Jelly Pong Pong: Muffin & Meringue Gloss Set Review

Okay, so you want cute? Here’s another cutie pie from Jelly Pong Pong. And to avoid any confusion, that other one that I reviewed before was called Cherry Pie.

Name: Muffin & Meringue Gloss Set
Net weight and Price: 22ml / 0.74 fl oz per tube, £18 for the whole set

According to Jelly Pong Pong
This set contains 2 scrumptious glosses in edible flavours & a smooth, brilliant finish. Muffin Gloss is a light poppy shade with specks of shimmer, while Cherry Meringue is a glossy berry stain.

Bonus: Comes in an adorable gift-worthy packaging.

The lipglosses are housed in short chubby tubes with dainty screw-on caps. They come presented in a pink-striped giftbox.

This image is clickable.

Lipglosses in the shades called Muffin (light pink) and Cherry Meringue (berry red). Both have little specks of shimmer.

L: Muffin; R: Cherry Meringue

My Thoughts

I have never seen lipglosses packaged in such stubby tubes before. I find that both peculiar and cute, like puffy little cushions, only not fluffy. As for the box, it rather reminds me of a circus tent. A girly circus tent. The box can always be re-used for keeping little trinkets and stuff.

First impression: sweet. They smell sweet.

Muffin Gloss

Muffin (light pink gloss) is scented in “pink muffin”. To be honest, I can’t relate to that scent. I can only detect a sticky-sweet scent.

Cherry Meringue Gloss

Cherry Meringue (berry red gloss) is scented in “fresh cherries”. With this one, I can clearly detect a whiff of cherries.

Second impression: sweet. They taste sweet.
Yes, I did the taste test. I licked the glosses off my lips (am I sick?!). They just taste generally sweet. Well, saccharin is listed on the list of ingredients.

Third impression: sweet. They look sweet.
Okay, that’s half the truth. Muffin, the light pink gloss, looks sweet in a swatch, but it does not look good on me when used alone. But that’s just me. Light and nude lip shades just never look good on me. I just look dead (and so, I won’t show you a picture of my lips with it. It will add no value to you, trust me!). But, of course, all’s not lost. Muffin can always be layered over darker-coloured lipsticks.

Cherry Meringue is the sweeter one. It looks better on me. It just gives my lips a little flush of colour.

Both glosses have average staying power, in my experience. It’ll probably last two to three hours per application. I blame that on its sweetness as I just keep licking it (yes, I must be sick!).

Last Words
So, do I like these? Viewed plainly as lipglosses, they are okay. However, when viewed as a whole – the packaging, the concept, the names, the all-round sweetness and what else.....oh, the packaging, this gloss set is super-cool. I have no regrets purchasing it.

£18 for this set may seem to be on the expensive side. But let me put it into perspective for you:

• You do get two lipglosses for that price.
• Each tube contains 22ml of lipgloss. I checked the lipglosses that I have from other brands and they’re usually in the range of 6ml to 7ml, some 10ml.
• It does come in a lovely giftbox.

Moreover, as mentioned before in my write-up on the Cherry Pie Eyeshadow Palette, Jelly Pong Pong also offers the Deluxe Gift Bag. Each bag is priced at £15 (hmm, wasn't it £13 a few weeks ago?) and contains two different full-size products. This Muffin & Meringue Gloss Set is available in one of these bags.

To see more cutie pies, check out the Jelly Pong Pong website. Jelly Pong Pong is also available through BeautyBoxx and Zalando: UK, Nederland, Germany, Austria.


Unknown said...

I remember ur last jelly ping pong post. Their products and packaging are so cutee. I have never seen small, stubby tubes of lip glosses. That's something new to me.
I had a look at their products on asos website and I saw a 'Jelly Pong Pong Primp Stick - Dual Ended Lipstick' which costs more than £10! so expensive.
Lovely post anyway. Very detailed :) I think if I was rich enough I'll get it ^_^

Rebecca said...

Aww, the packaging is so cute! I love the stripy box.

DinaXYYan said...

The packaging is just to cute, even the name too, Cutie Pie :D

Emilie Delance said...

Oh so cute!! You always do such great reviews :D Hehe and I would taste it too ^_^

Ki said...

so cute :)

Marisa Álvarez said...

