Rituals: Eau de Parfum Travel - Luxury Holder + Refill

I saw these in a Rituals store last weekend. They were new arrivals. They were so new that even the information and price labels hadn't been put on the display shelf yet. At the time of publication of this post, there isn't any information on these items on the Rituals website (it'll probably be up on the site one of these days).

Fortunately, the items were already in their computer/cashier system and I was therefore able to purchase them.

As mentioned before, Dutch brand Rituals Cosmetics launched a range of Eau de Parfum end of last year - five for women and three for men to celebrate its 10th anniversary. I wrote about one of them - No. 01 Ginger Essence + White Tea back in June.

Now, Rituals has come up with a range of travel-size versions of these perfumes. They are actually refills and naturally, to go with that, Rituals has also come up with three holders for these refills.

I'll just give a quick rundown of what is available under this new range (based on what I saw in the store). I've noticed that not all that are available in the current full-size perfume range is available in the travel range, and vice versa.

Eau de Parfum Travel - Refill

Price: €14.90 for 20ml


• No. 01 Ginger Essence + White Tea
• No. 04 Violet + White Lily
• No. 07 White Patchouli + Cedar Wood
• No. 09 Vanilla Drops + Sweet Orange

No. 18 Sandalwood + Wild Rose was not available in this travel format.


• No. 06 Green Vetiver + Bergamot
• No. 10 Lemongrass + Neroli
• No. 14 Fresh Cypress + Tangerine
• No. 21 Sandalwood + Patchouli

Rituals has added a new perfume, No. 10 Lemongrass + Neroli, to the men's range. This is now available in the full-size 50ml version.

I'm not nit-picking but this is just an observation and I am, well, confused. That fourth men's EDP - Sandalwood + Patchouli - has No. 21 on the packaging of these new refills. The full-size perfume version of Sandalwood + Patchouli, the one that has been around for almost a year, is called No. 19. I don't know if, with the difference in numbers, there is any difference in the fragrance.

Eau de Parfum Travel - Luxury Holder

Price: €12.90

There are three choices. Two are rustic and wooden (just like the bottle caps of the full-size perfumes), and the third is sleek and (I think) made of aluminium and/or lucite. All have the name Rituals embossed on the side.

• Elegant Wood - wooden, black-brown
• Pure Wood - wooden, medium brown
• White - aluminium/lucite (possibly), glossy off-white

Elegant Wood Luxury Holder and Refill

My husband and I bought two sets of these, one for each of us. We must have old souls as we both chose the wooden holders (we just love the wood grains). So, here, I have the two wooden ones to show you. I haven't got any photo of the off-white aluminium/lucite one. I think younger people would go for that sleek one.

To put them together, it's just a matter of carefully sliding the refill all the way into the holder.

Handling The Holder
To use the perfume, just twist the bottom half of the holder (just as you would with your lipstick casing) and up comes the atomiser. Press on the chrome top section to spritz. Twist the bottom half of the holder to conceal the atomiser again. With the atomiser up, you can also pull the whole refill out, if you wish. There is resistance, so it's not like the refill would fall out easily.

The wooden Luxury Holder is about 4" / 11cm tall and has a diameter of approx. 1.5" / 3.5cm. The aluminium/lucite version is a tad slimmer. I weighed the items, just out of curiosity. The wooden holder itself weighs about 42g, the wooden holder plus full refill, 80g.

The holder is obviously bigger and bulkier than your handy Travalo (which holds 4ml) but the 20ml will last quite a while and, of course, it's within the 100ml per container liquid restriction for air travel hand baggage.

Compared to the normal full-size versions of the Rituals perfumes (€39.90 for 50ml), it works out to be a lot more expensive per ml if you took into consideration the total price of €27.80 for the Luxury Holder + Refill. However, if you see the cost of the Luxury Holder as an investment, the perfume itself does work out to be slightly cheaper per ml than the full-size version. Analyse it how you want, I think it's not too bad.

