Adorned Nails: Douglas Spice It Up

I spied this polish in a Douglas parfumerie store a few weeks back. Tucked away in a corner was a special Absolute Douglas display with five products: bronzing powder, kabuki brush, eye pencil, plumping lip gloss and this nail polish. Absolute Spicy is the name of this special collection, obviously meant for the coming summer.

The Douglas Spice It Up nail polish with its copper-brown cap and the copper-coloured contents was the only one that I thought worth buying (Price: €4.95 for 11ml). I've already got a couple of copper-coloured polishes at home but I don't know.......I love how chique this whole bottle looks. Ooo, did I just admit to being shallow?!

Just like the other Douglas nail polishes, this bottle comes with a double cap and a medium-broad brush. Spice It Up is a super lovely copper. The finish is appropriately metallic, which also spells 'streaky'. It was quite all right with two coats but to intensify the colour for these photos, I did three. It looks glorious in sunshine.

I hadn't had the time/chance to try some of the top coats that came out in the Catrice Million Styles Limited Edition Collection from a couple of months ago. I chose ¿Holo Qué Tal?! which Catrice says contains "holographic shimmering glitter pigments". Well, kinda. I don't find it quite that holographic (not the kind that I'm used to anyway). ¿Holo Qué Tal?! has bitty bits of pink glitter particles that look yellow and green at an angle.

Anyway, I applied two-three coats of ¿Holo Qué Tal?! on Spice It Up and ended up with a curious pink copper. Here are three shots of my nails taken from different distances and light conditions. Enjoy!

Natural lighting


Upclose, natural lighting


Unknown said...

I don't really like the original color, but with catrice, wow!!

Nikki said...

Douglas heeft een aantal mooie lakken. De mooiste heb jij al laten zien en daar hoort deze ook bij. Dit is een hele aparte! Leuk effect ook met die topcoat van Catrice. Top! Groetjes

Anonymous said...

Amazing! It's such a gorgeous copper-brown color. I love it on its own but I also love the effect with the top coat, that shade is beautiful too. Both are just awesome! Have a great weekend, Nicole x

Anonymous said...

Classy color! And you even managed to spice up Douglas Spice It Up by using this beautiful topcoat. Great, I love them both. "KTee"xx

I like the copper colored cap. The bottle looks beautiful like this.

Witoxicity said...

Well, we can't like them all, can we? :) I'm glad you like the topped-up version.

Dank je, Nikki! Spice It Up is misschien ietsje minder 'wow' dan de anderen, die ik eerder heb laten zien, maar ik vind de koper kleur wel heel mooi. De Catrice top coats......we kunnen er zoveel mee doen, hè? Leuk hoor! Groetjes! :)

Hey, I'm pleased you like both versions, Nicole! I was just simply playing around with the Catrice top coat. There are so many possibilities! Thanks, my dear. Do have a lovely weekend too! :)

Witoxicity said...

Spice It Up got spiced up. Heh heh, good one, KTee! I hope you're having a pleasant weekend, my dear. :D

Simona @lightyournails said...

Strangely enough, I saw the display of this limited (?) edition in Douglas in Italy, too. I say it's strange because we don't have the Absolute by Douglas brand over here, but somehow this LE made it here. The colours were not really appealing for me though, but I hope it's a sign that maybe the whole line will land here, too :)

Witoxicity said...

That means there is hope, Simona! They really should just bring in the core collection to Italy as that's where the star polishes are to be found. :)