ELLIS FAAS: Autumn Set 2011 - A Closer Look

For autumn this year, ELLIS FAAS has put together a set of three of its products - two eye products plus one lip colour - and is offering it at a special price. The ELLIS FAAS Autumn Set 2011 consists of:

• Milky Eyes E204
• Mascara E401
• Creamy Lips E102

Before we take a closer look at these items, I think you might want to watch this cool ELLIS FAAS video first, if you haven't already. We all know that the FAAS family members are a talented and creative lot but this video is truly a testament to that fact. It's weird, edgy, poignant, artsy and beautiful all in one. Blotches of colours that seem to make no sense, do make sense if you take a step back. Some of the 'paints' used were colours from the brand's cosmetics range.

The video was launched a week ago and it now presides on the homepage of the ELLIS FAAS website. This is what Ellis says (from the newsletter):

As a late teenager, I visited the Tate Gallery in London and was blown away by a Francis Bacon triptych. It made a great impression on me because of the use of colour - it was unnerving and stunningly beautiful at the same time. Bacon inspired many experiments I did over the years. I now think it has become something of my own and hasn't much to do with Bacon any more.

The video was shot in Ellis' home, with Ellis the one responsible for the 'artwork' and photography. The person that you see in the video is Thijs, Ellis' brother (and right-hand man) and the music was composed and recorded by none other than Ellis' daughter, Flavia. The video is aptly called A Family Affair.

Poster Image

The Autumn 2011 Set

I received this set from the folks at ELLIS FAAS last week and have been playing around with the three pens. This isn't a review per se as I have already written extensive articles on these items (albeit featuring different shades) in the past year and a half but I will offer some input where needed.

Milky Eyes E204

What used to be a doe-foot-like applicator for Milky Eyes is now a brush applicator, ie it looks just like the Creamy Eyes applicator now. Milky Eyes liquid eyeshadows are not as heavy and opaque as Creamy Eyes but that means it's easier to sheer Milky Eyes eyeshadows out compared to Creamy Eyes. These liquid eyeshadows don't need an eyeshadow base.

E204 is a petrol green.

Mascara E401
It's a black mascara with an unusually long wand, which takes some getting used to. It's not a waterproof mascara.

Creamy Lips L102
The Creamy Lips range are full-on, highly pigmented liquid lipcolours. L102 is a dark beetroot shade (ELLIS FAAS calls it deep cherry). It's one that definitely packs a punch. You can apply it thickly for the most impact: It looks vampy and goth-like against lighter skin tones and it would complement brown skin beautifully. Or, you can dab the colour lightly on your lips for fruit-stained lips.

I never need to use any lipbalm as a base whenever I use Creamy Lips. Creamy Lips has a very moisturising formula and it can last for about 6 hours with one good application. The colour does fade over the hours and with eating and drinking. The fading of this dark shade is very telling with food and drinks. I end up with a dark outline of the lips, so that needs touching up afterwards.

L: Milky Eyes E204; R: Creamy Lips L102

The Autumn Set 2011 costs €60.00 / USD80.00 / £50.00. That works out to be a savings of €14.00 compared to what you would pay if you purchased the items separately.

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sugar sugar said...

the last 2 colors remind me of Christmas haha! :) that's such a gorgeous and colorful autumn set. i especially love the color of the lippie. too bad it doesn't last. :(

Jen W said...

I just got this set in the mail yesterday and am absolutely blown away by the products!

Love how the creamy lips looks on you.

Karla Michelle said...

very beautiful eye and lip color.. I can say both are soo rich..

and the man in video, he is such a beautiful man.. He freaked me out at first but I enjoyed the video and the music.. I love the fluttering of his lashes.. and love that look at 4:26! :) :) :)

thanks for sharing this dear!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

I couldn't watch the video, but I like your picture.

Witoxicity said...

