Adorned Nails: KOH Down Under

So, you've seen KOH Bronzation, Blue Universe and Green Stardust. Here's another flaky polish: KOH Down Under.

Down Under is a burgundy-brown jelly with the very slightest hint of purple. I would actually consider this an office-safe polish. In real life, all one would see is the dull burgundy-brown shade. The flakies are noticeable only on closer inspection.

As you can see, the iridescent flakies are randomly shaped. They are green when viewed upfront and turqoise/blue/violet when viewed at an angle. There are also bits of orange-coloured glitters in the mix.

Down Under applied pretty much like how the others applied. You could do two thick coats but I find it more manageable with three-four thin coats.

I'll shut up and let you enjoy the polish.

The other flakies:
KOH Bronzation
KOH Blue Universe
KOH Green Stardust

My updated post on getting your own KOH nail polishes:
Guidelines On Where To Buy KOH Nail Polish


Jossie said...

Girl those are one amazing and gorgeous flakes!!! I am dying right now!

나니 said...

Where are all these gorgeous, gorgeous polishes with glitters coming from? D:

Adis said...

Mmm, flakies :D! I wish I could look at them all day through a macro lens when they're on my nails XD. (Note to self: Sport a skittles flakies manicure soon!)

By the way, I've noticed KOH really likes to add smaller glitters with their flakies :o. They must really love those two together. (And I totally approve of this decision :D!)

Unknown said...

A really amazing color!!

sugar sugar said...

those glitters are amazing! this is another great color for fall! :)

Anonymous said...

I love all the flakies you've shown and this one is no exception. KOH Down Under is one gorgeous shade.

It is office-safe, I agree, it also screams elegance and style my dear, well I think so. ;)

Take care, Nicole x

Unknown said...

I want ALL of the KOH flakes! They are insane!

Witoxicity said...

No, no, no! Don't die! It's not worth it! ;)

Holland? ;)

I feel the same way. I could look at my nails the whole day but I can't see the pretty flakies/glitters when viewing the nails from a normal distance, which is a pity.

Yeah, they tend to like mixing the blings together. They should make more of these polishes. :D

I'm glad you like it! :)

@sugar sugar
It certainly is! :)

Yay, another Nicole-approved KOH flaky. Hee hee! I find it quite a subdued flaky polish compared to the others but well, I'm not complaining. It's pretty in its own way. :)

Now that KOH does offer international shipping, it's totally possible to have them all! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay, more fascinating flakies! ;D

Different angles..different colors. Soooo beautiful, just awesome. LOOOVE it.


Adis said...

With flakies, it tends to be a serious case of 'photogenic face' or 'myspace angle' XD.

Speaking of which, have you gotten Purple Universe yet? It's another flakie polish (obviously!). Slightly subdued like Down Under, but still pretty good-looking on close-up :p!

BellasUnhaseCia said...

Olá querida!
Acabei de viajar para Holanda e conhecer a Koh pelos seu Post.
Que lindo! Estou aqui encantada com as cores e beleza da loja.
Ainda tenho o Koh que você me enviou, adorei ele, deixo bem guardado para que ninguém pegue.
Não quero que ele acabe nunca.... (risos)
Obrigada por me proporcionar este momento tão gostoso.

(Desculpe os erros, estou usando o tradutor google)

Hello dear!
I just travel to Holland and Koh know by your post.
How beautiful! Here I am enchanted with the colors and beauty of the store.
I still have the Koh you sent me, I loved him, let guarded so that no one take.
I do not want it to end .... never (laughs)
Thank you for giving me this time so good.

(Excuse the mistakes, I'm using google translator)

Witoxicity said...

Hi, KTee! I'm glad you love this. :D I really enjoy wearing these flakies. They're so fascinating to look at upclose, aren't they? I hope your weekend is going well! :)

True, true! :D And yes, I have Purple Universe. In fact, it's been sitting pretty in my drawer for months. Eek! I know, I know, that's scandalous but well, I'm just taking it one flaky polish at a time. Hee hee!

Oh, how lovely, Cris! You must have had a really good time at the KOH Experience Shop. I bet you walked out with a huge KOH shopping bag! :D I'm really happy that you still cherish the KOH Rain Forest polish that you won in my giveaway almost a year ago. It's very nice to know that some of the winners of my past giveaways do appreciate what I sent them. :)

Pretty said...

how gorgeous. hmm must find this

Honey Bomb said...

Ooo, so beautiful! I hope we get to see Purple Universe soon too. =)

Anutka said...

You are always showing off the most amazing Koh polishes. They are all so unique. I love the flakies in this one :D

Witoxicity said...

Hi, Pretty! You might want to try the KOH online shop. :)

@Honey Bomb
Yup, I'll be wearing it some time in the coming weeks. I hope you've been well, Honey Bomb. :)

Haha, at some point, the 'show' will end. KOH has only a handful of flaky polishes. :D

Adis said...

Maybe make it a 'one flakie a week' thing? :D 'Flakie of the week!' 8DDD

Witoxicity said...

Heh heh! The thing is......I haven't got an endless supply of flakies in my drawer. Urgh, so sad. I love your proposal though. Hmmm, maybe it's possible with layering. :D