No7: Amazing Eyes Pencil Review

I had a look at the customer reviews of these No7 Amazing Eyes Pencils on the Boots website and it appears that these pencils enjoy pretty good ratings. There were some negative reviews but there were many positive ones: 'favourite eye liner', 'stays on for hours', 'so long wearing', 'doesn't smudge'.

Well, I won't spout forth such words, I'm afraid.

These eyeliner pencils came in a holiday boxset that was issued by No7 in the run-up to Christmas. You've seen those three very pretty but disappointing eyeshadow palettes, Stay Perfect (Mini) Trio Eye Shadow Palettes - Cappuccino, Twilight and Beside The Sea.

The pencils that came in this boxset are smaller versions of those in the normal range. The regular ones retail for £7.75 / € 7.95 per piece and come complete with a smudger at the other end. I have here 05 Black and 10 Brown. One's a matt black and the other, a lovely taupey brown with very subtle shimmer.


So, here's what I think:

Once properly warmed up, they go on fairly creamy and the pigmentation is all right. They are quite easy to smudge out for a smokey look.

While they aren't faded by the end of the day, I can't say they are terribly durable. On my lids, they show early signs of creasing within two hours. When used to tightline, most of it is gone by midday. They aren't waterproof, so they do smudge if you have watery eyes or say, after a short walk in the rain.

The good thing about these pencils is that they are hypoallergenic, so ladies with sensitive eyes would probably find these agreeable.

Personally, I can't give the Amazing Eyes Pencils the thumbs up. To those ladies who love them, good for you! I don't think these pencils were made for my kind of eyelids. On a couple of occasions, I actually ended up with mildly racoon eyes by evening. Not a pretty sight.

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Unknown said...

I love the colors!!
Looks really great!

Witoxicity said...

I like the taupe brown. :) It's just a pity that they're not that longlasting on me.

lavender said...

It's a pity they are not long lasting. I bought some no7 eyeshadow from Bangkok, some colors are not pigmented but they use organic ingredients.
Wishing u a Happy Lunar New Year!

Imo said...

These pencils looks so creamy and are affordable too!

Witoxicity said...

Oh? I didn't know No7 uses organic ingredients. And yes, I agree. The pigmentation of the eyeshadows is quite disappointing. Same to you, Lavender. Happy New Year! :)

Unfortunately, I didn't think the quality was up to mark. :)

Anonymous said...

Affordable? In my opinion it's quite expensive. Let's face it, it's close to £ 8,-- which isn't cheap compared to other brands and it's poor quality too! "KTee"xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your review, always honest and straight forward. Those good ratings on their website were probably given by some ass-kissers or their ownh staff. I never take such comments serious. People should read posts like yours, then they would know that the holiday boxset was a big disappointment. Take care, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

Amen! ;)

My pleasure! LOL @ 'ass-kissers'. There are many who roam the earth. Hey, thank you so much for standing by me, my dear. It means a lot to me. :) I had such high hopes for that boxset (I mean, come on, you've seen how pretty the palettes were!) but, sigh, it just wasn't meant to be. :(