Look: ELLIS FAAS Autumn Set 2011

This is a look I've done with the ELLIS FAAS Autumn Set 2011, mixed with some other products from this brand. I've also used one of the Lights on the inner corners of the eyes and a bit on the lashes (the latter is totally optional, of course).

Autumn Set 2011


For the eyes, I used the following ELLIS FAAS products:

Milky Eyes E204 - petrol green (applied lightly, looks greyish in strong sunshine)
Creamy Eyes E104 - matte dark brown
Light E301 - metallic beige
Eyeliner E501 - matte black
Mascara E401 - black

Note: All but one were provided by the folks at ELLIS FAAS.

L-R: Milky Eyes E204, Creamy Eyes E104, Light E301, Eyeliner E501

ELLIS FAAS: Eye Look With Light XIII

Upper lid:
Petrol green on the eyelid (with finger)
Brown below that, in the eyelid fold (with flat brush)
Line the eyes thickly with Eyeliner (with angled eyeliner brush)
Metallic beige on the inner corners (with detail brush)

Lower lid:
Line outer two-thirds with the brown
Line inner one-third with the metallic beige.

Curl lashes and apply two coats of Mascara
Optional: Lightly run a bit of Light E301 on some top lashes

Further reading:
A closer look at the ELLIS FAAS Autumn Set 2011 (Milky Eyes E204, Creamy Lips L102, Mascara E401)


Unknown said...

Great make up!!
These products look so cool!!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

I love the color combo of your shadow. Looks sultry.

Witoxicity said...

Thanks! :)

@The Girlie Blog
I'm glad to hear that. Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the green and brown eyeshadows. Very intense colors and a great match my dear. Good choice and great blending as usual. Love it!

You look stunning in the last picture and the ones on witoxichic! Gorgeous autumn look.

Take care, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

Thanks so much, Nicole! The look is quite intense upclose, but as you saw on Witoxichic, it's just about right viewed from a distance. :D

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous FOTD. I love the color of the lipstick and the combination of brown and green.

I adore your outfit on your other site. You look very pretty hun and the pics are really stunning!


Witoxicity said...

Hey, thank you, KTee! I'm so pleased to hear that! We were very lucky with the gorgeous sunny weather that day. :D

Vonvon said...

Nice autumn-y eye look! Love the silver-gray nail polish too!

Witoxicity said...

Thanks so much, Vonvon! And I'm pleased the polish has caught your eye. It's a rather intriguing duochrome. :)