly. As usual, I did two coats.

Bohemian Chic is a slate blue, sometimes I think it looks more grey than blue.

I wanted to add some simple nail art to this. I took out KOH Matt which I haven't used for quite a while and applied a thick band on the nail tips (I just painted it in one or two sure strokes across the nail).

Initially, I thought of leaving it at that - thick, matt French tips - but I felt that it was missing something.

So, I chose this stamping design from the Chez Delaney plate B100 and stamped it in line with the border of the matt tips using the baby blue of Romantic Flair. Do note though that this baby blue is not meant as a stamping polish, so don't expect the stamped design to appear bright and vivid on the nails.

The final result is a somewhat subtle nail design on matt French tips. You know that I like subtlety.

This polish was kindly provided by KOH Cosmetics.

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-Diana- said...

Pretty color, like the stamping too :)

Unknown said...

I like this blue is little less )=
But with your mani its perfect!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,
happy new year! Love the color - and love what you did with it!

Simona said...

This has been my favourite of the collection!

esther said...

Heel erg mooi deze kleur. <3 Ik vind je nail art design echt gaaf, echt goed gedaan zeg! <3

rachlovespenguins said...

Great colour! It appears I'm really drawn to greyish blues lately. :)

Witoxicity said...

Thanks, Diana. :)

Thank you! :)

Thank you, Amaltée! I'm so pleased you like it. :D Best wishes to you too for the New Year!

That's great, Simona! :)

Hey, bedankt, Esther! Het is zeker leuk om dat te horen! :D

I love such greyish blues too. They certainly have a certain charm. :)

Anonymous said...

It's a gorgeous color! More grey than blue. Your mani is awesome hun! I have to try something like that myself. "KTee"xx

Nikki said...

Heel goed verzonnen dat design op je nagels en leuke artikelen met al die jeans stoffen. De kleur van de lak is ook mooi (het is een kleur die makkelijk te combineren is met je kleding). Groetjes

Marionne said...

I love dusty colors, this one is no exception. Can't wait to get my hands om this collection ;-)

Bear Woods said...

I love this color Bohemian Chic (also the name is cute) and I didn't thought you can make it better but those 'french' tips are stunning. Where do you get such cool ideas?

Witoxicity said...

Thank you, my dear. Good, do give this mani a shot! It's not at all difficult to do. :)

Dank je, Nikki! Ja, deze grijs blauwe lak is neutraal en kan daarom bij veel kleding kleuren gedragen worden. :)

Same here. I like murky shades too. :)

Yay! Thanks so much, MissDoll! Usually, the ideas come to me on the spur of the moment, when I'm staring at the polish already on my nails. Haha! No, I'm serious. :)

Anonymous said...

I like this shade on its own, but what you did with the matte french tips and nail art design is really awesome. The coolest french tips I have ever seen. I totally love your last photo. Stunning! Take care, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

Oh, you're so sweet! Thank you so much for such encouraging words, Nicole! I'm so happy you like the end results. :D

Anutka said...

Love the bluish gray! And you stamping is just perfect for it!!

Witoxicity said...

I'm glad you like this, Anutka. Thank you! :)