T. LeClerc: Satin Lipstick Review

This has got to be one of the most moisturising lipsticks I've ever tried (and I'm not counting the liquid lipcolours of ELLIS FAAS). I would even call it emollient and it feels quite heavy on the lips.

I got this lipstick thanks to Renee of You Nailed It!. She held a T. LeClerc giveaway a while back and I was fortunate to win a few items from this brand.

What T. LeClerc says of the Satin Lipstick

Create colorful, sensual lips with the T.LeClerc Satin Lipstick range, which offers perfect hold and rich texture for a deliciously soft feeling all day long.

Rich in rice oil with its anti-drying properties, the T.LeClerc Satin Lipstick keeps lips feeling comfortable throughout the day.
It also moisturises* your lips for up to 4 hours of application.

*Moisturisation of the upper layers of the skin

The Ingredients

What I Love
Just like you, I usually discount the claims made by brands about their products but I have to say, this one really delivers on its promise. It's like a heavy lipbalm. On my lips, they stay on for three-four hours (with some drinking). It's faded of course, but the lips stay so soft and moisturised. Don't expect it to last that long with eating though.

The Texture
This emollient lipstick is on the soft side and with repeated use, I can see that my lipstick bullet is starting to do a Leaning Tower of Pisa on me.

The Smell
And then, there's the subtle fragrance. It has a certain smell which we tend to associate with the makeup that our mums used to use. It's nothing unpleasant, it just reminds me of the days of yore. Speaking of which, T. LeClerc is an old French cosmetics brand which started life in 1881. The founder, Théophile LeClerc, a pharmacist, created a loose face powder which became a hit among the women in Paris. That face powder, made with a secret rice powder formula, remains popular to this day (says the website) and over the decades, its makeup range grew but the brand has stayed true to its rice-based legacy.

The Shade
According to the T. LeClerc website, there are 14 shades available in the Satin Lipstick range. The one I have is 27 Charnel, a very frosty light brown. It unfortunately doesn't go well with my skintone and so, I tend to layer a deep-coloured lipgloss over it. I wore it alone many times at home just to test out its durability and to find out how moisturising it was.

Anyway, I took a couple of photos to show you how it looks on me: Charnel alone (left), and with a very pigmented fuchsia-coloured lipgloss by GOSH layered over it (right). Its frostiness still shows through but at least, my lips are pink-ish.

This is the only shade I've tried from T. LeClerc. I can't vouch for the rest but I hope the other (red/pink) colours in the Satin Lipstick range are just as moisturising.

The Price
The T. LeClerc range of products are on the pricier side. In the online shop Zalando Nederland, for example, the Satin Lipstick retails for €21.95 (4g / 0.13oz). It's £19.95 on the Zalando UK website. By the way, Zalando doesn't indicate clearly the exact names of the shades.

The Packaging
Well, whatever it is, I love the packaging of T. LeClerc products. Most of the products are housed in matt silver casings with stamped detailing. They look so sleek and antique-y at the same time. You should check out the gorgeous tins which their famous loose powders come in.

L-R: T. LeClerc Satin Lipstick, Volume Mascara and Mono Eyeshadow

T. LeClerc website
For retail points in the Netherlands: T. LeClerc Nederland website


Unknown said...

I don't really like the color by itself but with the pink it's great!!

Me said...

Now there's a brand you don't see reviewed every day. I used to buy T. LeClerc ages ago, in particular a setting powder in the color Banana that was really superb. I almost wish I hadn't see this post--it woke up dormant lemmings, hee. The formula looks luscious, and I love the packaging. Great review!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

I like the color on you. Good beauty tips.

Janet said...

Nice review, this is the first time I've heard of this brand...the shade is quite nice..loving it! thanks for the review..=)

Anonymous said...

It ain't cheap this lipstick, well at least the quality is very good. I love the layering you did.

Btw beautiful photos on Witoxichic. You look gorgeous and I love your coat. Take care and have a nice weekend, Nicole x

Anonymous said...

Great review and I'm happy to hear the lipstick is to your liking, specially the moisturising part.
Pity it wasn't an orange or red/burgundy shade, they always look great on you ;) Take care and have a great weekend, Nicole

Witoxicity said...

I think this shade is pretty hard to pull off. :)

@Zuzu's Petals
Banana - yes, I've heard of its reputation! Thanks so much, Zuzu! You're right, this is a brand that doesn't get much airtime. Hmm, perhaps it's time for you to revisit this classy brand. Hee hee! :D

@Girlie Blogger
Well, this isn't exactly a shade for me but I try to make it work with layering. I'm not quite sure what tips you were referring to, but umm, thank you?

Thank you, Janet. :)

Thank you so much, Nicole! It's quite pricey but I really like the formula. Well, light, frosty shades never work on me. Thank goodness for layering! Lip colours that are orange, red and darker are my good friends. :D

Also, I'm so glad you like that outfit post. Thank you for your kind words, my dear! Hey, you too, have a lovely weekend! :)

Shivani said...

Hey, I just noticed, the packaging of this lipstick is too similar to Lancome's newest Rouge in Love ones.

The color - I don't know who can pull this off, really. :/

Witoxicity said...

@Adorable On Your Vanity
Hmmm, there is some resemblance, I suppose, but from what I've seen, the Lancome ones aren't in matt casings. Both look chique! Oh, I do agree about the shade. It's really, really hard to pull it off! :)