Anyway, my husband got the No. 6 Green Vertivert + Bergamot. For myself, I got the new men's perfume, No. 10 Lemongrass + Neroli. I loved it from the first spritz! The fact that it's marketed as a men's perfume is irrelevant, really, but to be honest, I thought this one didn't smell that masculine and two Rituals sales assistants also shared the same opinion.

Together with this range of Eau de Parfum Travel Luxury Holder and Refills, Rituals now also sells boxsets containing three mini bottles of perfume. There are two sets to choose from.

Perfume Collection For Women

consisting of
• No. 4 Violet + White Lily
• No. 7 White Patchouli + Cedar Wood
• No. 9 Vanilla Drops + Sweet Orange

Perfume Collection For Men

consisting of
• No. 10 Lemongrass + Neroli
• No. 14 Fresh Cypress + Tangerine
• No. 21 Sandalwood + Patchouli

Each box retails for €24.90 for 3x10ml.

Since I was "on a roll" that day (ka-ching, ka-ching, good for Rituals, bad for my wallet), I bought the women's boxset too. These are precisely the Rituals perfumes that I haven't got, so "Why not?" I thought.

I will be writing more about these perfumes in due course.

As for the Luxury Holders, I can't say at this point how durable the wooden holders would be. I'll be taking mine with me when travelling but I'll definitely be handling it with care.

My reviews:
Rituals Eau de Parfum No. 01 Ginger Essence + White Tea
Rituals Eau de Parfum No. 10 Lemongrass + Neroli
Rituals Eau de Parfum No. 09 Vanilla Drops + Sweet Orange (from the mini boxset)

More about Rituals Cosmetics:
Dutch - Rituals Netherlands
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Rituals is also available in Germany, Spain and Portugal. On any of the abovementioned two websites, you can choose your country website in the top righthand corner.


Anonymous said...

The small bottles look soooo cute and the wooden caps in different colors are very cool.

I love the wooden holders too, very luxurious...very elegant when you are travelling.

I am sure the perfumes smell heavenly....great find.


Anonymous said...

I am loving wooden or bamboo boxes and packaging, so these luxury holders and wooden caps are totally my style. It looks so stylish. Wonderful idea.

The big bottles are great, but I would prefer the gift set with 3 small perfume bottles, so you'll have 3 different scents. It would be even better to buy a set with 3 small cuties of your choice.

The ingredients sound delightful too, I am very curious about the scent. Take care, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

Heh heh, the little ones do look cute, don't they? I did coo over them when I first saw the cute bottles. I'm glad the wooden holders are to your taste too! I will feature these perfumes later and will try to describe them as best I can so that you can have an idea what they're like. :D

It's great that you find those wooden holders attractive too. They look raw with the exposed wood grains. Love that! Yeah, that was what I thought too about the mini sets. It's nicer to try three smaller ones instead of being 'stuck' with one big one. And I totally agree about getting to choose which three. Perhaps Rituals will eventually allow that. I'll definitely talk more about the scents later. Stay tuned! :D

Adis said...

Wow. That looks nifty. Hmm, next time I'm near a Rituals store, I've gotta try that lemongrass/neroli one :o.

Question though! Can you use the travel size without the holder? I like how they look, but the less I have to carry, the better it is :/.

Witoxicity said...

Yup, you can spritz with the refill minus the holder. It would certainly make a difference weight-wise but then, the refill would be without proper protection. You'd have to wrap it snuggly with some towels/clothing. Plus, the glass does seem thinner than that of the usual regular-size bottles.

Do check out the lemongrass + neroli yourself and see if you like it. It's quite heavy and, of course, citrussy. :)

Adis said...

That is good to know! Although from your impressions I might still be better off buying the holder anyway :x. Maybe I'll go with the metal one instead though since it would be less bulky.

Maaaaan... You are so bad for my wallet!!! XD! It sounds delish! I love me some heavy, yet citrusy scents :3. Definitely need to sniff this one!

Witoxicity said...

The aluminium/lucite one is much lighter, so that might be a solution for you. :)

Heh heh! Oh, I'm a terrible influence. ;) Well, seriously, I kinda wish we hadn't seen these in the store that day. We entered the store with the intention to browse but we walked out of there many Euros poorer. Sigh! :P