Teeez: Bold Eyeliner Pencils Review

These have got to be the funkiest-looking eyeliner pencils I've ever had but I'm telling you, the Teeez Bold Eyeliner Pencils are much more than just visually pleasing.

I like these pencils. They go on nice, smooth and creamy. Best of all, they are smudgeproof and waterproof, which is ideal for inward-folding eyelids like mine.

These pencils are from Teeez's Boudoir Secrets collection and I have here three shades:

Top to bottom:
Sexy 12 - black
Outta Control 08 - violet
Rebel 09 - orange

Teeez says (excerpts):
Twelve seductive shades to accentuate your eyes. The Bold Eyeliner Pencil is waterproof! Creamy texture for smooth application and comfortable wear. Quick drying and long lasting due to the waterproof formulation, no caking or streaking. Fragrance free.....

I did a quick eye look using only these three eyeliner pencils and the Teeez Full & Flirty Volume Mascara that was released by the brand in a previous collection called Diva's Darkness. All four products were kindly provided by Teeez.

Here, I used the eyeliner pencils as both eyeshadows and eyeliners. The eyeliners do dry quite quickly once applied, so I did have to work very quickly to smudge out the colours with my fingers.

The main purpose of this eye look was really to give an idea of how longlasting the eyeliners are. The photo on the right was taken about five hours later and as you can see, the colours haven't budged. The most critical section is the inner one-third of my eyes as that's the area most susceptible to creasing. Well, I certainly can't complain here (the eyeliners actually lasted longer than five hours on me).

Truth be told, these eyeliners are coming close to dethroning my absolute favourite range of eyeliner pencils - GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Liners. These by Teeez are a tad kinder on the wallet too. Retail price: €4.79 (Net wt. 1.5g).

The other items already featured from the Teeez Boudoir Secrets collection:
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More information:
Teeez website


Babybubblz said...

Oh wow these are bright!! Outta Control looks beautiful!

Unknown said...

I really love the packaging!!!
orange is not a color I like but they look so efficient and pigmented!!

Witoxicity said...

I've seen the collection in stores and I gotta say there are some pretty vibrant shades amongst the twelve. :)

Personally, I like the orange as it's not my usual thing. As I always say, it's good to try something outside one's comfort zone sometimes. :)

Bear Woods said...

I love the way you used them, not just a plain pencil but also as eye shadows. The blue is of course my favorite and they look like this after several hours?!?

Anonymous said...

Cool pencils at a reasonable price, gotta love it! violet is a stunning shade, but the orange one is my favourite. It really looks fab. Great look btw! "KTee"xx

Anonymous said...

That violet colour is stunning!

Nikki said...

Ik heb vandaag naar aanleiding van jouw artikel ook zo'n oranje oog potlood gekocht. Groetjes

Witoxicity said...

Thanks, MissDoll. It's just another way to get more use out of an eyeliner pencil. Well, the waterproof formula does render these quite hardy.

Thank you, KTee! There are some really nice shades in the range. I saw one that was salmony pink in the store the other day. I'm thinking of getting it. :D

@Fab Fingertips.
I agree! It's a lovely violet. :)

Wauw, dat is snel, Nikki! Oh, die oranje kleur is heel gaaf voor een oogpotlood. Goed dat je hem nu in huis hebt. :)

Anonymous said...

I like the print on the pencils and the quality seems to be good. I'm glad you like them, my dear. I love your eye look as well, the orange and violet really stand out. Beautiful shades. Take care, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

Thanks, Nicole. The pencils do look very pretty with that print, don't they? I feel quite bad about having to sharpen them though. ;)