Catrice: Eye Look With Hidden World Eyeshadow Soufflés II

Here's another eye look using the Catrice Hidden World Eyeshadow Soufflés. The first one I did was mainly a fresh pink look and this time around, it's a neutral go-anywhere-brown look with a hint of champagne and pink.

These are the products used:

Catrice Hidden World Eyeshadow Soufflé Yes, I Wood - champagne
Catrice Hidden World Eyeshadow Soufflé Wood You Follow Me? - dark brown
Catrice Hidden World Eyeshadow Soufflé Rosy&Cosy - pink
GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Liner - Black Ink
Make Up For Ever Aqua Smoky Lash Mascara - Waterproof Extra Black

I usually prefer to use my fingers to apply but for this look, I made use of my small flat (synthetic) brush.

Upper lid
1. Dark brown on the lid, except for the inner corners.
2. Champagne on the inner corners.
3. Lined and tightlined with the black eyeliner pencil.

Lower lid
4. Applied the pink soufflé on the outer three-quarters.
5. Lined the lower lash line with the dark brown soufflé.
6. Dabbed on the champagne on the inner sections.
7. Used the black eyeliner pencil on the waterline.

8. Curled lashes and applied two coats of mascara.

Done! It's earthy with a flirt of pink.

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Unknown said...

Such a nice look!!
I love it ^^

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

The color looks good on you. I like how it brings out your eyes.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful look, subtle. I love it.

Have a great weekend my dear. Take care, Nicole x

Anonymous said...

Great eye look, really gorgeous and those jars are so cute.


sugar sugar said...

a very pretty and subtle look! i loveeettt! :D

Bear Woods said...

This look is so nice are beautiful, just perfect for 'lazy' days when I want a little make-up but I don't want to look like I put a lot of time in it

Witoxicity said...

Thank you! :)

@Girlie Blogger
Thanks for your kind words. :)

Yay, thanks, my dear! Oh, late again with my reply. :P This past week has been a blur, frankly. I'm catching up with things now. I hope you had a very nice weekend, Nicole! :D

Hee hee, thank you, KTee! I know, they're cool jars, aren't they? They're actually glass jars and pretty heavy too. Have a lovely week ahead, my dear! :D

@sugar sugar
Thanks so much, sugar sugar! :)

It's quite subtle but it's enough to emphasise the eyes. Thank you, MissDoll! :)