Stila: Eye Look With Convertible Eye Color

This must be my Eye Look Number one thousand five hundred and ninety-three that uses yet another brown/brass/olive green shade. Yes, I know, big yawn.

Well, what's different about this one is that I used only these two products:

Stila Convertible Eye Color - Forest
GOSH Wonder Volume Mascara

Of course, I used an eyeshadow primer, but that's common across all my non-ELLIS FAAS eye looks anyway.

If you had read my review on Stila's Convertible Eye Color last week, you would know that it's an eyeshadow and eyeliner in one. The only other thing I needed was a mascara.

A quick reminder of what the Convertible Eye Color looks like dissected:

Getting this look is easy:

Stila Convertible Eye Color
Upper lid
1. Colour the lid fold with the olive green eyeliner portion, winging it a bit.
2. Smudge the upper edges slightly using the provided smudger.
3. Dab with finger the beige/champagne-coloured powder eyeshadow all over the lid, extending it above the olive green. This softens the olive green shade and gives the whole lid a hint of shimmer.
4. Line and tightline with the olive green eyeliner.

Lower lid
5. Line outer two-thirds with the eyeliner. Smudge.
6. Dab with finger the powder eyeshadow onto the inner one-third.

7. Curl lashes and apply mascara.

That's how convenient the Convertible Eye Color is. Maybe, just maybe, I will do neutral Eye Look Number one thousand five hundred and ninety-four with this later.

Further reading:
My review on the Stila Convertible Eye Color


BlackCherry said...

So cool. Thanks for the tut girl.

Jen W said...

Love it. Dark smokey olive eye makeup always looks fab.

I must look into these convertible colours.

sugar sugar said...

Thank you for the tutorial dear! :) It's really pretty. =)

Karla Michelle said...

Ooohhhh.. I love dark/olive greens on the eyes. I dnt know but I think most greens bring out the beauty of Asian eyes.. :) hihi. take it from me, a proud Asian, I must say.

thanks for sharing this..

Jenni said...

your smoky eye look is stunning! didn't know stila has such amazing products!

makeup merriment said...

No yawn from me! I love this color palette- it's gorgeous! I have never tried the Stila convertible eye colors, this looks rather useful. That sheer color almost resembles kitten- but softer.

Great look! x jeanie

What color of the Ellis Fass e/s do you think has the most impact metallic finish wise? I'm sort of jones-ing for one of those. =)
PS I tagged you for an award

Adis said...

Oh, who cares? It's your blog anyway, so if these are your most favourite of eye-look colours, you just go ahead and go crazy with them XD!

And I'm totally waiting for number five hundred and ninety-four :D!

Anonymous said...

I love your eye looks and tutorials, so keep them coming! Take care, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

My pleasure! :)

@Jen W
Thanks, Jen. Yeah, if you have access to Stila, you should give this a try. It's a really convenient product, but be warned that the powder eyeshadow fades in no time and the eyeliner does smudge. These desperately need the help of an eyeshadow primer. :)

@sugar sugar
You're welcome. :)

@Karla Michelle
The pleasure's all mine, Karla. I love olive greens on the eyes too as it's neutral and is a great alternative to the usual browns. :)

Thanks, Jennifer. Stila has had this Convertible Eye Color for some years but perhaps because of its shortcomings (see my review), it hasn't been receiving much love from the beauty community. :)

@makeup merriment
Oh, thank you for the tag, Jeanie! And I'm glad this look isn't boring for you. :) Well, this wand is indeed a useful eye product. As I said before in my review, all Stila needs to do is improve on the formula.

Hmmm, Ellis Faas metallics? I have tried only three of their Lights - E301 (light beige), E304 (lilac) and E305 (burgundy-turqoise holo/duochrome). The lilac of E304 is very pretty and the beige of E301 is nice and useful, but not unique. Of the three, the E305 is the one that I find most intriguing because of the two-tone effect. :)

Yes, yes, I am the master of my site [keeps chanting]. ;) However, I have no wish to bore my readers to tears either (readers want to be entertained!). OK, m'am, I will do neutral Eye Look Number one thousand five hundred and ninety-four soon. :)

Thanks so much, Nicole! Oh, yes, there will be more coming! [blindly slaps on eyeshadows] :D