NARS: Lipsticks Review

If I just had a fourth one, I'd be able to complete the 'S' in the NARS name formed by the lipsticks. That is how I keep my NARS lipsticks, by the way. It just looks better, me thinks.

Meet Dolce Vita, Mitzi and Morocco: one I wish I hadn't purchased, another is as moisturising as a lipbalm and the other one gives gorgeous colour.

NARS needs no introduction, of course. Their lipsticks are available in three textures and this is what NARS says of them:

Semi-Matte - A highly pigmented matte, non-drying formula that provides a longwearing, full-bodied, velvety finish.

Sheer - Long lasting color pigments have been suspended in this translucent formula to provide a sheer, natural tint to the lips.

Satin - Longwearing lipstick with micro-bubble spheres to continually release lip conditioners which yield creamy, silky color that wears for hours.

• Nourishing and Non-drying, with Vitamin E

This list is from the box packaging of Dolce Vita. Please click on image to enlarge.

Net weight: 0.12oz / 3.4g. I bought these when they were available at Skins Cosmetics. They were overpriced then, but I was lucky to have gotten them when they were on offer. Anyway, that's irrelevant now. Skins doesn't sell NARS anymore.

Here, NARS products are now available through NARS Europe. On their website, they're selling these lipsticks for €25 per piece, which is daylight robbery. You can get a better deal through ASOS as they're selling it for £17.50. With the exchange rate and if and when there's a free shipping deal, it would make more sense to buy it through ASOS.

Another alternative is the US-based Kiss and Makeup (USD24 for the NARS lipstick). They sell products from high-end brands. If you're buying a few items, it might be worth it as they charge a flat-rate for worldwide shipping: USD9.95. I've never shopped there myself, but I often lurk.

The Lipsticks

L-R: Dolce Vita, Mitzi, Morocco

You may disagree, but just from looking at the lipsticks, I tend to think that all three belong to the coral family. Dolce Vita has more red in the mix, Mitzi is frosty with more pink and Morocco is a brown coral.

Dolce Vita
Dolce Vita belongs to the Sheer category. NARS describes the colour as dusty rose.

Of the three that I have, Dolce Vita is the one I find most moisturising on the lips. It's as good as a lipbalm, really. That means I can easily apply it on bare lips. It was the first NARS lipstick I bought and the one that got me sold on the brand. I like the subtle wash of rosey pink it leaves.

Mitzi is also a Sheer. NARS says it's a strawberry pink with shimmer.

This is the one that I regret buying. It looked promising in the swatch but on the lips, it's uh, what can I say? It's not MLBB. It's My-Lips-But-NOT-Better. It's too frosty (pink) for my liking.

I can also apply this on bare lips but somehow, compared to Dolce Vita, I find Mitzi a tad drier.

Morocco is a Semi-Matte. NARS describes it as a flesh-toned beige.

Highly pigmented! I love the brown-coral shade of Morocco. At least, this one makes a real difference to my lips and yes, it's a matte.

While the colour is great, it fails miserably on the moisturising front. I have to disagree with NARS ("a non-drying formula"). It's too drying, so needs a lipbalm base.

Longwearing? They are all just O-Kay, lasting two-three hours.

There you have it! My three NARS lipsticks. It's an extremely modest collection. I know of some who own like twenty! Imagine, that's five times the N-A-R-S name formed with the lipsticks laid out in a row!

More information:
NARS Cosmetics Europe website
ASOS website
Kiss and Makeup website


Shivani said...

Lovely post, I have Dolce Vita in gloss form, and I find it to be so flattering. Looks amazing on you. In fact, I love Mitzi on you too :P

sugar sugar said...

i like how you keep your lippies organized! :) i think for the price, NARS should come up with a better formulation. hmmm... i have only tried their blushes and haven't really been intrigued by their lipsticks although i am aware that people rave about their lip glosses. :D

Inner Belle said...

fabulous review, i love nars lipsticks, they have fun colours and have various textures, if u liked dolce vita try damage, u may love it just as much and try cruising too similar to wat u hoped in mitzi bt no shimmery stuff going on and must have two colours this summer imo is niagra, shiap and roman holiday xxx

The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

I actually think the middle one suits you! But I understand your point, I'm not too keen on frost finishes either.

The box thing is clever!

Michelle @Lipstickrules said...

I don't own too many NARS lipsticks (I think I have four -- eeek I don't know exactly but it's definitely under 6. LOL). Of the ones you have, I only have Dolce Vita. I love it though I don't find it lasts long.

Paulina said...

they all look very pretty!

Michelle said...

Morocco looks so good on! :) Love the colors!

Anonymous said...

It looks fabulous on your lips, but I think it is very expensive for a lipstick like this. Take care, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

@Adorable On Your Vanity
Thank you, Shivani! Really? Mitzi too? :) Oh, Dolce Vita in gloss form should be super gorgeous! Wow, you must look fab with this on, my dear. :)

@sugar sugar
Heh heh, perhaps it's just obsessive compulsive. ;D The thing with these lippies is that where it's moisturising, it's sheer. Where it's pigmented it's drying. Surely there's one from NARS that ticks all the right boxes! :)

Thanks, Amina! Whoa, so many recommendations from one who's clearly a NARS fan! Many thanks for your insights [furiously taking notes: Damage, Cruising, Niagara,.........] Did a quick check: Schiap is a stunner! :D

@The Student's Guide To Nail Polish
Thanks so much, Lena! I'm glad you like the box thing. :) You're the second person to tell me that Mitzi doesn't look half bad on me. Hmmm, interesting..... :)

So, is it four or five?! ;D That's a true sign that you own too many lippies, my dear. Heh heh! The lipstick certainly rules!

Thank you, Paulina! :)

Thanks! Morocco's my favourite of the three colours but it's just too bad that it's very drying. :)

Pricey they are! I got them at a discount at Skins, so that sits better with my conscience (and my wallet too!). :D

Cynthia Z said...

Dolce Vita looks lovely on u. Mitzi too actually. I don't own any Nars Lipstick atm, sadly


Witoxicity said...

Thanks, Cynthia. The time will come when you will get your hands on some NARS lipsticks. I'm 120% sure of it! :)