Hi! I discovered Jelly pong pong cosmetics through Pixiwoo sisters on YouTube and they seem so cute, as this set of lipglosses. Why do we like little boxes, beauty cases and all this stuff so much? I don't know, but I like it! xxx

Golden said...

Those are stubby tubes indeed! Funny how you said they taste sweet. :)

Lots of love,

Witoxicity said...

Thanks! And that's why I recommend getting the Deluxe Gift Bag, where possible, as it's better value for money. :)

Ha ha, never mind the lipglosses! Just give me the box! ;D Sigh, why do we all have a fascination for cute packaging?

Yeah, the names and the flavours are all so adorable, aren't they? :D

Thanks, my dear! So, I'm quite normal after all? Phew! :D

They sure are! :)

Ahh, I guess that's the power of creative packaging to reel us in, eh? :D

Cute and sweet, that's what these lipglosses are. :D

StuddedLilly said...

such cute set! and the colors are so natural and subtle. perfect for a easy look!

Babybubblz said...

aw so cute! i think these would have trouble fitting into my pockets though. but it's a fun gloss that i'd love to show off!

Vonvon said...

Ohhhhh....they are so cute!

Yes, it's the 1st time I see such a tube for lip gloss and 22ml per tube?? That's whopping lot! I don't know how can I ever finish 22ml of lip gloss? ;)

The colors look pretty, especially the cherry one.

Based on packaging alone, I'd buy it on impulse, if I could only get my hands on them here.....

Witoxicity said...

You've got that right there, Jess. It's perfect for some subtle colouring on the lips. :)

This stubby tubes would only fit in the bag, I'm afraid. :D

Ha ha, yeah, 22ml PER tube is really a lot. I do wonder too how I'm going to finish them! :D

Both Jelly Pong Pong and Asos do ship internationally and I believe they charge a standard rate for that. I had included a bit of information on that in my post about their Cherry Pie Eyeshadow Palette. You might want to check the websites out if you're interested. :)

Cynthia Z said...

OMG! I think the mighty CUTENESS is making me dizzy! I like both the shades...but when the packaging is that cute, I think I wouldn't really care about the shades :D . But of course that Cherry Meringue is such a pretty shade


Sheefa F said...

OMG sooo cute they are :) I would so get them for the packaging hehe

Witoxicity said...

Ha ha! Let's all not forget that, at the core, the product is a lipgloss (well, two). The cute packaging is a bonus.....or is it the other way around? ;D

@Get Gawjus!
That seems to be the general consensus here. Heh heh!

The Beautifier said...

awwee These are so cute!! I love the boxes and the cute stubby tubes! great eye candy for sure :)

Mz. More said...

This boxed set is too darn cute.. Such a cool concept! The gloss looks lovely on you dear! xoxo :)

Witoxicity said...

@The Beautifier
Heh heh! The box would make a great ornament for the vanity table. :)

@Mz. More
Thanks. The taste is even lovelier! ;D

Witoxicity said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by. Actually, both Jelly Pong Pong and Asos do ship internationally and they each charge a standard shipping rate. Ordering online would be one way for you to get hold of these cuties. :)

Gabriela said...

Great review!!
The packaging is so different...
Both glosses look ¿sweet? ;) Yes, they look sweet.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Every time I read "jelly pong pong", I smile. The name (and packaging) is just tooo cute! :P I love the natural flush of color on your lip.

Witoxicity said...

Ha ha, they're just sweet all-round! :D

@Shop N' Chomp
Cute, humorous and memorable! :D

Anonymous said...

Okay. Cute packaging! Interesting how they come in those tiny tubes hehe. I love the drawings/design on them, definitely something that would sucker me in haha.

Witoxicity said...

Let's face it. We're all suckered in! ;D

- said...

This is impossibly cute. Very different.
I can't believe a tube get 22ml. That's.... yes. That's huge! (I think they suspect girls to eat the gloss, hmmm....)

I will investigate this brand one of those days... it's too intriguing and cute.

Witoxicity said...

Ha ha, yes, these tubes just scream cuteness, don't they? I don't know what else to say about the volume, except that I'm diligently working on using it up!

Have fun checking out Jelly Pong Pong! I warn you, it's a quirky and fun brand! :D