Catrice: Revoltaire Smokey Eyes Palette Review

These are the Catrice Revoltaire Smokey Eyes Palettes that I mentioned in the Revoltaire Velvet Matt Lip Colour post.

Basically, each palette has one eye-popping colour, two 'supporting' neutral colours and, in the bottom right quarter, one dark-coloured eyeliner that is water-activated.

Ah, what can I say about the palette casings? Sleek, stylish, glossy, gunmetal, they are perhaps the coolest-looking palettes to have come from Catrice so far. Each has a no-nonsense mirror inside and the palette can be opened to a 180-degree angle. By the way, doesn't the emblem remind of you of Rococo and/or Rorschach's inkblot test?

As you will see in a moment, the eyeshadows don't disappoint, as far as pigmentation is concerned. They all have varying degrees of shimmer. I'm not too crazy about the cake eyeliner in the green palette as I find the shade a bit light for an eyeliner. The one in the pink palette is appropriately darker.

Using the accompanying sponge-tip applicators and my fingers, I did an eye look with each of the palettes and in both looks below, I used the following three products:

Etos Eyeshadow Underbase (eyeshadow primer)
GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Liner in Truly Brown
ELLIS FAAS Mascara E401

Let's now take a closer look at each of the palettes.

C01 Toxic Combination

You can't miss that bright, toxic, acid green eyeshadow. The green is, to say the least, very 'out there', so unless you're going to be rockin' at some summer pop festival or if you're (fortunate enough to be still) a teen, I'd suggest going easy on it. Its more down-to-earth companions are a khaki green and an ashy taupe-grey. The cake eyeliner is a medium brown-grey.

C02 Explosive Combination

The coral pink looks innocent enough in the palette but in a heavy swatch, it looks coral red. The shade pretty much reflects the bright coral pink of the Revoltaire Velvet Matt Lip Colour called Colour Bomb. The supporting eyeshadows are a beige and a medium brown. The cake eyeliner is a dark-enough dark brown.

For this eye look, the eyelining was done with the GOSH eyeliner pencil. To get that hard edge on the outer corner, you could use the usual method of sticking a piece of tape to block off the area. I prefer to just apply the eyeshadows and then wipe off the excess with a cotton bud and eye makeup remover.

Price of the palettes: only €4.49 each

To view the collection:
Catrice website


Janet said...

ohmy! the packaging is so sleek and elegant!! super loves!!=)

lavender said...

Wow the green eye shadow is so nice. You applied it so well!

Anonymous said...

Sleek casings and I love the color combinations in these palettes. Really beautiful my dear. Your eye looks are super super stunning. I love it. Take care, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

Heh heh, thank goodness the contents are just as good as the packaging. It would be a pity to have paid for just nice packaging. :D

Thanks so much for your kind words, Lavender! :)

Oh, that's a lot of superlatives there! Many thanks for your sweet, supportive comment, Nicole! It means a lot to me. :)

Nikki said...

Normaal gesproken kijk ik meer naar nagellakken, maar bij deze collectie moet ik toch even iets zeggen. Ik vind de doosjes en de kleuren gewoon prachtig en je hebt je ogen zo mooi opgemaakt. Heel opvallend, vooral de groene. Waanzinnig! Groetjes

Bear Woods said...

I love those colors but bright green and pink turned me off because I'm still a bit shy with colors.
It looks amazing on you, how can you pull it off so well? It looks like your eyes were made for funkier colors :)

Witoxicity said...

Wat aardig van je, Nikki! Ik ben heel blij, dat je deze look leuk vindt. Bedankt! Nou, ik moet eerlijk zeggen, dat de oog/lipproducten van hun Limited Editions van de afgelopen tijd mij meer aantrokken, dan de lakken. Na een tijdje vind ik dat de lakken van de speciale collecties heel erg lijken op de kleuren in de vaste collectie. Toch heb ik dit keer één van de Revoltaire lakken gekocht - die roze. :D Groetjes!

Thanks for your kind words, MissDoll. I must admit that I (perhaps foolishly?) don't listen to what experts say about wearing certain eyeshadow shades to suit my eye colour. I'm game to try most colours these days (but in moderate doses). I had been wearing plain neutrals for far too long. :D