ELLIS FAAS: Light Swatches

I think it's time to feature the swatches of all five ELLIS FAAS Light - E301, E302, E303, E304, E305 - in one post. So far, I've shown only random swatches of four of them whenever I did an ELLIS FAAS eye look which included a Light.

Here's a recap:

• housed in click-pens
• dispensed through brush applicators
• highly pigmented metallic liquid eyeshadows, like having a layer of metallic paint on the eyes
• when dried, they feel a bit rough/sandy to the touch
• lightweight, non-sticky
• not waterproof
• with repeated rubbing, they will come off
• leave them alone and they will stay intact
• apply with finger - easier to control and is better for light application
• apply with brush applicator - for full-on heavy application

Colour description of the Lights:

E301 - warm silver, metallic beige
E302 - green-gold, metallic chartreuse
E303 - bronze
E304 - metallic lilac / medium purple
E305 - metallic turqoise-burgundy duochrome
Note: The pens featured here were provided by ELLIS FAAS in the course of the past year or so.

The Light swatches:

With flash photography

L-R: ELLIS FAAS Light E301, E302, E303, E304, E305

In natural lighting

I hope this post will be useful to those who are thinking of acquiring a Light for the first time. I've made these photos as colour-accurate as possible.

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Unknown said...

Looks beautiful!!
I love their metallic finish!

rachlovespenguins said...

Those are oh so pretty! :)

Anonymous said...

These lights are to die for. I really love the last 3 stunning colors! "KTee"xx

Have a great weekend hun!

Witoxicity said...

Good that you like this range! :)

I agree. I love the colour range and the very cool metallic finish. :)

Hmmm, sometimes, I think the last three get my vote too but at other times, I look at them again and find myself very captivated by the E302 as well. :D You too, my dear, have a restful weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

They are all very beautiful and you have created lots of gorgeous eye looks with them. I'm sure we will get to see many more combinations. Have a nice sunday my dear, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

Yes, there will be more eye looks coming up! Ah, so much to do, so little time. :D Thanks so much, my dear. I had a lovely Sunday. I hope your weekend went really well. Have a good week, Nicole! :)

Me said...

Those are so beautiful!

Witoxicity said...

@Zuzu's Petals
Indeed! Gotta love the Lights! :D