Adorned Nails: Essence Time For Romance

I'm wearing one of the new-ish nail polises from Essence. If I remember correctly, I got it the same time I got some of those Catrice polishes that you've seen, such as Rusty But Sexy and Khaki Perry.

I'll keep this short. Essence Time For Romance: glitter-ful with also hexagonal glitter flakes in a burgundy/dusty rose jelly. If you love blings, you would love this. I've got four coats on here and application was all right.

The following photos were taken in sunshine.

More information:
Essence website


Yasinisi said...

I wasn't sure about it but now I know.. I like it and I want to have it ;)

Anutka said...

very pretty color! Have you tried it layered since it is so sheer?

Unknown said...

Such a great color!!
Essence always make great polishes!

Vonvon said...

This shade looks so Christmas-y!

Anonymous said...

Stunning burgundy shade and glitters. It really stands out. :)

Have a great weekend my dear, Nicole x

나니 said...


Witoxicity said...

Heh heh, I'm glad to hear that, Yasinisi! Well, if glitter overload is your thing, then you should give this a try. :)

Hi, Anutka! No, I haven't tried layering yet. I just wanted to show first how it looks on its own. I'm sure it would look great layered on an opaque colour. I'll try that one of these days. :)

Yeah, I agree. There are some really nice ones in the collection. :)

Haha, it looks like I'm all geared up for Christmas this year! :D

Yeah, these are bling-bling look-at-me nails. :D Have a lovely weekend, Nicole! :)

I see you love glitter-ful polishes, Nani! :D

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Love bling bling glitters/flakies. Amazing close ups. "KTee"xx

Adis said...

I've gots me the blue version :D! I wanted this one too, but it was all sold out at my store :(. Seriously, I love how Essence and Catrice have been coming out with all these cool colours lately XD!... It's really bad for my wallet though (;°w°)\...

Witoxicity said...

Yay, thank you, KTee! It looks a bit different in various lighting - from burgundy to dusty rose to dark pink. The one thing consistent is the bling-bling! :D

Ooh, I got the blue one too (but haven't worn it yet). Aaah, what a pity it's sold out at your Kruidvat. Surely they've replenished their stock! This is, after all, a rather new release in the permanent collection. I know, what Essence and Catrice are doing with new releases every x number of weeks is really driving me nuts. Definitely not good for our wallets but at least, they are reasonably priced. :P

Adis said...

There is also a gold one...0:)
I've seen the red one in the store again, definitely will pick it up... once I allow myself to purchase something again :p. Those two brands are insanely good at seperating me from my cash, tis almost highway robbery :o!

Witoxicity said...

Oh yes, there is indeed a gold version of this! I didn't get that one (had to put a stop to it!). Haha, these two brands are masters at stealthily sucking money from us poor souls. They may be very reasonably priced but gosh, the high frequency of new releases is driving us to poverty! :P