Adorned Nails: HEMA Nailpolish No. 10

You've heard of HEMA before. It's a Dutch departmental store chain that offers budget-friendly products. The quality isn't that bad either.

In the shade

I've had this green polish for weeks but it just got pushed further and further to the back of the line. Blame it on Catrice? This green polish with the grand name of No. 10 (sorry, no memorable name here) was very appropriately a summer release. The vivid green so perks me up every time I look at it! I have two coats on. The nail line is visible in some of these photos due to the strong sunshine.

I think it looks amazing in the sun.

I haven't done any nail art stamping for a while. I just realised that the last one was almost six months ago with the cherry blossoms on the KONAD M66 plate. I felt like doing some stamping on this green polish. I chose this stalk of thorny, edgy flower from the Chez Delaney B101 plate.

I thought this was a good opportunity to try some bi-colour stamping. I'd wanted to try this for a long time ever since I saw it in a KONAD video last year, when I was still pretty new with stamping.

Other than the green base polish, I used:

• Red polish - Alessandro Stiletto Nail Polish No. 21
• Black stamping polish - KONAD
• Burnt orange polish - Catrice Rusty But Sexy
• Chez Delaney Plate B101
• Dotting tool - Essence (a simple toothpick would also do)

I'm sure many of you already know how to do bi-colour stamping. For the benefit of those who don't, the following is all you need to know.

Apply the two polishes on the respective areas and then scrape off the polishes parallel to the polish strokes so that the two colours don't get mixed. Stamp as usual. Then use the dotting tool to apply dots to the centre of the flowers. Apply a top coat, if you wish.

This was how it turned out.

I hope you like it.


xo said...

I love the flower! That lime green reminds me of the sinful colors one.

Toyomi said...

This turned out absolutely wonderful !

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Wow! Very pretty, shimmery and green!

Karla Michelle said...

soo pretty! makes me think of an oriental bamboo ornament.. :)

Nailsaloveaffair said...

I love the green, very vibrant! I definitely need some more greens in my life. Lovely!

Sparklz and Shine said...

I love that green!

Unknown said...

This green is great!!
I looove your design on it!

sugar sugar said...

love what you did with your nails. the green is such a bright and pretty color! :)

Witoxicity said...

I'm happy to hear that. Thank you, Peredita! :)

Thanks! :)

@The Girlie Blog
Thank you! :)

@Karla Michelle
Hey, I'm so glad you like this, Karla! Thank you! :D

@déjà vu
Yay! Thanks! I love greens on nails. I don't think I would have said that a couple of years ago. Haha!

@Sparklz and Shine
I'm pleased to hear that. Thanks! :)

Thanks so much, rock-or-not! :D

@sugar sugar
Thank you, sugar sugar! It's an eye-catching green for sure. :)

Anonymous said...

Another wonderful green vibrant shade. Love the design too. "KTee"xx

Heather @ Peace, Love & Polish said...

Such a beautiful, vibrant green!

Witoxicity said...

I'm so pleased to hear that. Thank you very much, KTee! :D

@Peace, Love & Polish
Yup, it's one vibrant green! :)

ChinaDoll said...

I love green! You did an amazing job in stamping the design...its so neat! :)

Anonymous said...

I love cute little bottles like this. Gorgeous shade, very bright and sunny, great find. Take care, Nicole xx

Btw beautiful stamping too

Witoxicity said...

Thank you very much for the encouraging words! You're very kind, ChinaDoll. Oh, I love green polishes too! :D

Hi, Nicole! I forgot to mention that it's a 7ml bottle and cost only a couple of Euros. HEMA has some pretty nice shades but it doesn't revamp its collection as often as say, Catrice. This was a really good buy. I'm very pleased you like this vivid green and the stamping too! :D