Adorned Nails: KOH Nearly Bronze

It's time for another feature on a KOH polish from its permanent collection.

I remember seeing bottles of KOH Nearly Bronze and KOH Bananas prominently displayed in the brand's Experience Shop in Amsterdam a couple of months ago. It was quite a sight, to say the least: bottles of the two yellows juxtaposed against rows and rows of blues (from the KOH Vintage Jeans collection).

This bottle of Nearly Bronze was kindly provided by KOH and I figured I would wear it this warm, spring weekend. Nearly Bronze is nowhere near bronze. It's a much more subdued cousin of the unshy extrovert that is Bananas (which will be featured later).

Natural lighting

KOH Nearly Bronze is a dulled mustard yellow or you could perhaps call it a beige-yellow. It has specks of warm silver shimmers floating in the polish and these very same specks also give the polish a rather sooty look when the bottle is viewed at an angle. The first and the last photos were taking in strong sunshine.

I could see a slight trace of my nail lines after two coats and even though it didn't really matter, I added another coat anyway for the photos. Nearly Bronze applied beautifully.

KOH Rush Brush
When I was at the shop, I also saw that KOH had brought out the KOH Rush Brush, which are basically extra-wide nail polish brushes. I haven't got this new brush myself to show you but I can imagine extra-wide brushes are favoured by many of us. At that time, KOH was giving the Rush Brush out free to customers purchasing KOH nail polishes, i.e. customers walk away with the usual brush that comes with the bottle of polish bought, plus the Rush Brush screwed onto an empty KOH bottle.

KOH Cosmetics website


Unknown said...

such an original color!
I like it!

Jossie said...

Gorgeous shade! I have a franken that I made very close to your shade!

esther said...

Bananas heb ik weleens gezien, maar deze ken ik nog niet. Het staat wel mooi op jouw nagels, lekker zomers. <3

Anonymous said...

You are right, it's a mustard like yellow. This shade looks beautiful if one is into colors like this.

"Rush Brush"...LOL! Cool name! Extra wide brushes can be very handy. Take care, nicole x

Nikki said...

Lekker zomers die kleur. Leuk en het staat je goed! Krijg gelijk zin in het mooie weer.

Ik hou wel van brede kwasten. Ik vind bij mij het resultaat mooier omdat je in 1 keer een grotere oppervlakte kan bestrijken. Groetjes

Anonymous said...

Yup its not bronze, but I like it anyway! Quite unique! Love the specks in it too and Rush Brush..LOL! Its a very well chosen name....nice one.

Bear Woods said...

This is very interesting color and I don't wear yellow but this one has really pretty shimmer in it

Witoxicity said...

I suppose you could call it a yellow that's not so yellow. ;)

Oooh, a franken! That's so cool! :D

Dank je, Esther. Inderdaad, de gele Bananas van KOH is wel meer bekend. Ik zie niet dat er verder iets over Nearly Bronze is geschreven. :)

I'm not big on yellows but as I always say, it's good to try something different sometimes. Heh heh, I like the Rush Brush name too. It's a suitable name with a nice ring to it. :D I hope your week is going well, Nicole!

Bedankt! Ik draag heel zelden geel, maar vergeleken met Bananas is deze gele kleur minder opvallend. De kleur past goed bij zomers weer. Oh, ja, ik vind sowieso brede kwasten beter. Ze maken het lakken zo veel makkelijker! Groetjes! :)

It's a rather unusual yellow, not too in-your-face and not too boring either. Haha, gotta love that name! Have a lovely week, my dear! :)

Witoxicity said...

I only ocassionally wear yellows myself. This is a 'safe' yellow, I suppose. :)

Raey said...

i love yellow. it is such a happy color! planning to paint my home in the same mustard yellow shade! :D

Witoxicity said...

Oh, I can already imagine how warm and cosy your home would be in this colour! :D