KOH: Balance - Winter Colours 2011

These are the winter colours that KOH released recently. For those who have access to KOH in physical stores, you would have no doubt seen the displays already. Each retails for €14.95 (10ml), which is the usual price of KOH polishes.

There is a whole philosophy behind this collection - about finding balance in one's hectic life - but I know that you, my readers, are really more interested in the nail polish colours. So, here they are:

Breathe Deeply
Rest Fully
Play Daily
Laugh Limitless [sic]
Love Passionately
Eat Purely

KOH has kindly provided me with this set and I will be featuring them one by one with more details in the coming week or so. Do stay tuned.

Update 24 October 2011
The entire collection has now been featured. Please click on the links above to view the individual polishes.


Unknown said...

Such a lovely collection. The colours look beautiful and refreshing. :)

Bellas Unhas e Cia said...

New colors for winter are beautiful!
Anxious to see them on your nails.
I posted yesterday for the second time (Rain Forest)...
It was a success, all loved it!


As novas cores para o inverno estão muito bonitas!
Anciosa para ve-los em suas unhas.
Postei ontem, pela segunda vez o (Rain Forest) ...
Foi um sucesso, todas adoraram!

Anonymous said...

Pretty shades!:0 I am very curious how they look like on your beautiful nails, especially the 2 green ones. Told you b4, because of you I am a big fan of green polishes these days. "KTee"xx

Martje said...

I saw them at the Koh experience store in Bijenkorf A'dam last Monday. Loved the intense colors, truely autumn color my opinion. I'm very curious about Rest Fully swatches :)

Nikki said...

Mij lijkt die donker groene (Play Daily) erg mooi. Ik ben benieuwd hoe de lak er in het echt uit ziet op je nagels. Ik zet hem alvast op mijn verlanglijstje voor mijn tripje naar A'dam. Groetjes!

Anonymous said...

Love the intense colors of this collection. I am looking forward to see your swatches. Take care my dear, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

I suppose you can call it a mixture of the plain, the brights, the dark and the in-betweens. :D

Posts on these are coming real soon, Cris! I had a look at your post on Rain Forest. Wow, it looks fab on you! I'm so happy to read that post. :D

Hee hee! Green polish fan, you have become. Of the six, the two green ones were calling to me the most too. :D

Hello, Martje! Oh, how nice that you were at the KOH Shop! I think the collection this time around has a good mix of shades - something for everyone. Rest Fully will be coming up soon. :)

Hoi Nikki! Weet je, de donkergroene is ook mijn favoriet, maar misschien verander ik nog van gedachte als ik de lakken op mijn nagels heb gezien. Ik laat deze lak als derde zien, dus ik hoop dat het nog voor je trip naar Amsterdam is! Groetjes! :D

Witoxicity said...

Hi, Nicole! They're all coming right up. I've just posted the first one - Breathe Deeply. :)

Shivani said...

These are BEAUTIFUL. Especially the orange and the green's.

Unknown said...

They're not my types of color but I wait to see the swatches ^^

Witoxicity said...

@Adorable On Your Vanity
It's great that these are to your taste, Shivani! :D

Well, as they say, whatever floats your boat, my dear. :)

Karen said...

Beautiful winter collection and cool logo.

Witoxicity said...

I like the logo too. :)