Adorned Nails: Catrice Walk On Air

This polish is one of three polishes that belong to the Catrice Hidden World collection. I indicated before that it is a collection of rather muted colours.

Catrice Walk On Air is a sweet one. It's a pale milky peach-pink with very subtle pinkish shimmers. It has a sheer formula and after four coats, the nail line is still visible (which I don't mind nowadays).

I took out my Chez Delaney plate H28 and stamped the full-nail viney design on Walk On Air using a brown KONAD stamping polish.

And voilà! Grandma's curtains!

Because of the different colour scheme, the effect is quite different from when I did the same stamping with gold on Sparitual Epicurean.

Reminder: Don't miss the Catrice Hidden World Giveaway which features this polish, amongst other things. It ends in a few days.


Idyllaablog said...

I Love them!!!!

Anutka said...

The stamping is so gorgeous! Love the colors :)

p.s. for some reason your posts don't show in full in google reader anymore. not sure if you intentionally changed something or not :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful design. You really spiced it up, great job. I love it

Nikki said...

Zo vaak een nieuwe collectie! Niet bij te houden toch? Het is soms zo uitverkocht en soms blijft het maar liggen. De lakken van deze collectie hadden niet echt een wow factor. Wel leuk hoor, daar niet van, maar dat komt meer door de fles. Het design is echt super gedaan! Groetjes

Anonymous said...

Grandma's curtains! LOL.

I love your stamping design, it looks great, however the Sparitual Epicurean you showed was a real stunner. Totally different, both beautiful but that one gets my vote. Take care, Nicole x

Bear Woods said...

Wow, I think this print perfectly compliment both shades

rachlovespenguins said...

I think I may be the only polish-loving person left on the planet who hasn't tried stamping... All these designs always look so pretty! I really should give it a go. :)

Witoxicity said...

Thanks! :)

Thank you, Anutka. :) Yes, the settings have indeed been changed.

Hey, thanks so much, my dear! :D

Hoi Nikki! Inderdaad! Zo veel/vaak nieuwe collecties van Essence en Catrice. Ik word er gek van! Voordat ik de lakken van één collectie heb gedragen, komen er al nieuwe kleuren bij! EN je hebt nog leuke kleuren van andere merken ook. Ik kan niet meer bijhouden! :P

Ja, de kleuren van deze Hidden World collectie zijn wat rustiger en de collectie vliegt minder snel over de toonbank. Ik vind de fles ook mooi met het simpele frisse design. Leuk hoor. :D Groetjes!

I'm totally with you on that, Nicole. Epicurean is such a rich, gorgeous maroon! :D

Thank you, MissDoll! :)

Ah, no worries about that. We all have to start somewhere and it's better late than never. Stamping is actually a very easy and fun way to give your mani a new look (great for those who can't draw, like me, haha!). Give it a shot! Stamping plates are easy to get hold of these days. :)

Jossie said...

This lovely! Peach one of my fave colors!

Witoxicity said...

So, this is definitely right up your alley, Jossie. :)