Etos: Pure Pigments

This is a quick feature on the Etos Pure Pigments that I was talking about the other day in the Eye Look With Gold and Aubergine post.

I have these five shades. I gave the sixth one, a white, a miss. These Pure Pigments are housed in cute little 4cm-tall bottles. They cost €3.99 each but I got them when they were on special offer a couple of weeks ago. I believe these Pure Pigments have been around for quite a while but I was never interested in them until I finally tried one that I got as a gift.

Never mind the irritating fallout, I think the colours are simply gorgeous.

Bronzy gold - No. 102
Turqoise green (almost mint green applied) - No. 103
Red/Dusty rose - No. 101

Violet - No. 005
Cobalt blue - No. 004

Just in case it crossed your mind, no, I haven't gone bonkers and I'm not about to christen this one "Eye Look With Rainbow Colours". I just wanted to show how all the five shades look side-by-side on the eyes, for fun. Please don't wear this look to the office.

An eyeshadow primer was used for the swatches and the eye look. I used Etos Eyeshadow Underbase.


Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Fascinating colors. So rich in pigment. Love the rainbow eye. Very creative idea!

Jossie said...

They are indeed gorgeous!!

나니 said...

Cobalt Blue is SUCH a damn gorgeous color! *__* I can't even.. UGH.. *sigh*

lizzie said...

These are really pretty colors - and I bet you could always wear the last look for a party, or at Carnival time! It looks pretty, in a crazy-rainbow kind of way... ^_^

JackieA said...

The colors are so vibrant! Too bad they are not availabe here in Malaysia....

Adis said...

:x But but! It's on your site D8! That means it's work-approved! :p

All kidding aside, they are really pretty. Quite amazing since their pressed powders are pretty wimpy in terms of colour pay-off.

Witoxicity said...

@The Girlie Blog
Thanks, but please don't take that eye look seriously. ;D

I'm glad you agree, Jossie! Thanks. :)

Oh, that cobalt blue is my favourite. :D

You're right, Lizzie. Heh heh, that look certainly wouldn't be out of place in a party, festival or even a football match (if there's a football team out there with these team colours). ;D

Vibrant indeed! Stay tuned for more. :)

Witoxicity-approved = Work-approved? Hahaha! You tease, Adis. :D

Yeah, the pigmentation here is great. All that's needed is a good, sticky eyeshadow base (I used the one from Etos). :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful vibrant colors in cute little bottles. Great! You can make quite a few different combinations with your blending skills.

It's not your usual but I kinda like the eye party look. Take care, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

Haha, no, it's nowhere near my usual eye looks! Yeah, we can do different combinations with these and also with other (usual) eyeshadows. :)

Anonymous said...

Looking at the close up pics of the pigments it is really fascinating don't you think?

Gorgeous colors! Btw really awesome pics, they can be used for an advertisement.


Witoxicity said...

Yeah, I agree. They do look very interesting upclose, with the bits of shimmer. They look rather clumpy here (like clumps of brown sugar perhaps?) when in fact, they are just fine powder. :D

Thanks so much for the huge vote of approval for the pics, KTee. That means a lot to me. Have a great weekend! :)

Adis said...

Yep, obviously :p. Why, you have featured so many neutral looks, colours have sort of blurred away and I only see neutrals now 8D! Oh noes, I may be suffering from blurris neutrophilia! 8O! (Check mah awesome fake Latin 8D!)

Ooh, so this is with base :o? Is there a lot of fall-out without base?

Noniek said...

It's so colorful, I like it. The bottle also so cute :)

Witoxicity said...

Haha, fake or not, I love that bit of Latin there. Yes, this was with a base (will add this info), just like in that Etos: Eye Look With Gold and Aubergine. It's recommended to use a sticky base for any loose pigments, so these from Etos are no exception. Fallout is minimised if the pigments have a base to stick to, plus the colours stay on longer on the lids. :)

Yeah, I agree. The bottles are cute. :)

Vonvon said...

Hi Witoxicity, how have you been? Sorry for the long absence.

I like the eye look you created. I won't wear it to my office, but I might wear it out, even to pick up my girl from school! We shall see ;)

Witoxicity said...

Hello, Vonvon! It's lovely to hear from you! I'm doing fine, thanks. I hope you've been well! :)

Haha, I totally wasn't serious about this rainbow eye look. Hmmm, I don't think your daughter would approve of your wearing this look when you go pick her up from school. What will her schoolmates think?!? ;D

Vonvon said...

Haha! I think all her classmates and schoolmates think about after class is to go play! Doubt they will pay any attention to this old 'aunty'. ;)

Btw, her name is Rainbow. So I don't think she would disprove of it, eh? :P

*pulling your leg, yea...

Witoxicity said...

Bah, old 'aunty' you certainly are not! Anyway, heh heh, even if you weren't kidding, that would have been fine too. We all need to have more happy, colourful things and people in our lives! Have a great, fun-filled weekend, my dear! :)