ELLIS FAAS: Creamy Eyes E115

Creamy Eyes E115 is another shade from the set of seven new ELLIS FAAS Creamy Eyes eyeshadows released last week.

E115 is a matt medium purple. It's old news that the Creamy Eyes liquid eyeshadows are cast-iron lasting but if you're new to this range, please refer to my detailed ELLIS FAAS Creamy Eyes review.

Creamy Eyes E115 swatches: Heavily applied (L) and lightly swatched (R)

For the eye look in this post, I used:

Milky Eyes E203 - dark blue
Creamy Eyes E106 - matte taupe
Creamy Eyes E115 - matte medium purple
GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Liner - Black Ink (tightlining)
Mascara E401 - black

L-R: Milky Eyes E203, Creamy Eyes E106, Creamy Eyes E115

The very lightly applied taupe of E203 served as a base for the medium purple of E115 and I used the dark blue of E203 for eyelining.

Further reading:
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The New Creamy Eyes page on the ELLIS FAAS website


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous eye look. Very classy. Such a great idea to use E203 for eyelining. Take care, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

Thanks, my dear. I love that blue and it makes a good alternative to the usual black or brown eyelining. :)

Anonymous said...

Cool look hun. I love your eye looks, very inspiring. "KTee"xx

Witoxicity said...

Oh, you're very kind. Thank you, KTee! :)

Me said...

This might be one of my favorite EOTDs on you yet! I love the idea of a malted purple.

Witoxicity said...

@Zuzu's Petals
Many thanks, Zuzu! You must be mighty pleased that EF has finally expanded its range of eyeshadow shades, eh? No greys this time but there are some shades there that are close to what you had been wishing for. :)