Petits By Tatyana: Solid Perfumes Review

You’ve read my introduction on Petits by Tatyana and the company behind it, Aqua De Luna. In this article, we will explore the basics of the range of five Petits by Tatyana Balm De Perfume a.k.a. solid perfumes.

The Petits by Tatyana Balm De Perfume

• is a solid perfume made with 100% natural essential and absolute oils
• has shea butter as the base
• contains no fillers
• contains no artificial colours
• contains no parabens
• contains no beeswax
• is 100% vegan

Aqua De Luna does not test on animals.

Each is housed in a simple container made of recycled metal. This, of course, goes perfectly with the life and business philosophy of Stefan and Tatyana Leiste, the founders of Aqua De Luna. Each recycled tin jar contains .35oz / 10ml of solid perfume.

Shea Butter
The shea butter in the solid perfumes that Stefan sent me for review seemed to have different textures and consistencies. After using them for several weeks, I wrote Stefan an email to find out why, thinking that it perhaps had something to do with how the shea butter reacted to the different mix of essential oils. I was mistaken, as the answer simply lay in the batch of shea butter that Stefan and Tatyana used when making the solid perfumes. Stefan explained (excerpts):

The consistency / texture is entirely related to the batch of shea butter. We are trying to find a formula that is more consistent (hard). However we do not want to compromise on what we add into these Balm De Perfume. Cooling them makes them hard, heat makes them softer.

About Shea Butter:
Shea butter can be very soft or harder, depending on where it comes from (for example Central Africa Shea butter is always softer while West African Shea butter tends to be harder) and the age at which it was harvested (3 months or younger seems to be of a harder consistency).......

With that in mind, we will now move on to the solid perfumes:

Petits by Tatyana Balm De Perfume

Maui Aloha

Maui Aloha includes memories from paradise, fragrances that reminds you every day of Maui's beauty and welcoming nature. Carry a piece of Aloha on your skin and each day will bring you joy and happiness.

Pure shea butter with essential oils:
Tuberose, Pikake (Jasmine), Neroli (Orange Blossom)

The shea butter: dark beige, soft and sinks in when rubbed on.

The perfume: Quite heady at first, thanks to the potent turberose and jasmine (it seriously does remind one of island life and Aloha 'Oe!). The orange blossom provides a subtle sweetness to it which helps to 'calm' the powerful floral combination of the first two. On me, Maui Aloha settles into a warm, soapy scent.

Pink Shadow

Pink Shadow is a homage to the fragrant flowers of Hawaii. Always used to inspire the beautiful woman from the ancient Hawaii. Enjoy this combination and feel the spirit of Aloha on your skin.

Pure shea butter with essential oils:
Hala Flower (Hinano), Lokelani (Rose), Lemon Balm, Ylang Ylang

The shea butter: dark beige, smooth and solid, the right consistency to rub on

The perfume: I read that Lokelani a.k.a. Rosa damascena is the official flower of Maui Island and looking at the essential oils used, you can already tell that it's sweet all round. In fact, if you're looking to get drunk on rosy sweetness, Pink Shadow would be it. It's sweet, sweet and very sweet with a little (just a little) tangy undertone. The smell of roses sticks around for a good couple of hours and eventually becomes soapy-musky on me.

Blue Light

Blue Light consists of sensual fragrances from sacred flowers well known since centuries. Unusual and rare to find it comforts your skin and the air around you. Simply beautiful all day long!

(I've been told that Blue Light is Tatyana's favourite.)

Shea butter with essential oils:
Blue Lotus, Pikake (Jasmine), Sandalwood, Palo Santo

The shea butter: dark beige, smooth and solid, just hard enough to rub on

The perfume: Extremely fragrant. Opens strongly with what to me is jasmine and sandalwood. The fragrance reminds me of monks, chants and temples. Over time, the pungency fades but the jasmine and sandalwood is ever-present.

Ancient Spirit

Ancient Spirit is a melange of ancient sacred scents, a unique combination of well known essential oils used in the ancient world. Connect your spirit with these sacred oils!

