Adorned Nails: KOH Mediterranean Sea

I know, so many KOH polishes here lately.

I'm continuing with the new KOH Elements series with KOH Mediterranean Sea, not to be confused with KOH Mediterranean Green which is a much more intense green.

Mediterranean Sea is a fresh mint green very similar to KOH Sensual. However, Mediterranean Sea is a crème and without the silvery glass flecks, it looks just a teeny, tiny tinge darker than Sensual.

You are looking at two coats, plain and simple.

This polish was provided by KOH Cosmetics.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous green. Both are quite similar indeed! As you know I like greens too these days. "KTee"xx

esther said...

Ben ik net hier geweest, kom ik even terug om Cloudy en Heavenly nog een keer te bewonderen staat er ineens een nieuwe. LOL!

Mooie groene lak en het staat heel mooi op je nagels. <3

Janet said...

loved the glossy green of this shade =)

Unknown said...

A very nice color!!
So soft!

Nikki said...

Die 2 lakjes lijken echt op elkaar. Mooi hoor! Groetjes

Witoxicity said...

This green is very soothing for the eyes, I must say. Heh heh, I will always remember how you warmed up to green nail polishes. It must have been more than a year already. :)

Dank je, Esther. Haha, ja, nog één! Ik heb nog zoveel te laten zien! :)

I'm please you like this green, ladies. :)

Inderdaad. Eén is met glittertjes en de andere is gewoon een crème. De groene kleur is sowieso heel mooi. Groetjes! :)

Shivani said...

So PURDY - my heart is melting - no, really it is!

Anonymous said...

This green polish is a real beauty. Thanks for showing all these gorgeous collections. Have a lovely and relaxing weekend my dear. Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

Hi, Shivani! Well, it is a pretty one, this. :)

The pleasure's all mine. Thanks, my dear. You too, have a great weekend! :)

Anutka said...

So pretty! Love this shade. Both with a simmer and without :)

Witoxicity said...

I'm glad you like both! :D