@sugar sugar
Christmas indeed, but with a vampy vibe. :) I think you may have misunderstood me. I consider this lipcolour pretty lasting - 6 hours. Yes, there is fading over the hours but that happens with practically all lippies from other brands too. Ditto with eating and drinking. :)

Thanks, Jen! I'm sure you will enjoy experimenting with your Autumn Set. :)

@Karla Michelle
Thank you, Karla! Well, for sure, there's nothing half-hearted about these two shades. :) I'm glad you appreciate the video and the artistry behind it. Ellis Faas is one talented makeup artist. :)

@The Girlie Blog
Thanks. I'm sorry to hear that you couldn't watch the video. I think it may take longer for the video to load on some computers. You could alternatively try watching it on the ELLIS FAAS website. :)

Adis said...

:o! The green one is pretty! My monitor makes your swatches look like a mossy green though :/.
Not so into the mascara as non-waterproof doesn't do it for me :p.
Not sure what I think of the lippy. Might be a bit too much for me to pull off right, but it looks gorgeous on you :o!

I feel slightly cheated by the video :p. Here I was enjoying the art and thinking "Gosh! She's gone the extra mile to even make the skin look like it's a canvas! Must've been a pain in the ass to press pieces of canvas on the poor man's head every time they make a new 'artwork'! That must've hurt to press it on hard enough to leave an imprint! So much suffering for the sake of art!!!". And then I find out they cheat by applying a 'canvas' mask underneath it XDDD! D'oh!

Anonymous said...

I love the colors, they are so beautiful.

The eye look is really gorgeous, love the green and the lippie is even more beautiful, a gorgeous shade it is.

The video is awesome. I have watched it for several times now..you are right very artsy.

Take care, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

Well, I gotta admit. The L102 is a very strong colour. Even just a tiny bit faded out on the lips can already make so much difference to the lips. And yes, I know what you mean about non-waterproof mascaras. I still use a couple of these but like you, I prefer waterproof ones too.

Oops, cheated by the video?! :P I hope you managed to enjoy it for what it is though. Well, it does look like a lot of work painting these different faces/canvas masks. At first, I thought that it was applied on bare skin and remember thinking how difficult it must have been to wash the paint off (this coming from one who would never put anything and everything on the face!). Then, I saw the canvas texture in some shots and feeling quite relieved about the associated cleaning up process: just peel off! :D

Thanks, Nicole. Yeah, the colours, especially the lipcolour, are gorgeous. It's a colour with a lot of character, methinks. I'm glad you enjoyed the video. I'm fascinated with the face-painting, they're ugly but beautiful, if you know what I mean. Ellis Faas is a master in special effects makeup and you do see some evidence of that here.

Have a great week, my dear! :)

Anonymous said...

Very artistic video, love it! :0

Very beautiful and intense colors....my colors. Gorgeous eye look and sexy cherry red lips.

Got to check out the webshop for these 2 beauties. "KTee" xx

Have a great weekend xoxo

Me said...

I'm so glad to finally see swatches of this set. I might have bought it, but I don't look good in green, and I already have 102, which is one of my favorite colors in her line. I was surprised how RED 102 looks on you, whereas on me, it's definitely a black cherry, similar to Chanel Rouge Noir (vamp) but without the raisin undertones.

E204 looks most excellent on you. Maybe I could wear it as a smudged eyeliner instead.

When I first saw that video, I watched it through at least three times (even made my husband watch), sometimes with awe and sometimes with near revulsion, but it certainly is compelling, the music is beautiful, and Thijs has the most incredible eyes.

Witoxicity said...

Ahh, it's good that you enjoyed the video. I think it's a cool piece of work. I'm glad you like these two shades. Oh, you'll really love the lip colour! Thanks, KTee. I hope your weekend went well. Have a great week ahead! :D

@Zuzu's Petals
I can totally see why L102 is your favourite shade. I love this colour! There is a little hint of blackcurrant on my lips but it's not showing through in the photo.

Oh, this is so funny. I made my hubby watch the video too. :D The video definitely evokes all kinds of emotions in everyone who watches it. :)