Adorned Nails: Douglas Maria

Douglas Maria 09. Ooh, another possible dupe for Chanel? Paradoxal perhaps?

I featured Douglas Fireworks a couple of weeks ago and that one seemed to bear a strong resemblance to Chanel Peridot. This current polish, Maria, is a creamy dark purple taupe with pretty, shy shimmers.

The shimmers are predominantly purple/pink but they do twinkle blue, green and red sometimes. The shimmers are subtle though, only noticeable in very strong lighting.

Maria applied beautifully and needed only two coats.

Douglas, a German parfumerie chain, launched its own range of nail polishes called Absolute Nails not too long ago. I believe Maria 09 belongs to the main collection. Retail price: €4.95 (11ml). The bottles come with double caps.

To view the range on Douglas websites:
Douglas Nederland
Douglas Germany
Douglas France


Jossie said...

Gorgeous, color looks awesome on you!!

Unknown said...

I don't really like the base color but these reflects are amazing!!

Simona said...

I think this is even nicer than Paradoxal. Lovely shade! I wish Douglas Italy had this new line, unfortunately they don't carry it :(

Anonymous said...

Lovely, the shimmers are too subtle though! Way too shy if it's only noticeable in very strong lighting. However it looks gorgeous on your nails. "KTee"xx

Nikki said...

Ik heb niet zo veel met de lakken van chanel en dat soort merken. Als ik de display bij douglas zie dan vallen de nagellakken helemaal niet op. Er staan maar een paar onopvallende kleuren in goedkoop uitziende flesjes met zo'n raar dopje.(ziet er goedkoop en onaantrekkelijk uit). Ik weet dat er nog een dop overheen komt maar zo op het eerste gezicht vind ik er niks aan. Ik loop er eigenlijk altijd voorbij. Het is goed dat andere merken een uitgebreide keuze hebben. Groetjes.

Anonymous said...

Normally when you show a polish it looks more beautiful on your nails, sometimes I'm blown away by its unexpected beauty. With this one I find the color in the bottle more intriguing.

It looks pretty on your nails, but that's mainly because you have such beautiful nails.

Have a great weekend my dear, Nicole x

Adis said...

I hadn't seen this particular colour at the nailpolish stand :o. It's pretty :).

(Catrice has one out as well called 'From Dusk To Dawn'. This colour has two versions. The old version is a liver-coloured polish while the new version is an almost 'Paradoxal' dupe. It has slighly more purple shimmer and better staying power than 'Paradoxal'.)

(Also, hi again :p! I'ma go and take a look at your other posts soon ^^.)

Witoxicity said...

Thank you, Jossie! :)

We can't like them all. :D

Hi, Simona! Give them a bit of time. Maybe Douglas will launch it a bit later in Italy. Don't lose hope! :)

Thanks, my dear. Yeah, I wish the shimmers showed up more. :)

Haha, weet je, ik heb dezelfde mening als jou, Nikki. Tot nu toe spreken de lakken van die merken mij ook niet echt aan. De kleuren springen er niet uit en de keuze is beperkt. En ze zijn gewoon te duur. Gelukkig hebben wij tegenwoordig veel keuzes bij andere (goedkopere) leuke merken, bijv. Catrice. :)

Thanks, Nicole. But I totally agree with you! The pretty shimmers are much more conspicuous in the bottle than on the nails. I tried really hard to capture them on camera but they wouldn't show up much on the nails. Hmph! I had another hectic weekend. I hope yours went well. Have a great week ahead, my dear! :)

This colour is still around. It's the other one, Fireworks, that I haven't seen in the stores. Ooh, I don't think I ever got From Dusk To Dawn. Hey, good to see you here. I hope you've been well. :)

Janet said...

loving the shimmers..though it subtle..but it still add a few spark on it..very pretty! =)

Bear Woods said...

Smoking hot color :)

Witoxicity said...

I'm glad you like this one, Janet. :)

That's great! :D

Atqa Beauty Blog | said...

I love such deep shades! And this one is so pretty!

Witoxicity said...

@Atqa Beauty
It's quite a mysterious-looking one. :)