KOH Experience Shop: The Heaven Got A Facelift

Aiyaiyai! I really don’t mean to bombard you with three (almost) consecutive posts about the KOH Experience Shop but I think you should see this. I was at the KOH Experience Shop on Saturday, that being my second visit to the shop since my first one back in November. I went there with the intention of oggling at the Wall of Joyful Colours and perhaps purchasing some items. Imagine my horror-confusion-delight when I saw this:

I didn’t know that a heaven could be renovated, but apparently, it’s possible. The nail polish heaven has got a facelift! On one hand, I’m not too happy because I now have to write another post about it. This is totally unplanned but, on the other hand, if truth be told, I’m quite delighted because I can write another post about it!

As I was unprepared, I didn’t have my usual camera with me. I had its mini cousin in my bag though, which might explain for the different quality of these images here. So, there I was, again asking for permission to take pictures of the shop. Thankfully, the lovely staff said yes. I think they must have found this all rather amusing – me always turning up at the shop with a camera. I was quite embarrassed but well, you gotta do what you gotta do! It was a good thing that the consultants were all very friendly and helpful.

It wasn’t a major facelift but the two Walls of Joyful Colours do look different now.

What used to be the seating area is now used as a display area for products.

The hand cushions on the manicure table are also different now.

Huge new shelving

Some KOH products and packaging

Thanks to the lovely staff, I found out about a few things during this visit.

Something to look forward to in spring
• I got a sneak preview and demo of a yet-to-be released KOH product. It doesn’t have an official name yet but it’s basically a matte top coat to mattify any nail polish. This needs no further explanation, I’m sure, as matte top coats are already available on the market.

• The tally of KOH nail polish colours still stands at 124 but there will be new colours (mainly pastels) scheduled for release in spring.

• The classy case that comes with every bottle of nail polish gets an additional design: it will have a little ribbon and bow across the flap, just above the press-stud. The bright-coloured cases on the wall of nail polishes pictured above are actually with this new design.

For returning customers
• Every customer of the KOH Experience Shop now has a personal card on which every item purchased is recorded. When the customer has purchased eight items, she gets one KOH product free based on the value of the average spending.

Of course, yours truly couldn’t leave the shop without purchasing a tiny piece of heaven (honest, I didn’t buy much!). I received them packed in this gorgeous drawstring bag! I’m not sure when one gets this bag with her purchases as I didn’t get this bag with my previous (albeit small) purchase in November.

I’ve already mentioned in the KOH nail polish heaven post that the KOH Experience Shop is situated on the second floor of De Bijenkorf in Amsterdam. It might be useful to let you know that De Bijenkorf is within the vicinity of Dam Square and is just a five-minute walk from the Amsterdam Central Train Station.

I think we had better discuss the contents of my drawstring bag in another post. This post is after all dedicated to the renovated heaven!


Anonymous said...

Stop teasing me! And can we discuss the contents of the drawstring bag now? I seriously don't think I can wait!

124 nail polish colours all in the one shop, I am finding it hard to breathe! I really need to get to Amsterdam! Today, if possible ;) xx

immarafrancesca said...

Thanks for making me wish I was in Holland. :) Hahahaha!

bowsnhearts said...

Wow this is a truly wonderful nail bar!

I have never seen anything like this before in my life!

twinsouls888 said...

The place is really chic and sooo elegant yay ^_^. I'd love to sit on those chairs with very soft cushion. :)

Lavender said...

You are making us feel so so excited now. I am so far away from your land. How?

xSplendidStar said...

Wow! Nail heaven LOL :D

Their presentation is so nice! Who wouldn't want to just sit there and relax while they are doing your nails for you? hehe ^_____^


Cynthia Z said...

Wow this looks so grand...n classy. I wish....u know the rest :)

Anonymous said...

OMG This looks amazing! O___O

Witoxicity said...

@The Diva's Polish
Take deep breaths, my dear, deep breaths. Ha ha, I'd love to see your lit-up face when you step foot in the KOH Experience Shop one day.

Oh, it wasn't my intention to torture you with curiousity. ;D I really really didn't buy much!

So, have you put together some shows in Holland yet? ;D

It's really more than just a nail bar. :)

Well, now you know where to visit when you're next in Amsterdam. :D

My land is indeed far away but those metal birds do fly this way. ;D

Yeah, it's the perfect place for some hand and nail pampering! :)

I know how you feel. So, when are you coming over? :D

Sometimes, I think it's more than amazing! :)

The Beautifier said...

I am really impressed with the KOH shop and I am curious to know what all is hinding inside your cute drawstring bag! cant wait for you to expose them all in your blog & review them as well! xoxo

Witoxicity said...

@The Beautifier
Will do, my dear, will do! :D Soon!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Nail polish heaven renovated...wow!

P.S Thanks for your sweet words. I'm glad I didn't have to drive to that dinner too...hehehe. :)

Stefy said...

Oh wow! Look at all those polishes.. :D

Looking forward to see what you purchased from there

Stefy xx

Michèle said...

Ohh nooo I didn't know ALL THAT was in de Bijenkorf, now I'll HAVE to visit :')

Witoxicity said...

@Shop N' Chomp
You're welcome. I'm glad it all turned out well for you. :)

Ha ha! You won't be able to take your eyes off that wall of nail polishes if you are there. :D

I will write about my purchases soon. :)

Oh, I'm sure you will have so much fun when you visit the shop! :D

Unknown said...

I could live there!

Witoxicity said...

@Evil Angel
Ha ha! Me too! :D

Unknown said...

WOW. ive never seen such a neat pile of makeup in London before. London doesn't have these lovely pleasures.

Witoxicity said...

...but London has so many other lovely pleasures that we can't access here. :)