Adorned Nails: Inglot No. 138

Inglot has gone all the way round to world and after having opened way more than 200 stores worldwide, this Polish brand has finally landed on Dutch shores.

I visited the week-old store the other day, having heard so much about the brand. I purchased a few things and the first item I'd like to feature is this nail polish, No. 138. Inglot loves its numbering system. Witoxicity doesn't, but has to live with it.

Inglot Nail Enamel 138 is a bit of an enigma to me. The colour is a curious mix of olive green, brass, gold and grey. It's just a plain ol' shimmer that looks so darned different everytime. There seems to be more yellow than green in the formula. On its website, it comes across as an olive green/grey. In real life, it's more olive green/brass (which I hope you can see on your screen - this polish colour is tricky).

Application was almost trouble-free (had one bubble but it may have been a fluke). This polish needs at least two coats. All nails are with two, except for the little finger with three. No top coat was used.

Drying time was average - I always wait at least ten minutes between coats anyway.

I've been wearing it for three days. So far, there's no sign of chipping but I did notice a faint 1cm-long scratch on one nail today.

Inglot has so many nail polish colours in its range, it is mind-boggling. However, I had a hard time finding an unusual shade or finish. I settled for this pale olive greenish one, quietly hoping that it won't be the same as the green of KOH Rain Forest (I really don't need dupes). It turns out that KOH Rain Forest is greener. So, that turned out well.

This 15ml bottle of polish cost me €11. Inglot has another version of nail polish, a revolutionary breathable polish called O2M Breathable Nail Enamel, that retails for €14 for 11ml. I gave that a pass, for now.

Note: I've updated my post, Beauty Shopping In The Netherlands: Branded Stores, to include Inglot in the list.

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makeup merriment said...

That is a gorgeous color! I love the metallic khaki-ness of it! Your nails are SO fabulous! x

나니 said...

Wow.. that is ONE gorgeous color!! *_*

Adis said...

Inglot sounds like an interesting brand to try :o. I didn't know they did nail polish as well, I thought they were limited to eye-shadows and other powdery and pressed stuff.
But do tell, what finishes do their polishes have? Just the bog standard crème, jelly, pearl and metallic?

Can't wait to hear about the other products you got ^^!

Anutka said...

That's a great color. I like the olive green.

Shivani said...

I absolutely love Inglot's nail paints, they are simply AWESOME :) But you are right, outright unique, they are not. But this one is a nice pick from you. I like Inglot's nai paints mainly because they are incredibly smooth. They almost remind me of Chanel in terms of texture.

Anonymous said...

I think the color is very beautiful, it has a very elegant and classy touch. I wasn't that into greens but since I have seen some gorgeous ones on your nails I changed my mind. This is def. one I like! "KTee"xx

Vonvon said...

Inglot is a brand that I have read so much about, and finally is coming to Malaysia. But I won't get to visit it till I go home. *sigh

Lucky you that you have got one there already. :)

Sounds like the shade of the polish is like a 'chameleon'. Pretty shade!

Raey said...

When I first saw the thumbnail of the pictures, it looked like just another shimmer gold nailpolish but at a closer look one can clearly see the olive shade of it! Very beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Stunning photos! Gorgeous color!

And another brand added to your "beauty Shopping in The Netherlands" series. Thumbs up!

Looking forward to see what else you bought. Take care, Nicole x

sabbatha said...

I'm from Poland and in my opinion Inglot polishes are BORING. Extremely BORING. And way too expensive for their quality.

Hadia said...

That is gorgeous!

Witoxicity said...

@makeup merriment
Thanks, Jeanie. Yes, true. It’s not khaki green, it’s not khaki brown. It’s khaki brass! :D

That’s great, Nani. Thanks! :)

It’s quite overwhelming when you stand in front of the polish display - there are just so many colours (try having a look at their website to have an idea). However, on closer inspection, I didn’t find the polishes all that special, and yes, they were the usual fare (what you mentioned) plus mattes (I think Inglot quite likes mattes) and a few clear fine flaky-ish ones (I didn't look too closely). I even asked if they have a holo (as you know, I’m a bit on a holo-roll here) and the sales staff said no. So, I just got this one. :)

I’m glad you like it, Anutka. :)

@Adorable On Your Vanity
Aah, I suppose you’ve been exposed to Inglot fare for a long time already. I think quality-wise, the polishes are pretty good but I had hoped to be wowed by the shades and finishes. Unfortunately, despite the huge choice, it wasn’t the case. :)

Green-convert. ;D I’m actually still trying to figure this polish out. It’s olive green, it’s chartreuse, it’s gold, it’s brass.....I don’t know anymore. Even the camera had a hard time grasping its green! Haha!

Well, if you have the chance, you can go check out its store in London – Westfield Shopping Centre. Then you won’t need to wait till you're back in Malaysia. :) Haha, yes, quite chameleon, this one!

Yeah, at first glance, it looks goldish, sometimes greenish, but really, it’s a curious mix of both and much more! :)

Thank you, Nicole! Yes, that’s another branded store for us (finally!). My other acquisitions will be coming up soon. :)

Thanks for your input, sabbatha. Gosh, you do seem to say it with a lot of contempt, but I see your point of view. That’s why I had trouble finding just one polish with ‘wow’ factor. Ultimately, I’m happy with my choice (but it could easily have gone the other way). Price-wise, it’s certainly not cheap (compared to what we can get from Essence and Catrice, for example) but I think the quality is pretty all right. :)

I’m glad this is to your taste, Hadia. Thanks. :)

Yin said...

Wow. that is such a classy colour. Match it with a beige cardigan and you're set!

Adis said...

They have matte and semi-flakies :D! Need to check those out in that case ^^. Thanks for pointing those finishes out :D!

Witoxicity said...

Well said, Yin. A beige cardi would go perfectly with this! :)

Those semi-flakies didn't seem like much to me, but OK, I could be mistaken. :D Let me know later how it goes. :)

BellasUnhaseCia said...

Este Inglote é divino!!!

Inglote This is divine!

Witoxicity said...

I'm glad to hear that, Cris. Thanks! :)