Adorned Nails: KOH Pleasure

A deep egg yolk yellow polish for Easter!

KOH Pleasure is a sheer with bitty-bitty bits of glass flecks. It went on beautifully but it needed at least three coats.

So far, the brushes that have come in the KOH Sexy collection bottles are fairly wide. I don't know if these are precisely the KOH Rush Brush that I talked about the other day but the width of the ones I now have did make the one-stroke application possible. Gotta love them wide brushes!

I did a quick comparison between KOH Pleasure and KOH Bananas to show the difference in the brush widths and to do a simple bottle comparison of the two yellows.

L: KOH Pleasure; R: KOH Bananas

As you can see, next to Pleasure, Bananas suddenly looks rather lemon-y.

Well, to all readers celebrating Easter, I hope you're having a lovely Easter weekend!

This polish was kindly provided by KOH Cosmetics.

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Nikki said...

Wat een vrolijke gele kleuren! Leuk zo met Pasen. Groetjes en fijne paasdagen!

Anonymous said...

Have a lovely easter, my dear.

I love wide brushes too, it's much easier to cover more of the nail with one stroke. I'm not a big fan of yellow nailpolishes, but it looks pretty on your nails though. Take care, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

Haha, geel doet je aan de kuikentjes denken! Jij ook, fijne Paasdagen, Nikki! :D

I can't say yellow is a popular shade for a nail polish but some ladies do love it. I'm on the fence but I gotta admit it's such a cheerful colour. Hey, Happy Easter, my dear! :D

esther said...

Lekker zomers die gele kleuren. Heel fleurig en die glitters zijn heel apart bij deze kleur. <3

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! This happy color is really suitable for the event. It looks great on your beautiful nails. "KTee"xx

Unknown said...

I love this color!!
So yummy!

Witoxicity said...

Hey, goed dat je deze zomerse kleur leuk vindt, Esther! :D

Thank you, my dear. I hope your Easter weekend went well! :)

I'm glad you like it! :)

Shivani said...

Soo gorgeous <3

Witoxicity said...

Oooh, a yellow nail polish fan here! :D

Anutka said...

Very, very pretty! Looks so soft and sweet. Great for spring time :)

Witoxicity said...

I'm pleased to hear that, Anutka. The colour would be suitable for summer too. :)