The shea butter: white, slightly gritty, soft

The perfume: Complex. Woody and antiquey, like the stuffy smell you get when you open an old, wooden school desk. Sometimes, it even reminds me of insects but the thing is, it's really not as bad as it sounds. There are also incense accents. After a few hours, it becomes just plain woody and ever so slightly spicy on my skin. Ancient Spirit wasn't one that I immediately liked but it has grown on me over time.

Bamboo Forest

Bamboo Forest, lush green airy scents, inspires to take in the rich green floral fragrance of a healthy nature. Happy dreams come true by enjoying the vibrant colors of the mystical bamboo forest as only found like that on Maui.

Shea butter with essential oils:
Palo Santo, Oakmoss, Orris, Pine, Lemon Rosewood, Parsley, Mimosa, Cedar Atlas

The shea butter: white, gritty, soft

The perfume: Fresh and green, like newly-cut grass but prettier and sweeter. On me, it smells almost bitter some hours later.

In general, I've found that these solid perfumes do not last very long on the skin, about three-four hours. The strong ones like Pink Shadow and Blue Light are perhaps the most longlasting of the lot.

Shelf Life
According to Stefan, the shelf life of these solid perfumes depends on the shea butter. They can last for a year or longer if stored cool and dry.

Each Petits by Tatyana solid perfume retails for USD9.95. Now and then, Aqua De Luna has special deals on these, so it would be worthwhile subscribing to their newsletter.

In their online shop, you will also find a package deal where you can buy all five Petits by Tatyana for USD29.95.

Aqua De Luna is based in Hawaii. I had asked Stefan about retail points and he mentioned that it is available in a few places in Hawaii. Please contact Stefan for details if you live in Hawaii.

Aqua De Luna does provide international shipping. I did my own research on the Aqua De Luna website to find out the shipping rates (you do need to register first before you can explore that section):

USA: range from USD2.71 for one tin of Petits by Tatyana to USD3.22 for five.

Worldwide: range from USD 7.09 for one tin to USD14.10 for the Set of Five special offer.

Please note that this is just a guideline. If you are interested in purchasing, it is best to register to get the specifics.

These being solid and in tins mean they are easy to carry around - no risk of broken bottles in the bag/luggage. The list of ingredients in Petits by Tatyana solid perfumes are plain and simple and you know I like that. If I could describe each of them in a few words, this is how I would put it:

Maui Aloha - exotic, low hum

Pink Shadow - rose, sweet, feminine, predictable

Blue Light - pungent, temples

Ancient Spirit - antique furniture, intriguing

Bamboo Forest - pleasant, clean, leafy sweet

My personal favourites are Bamboo Forest (simply because it's refreshing) and Ancient Spirit (because it's soooo not my usual!).

More information:
Aqua De Luna website


Shop N' Chomp said...

I like the ingredients in these (er, or lack thereof). If I were to wear perfume, solid would be my choice given the convenience!

Unknown said...

You described it so well!
I can smell them from here!!

Witoxicity said...

@Shop N' Chomp
I like both kinds but yup, solid perfumes are definitely more convenient. :)

Interpretation of perfumes is very personal but I hope my descriptions help in some way. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! :)

Anonymous said...

It sounds delightful. Great review, I loved reading it and thanks for giving your personal opinion. Writing about perfumes must be quite difficult, take care Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

Hi, Nicole! Thank you for your very kind words. You're right, writing about perfumes isn't the easiest thing but it did help that these solid perfumes are interesting to my nose. They've got lots of character. :)

Anonymous said...

Heavenly! Specially the bamboo forest sounds interesting. I am trying to imagine the smell of it. (closing eyes and picture bamboo forest).

Have a nice weekend my dear.

Cynthia Z said...

Aww...I adore the packaging! Bamboo Forest sounds like my kind of fragrance...mmm...happy dreams...


Witoxicity said...

You know, it's funny. When I think of bamboo forests, I'm somehow reminded of the movie, House of Flying Daggers. Heh heh!

You too. I hope you'll have a fantastic weekend, my dear. :)

Witoxicity said...

I'm pretty sure you will like Bamboo Forest. It has the kind of fresh, sweet, green scent that I think most people would find agreeable. :)

Bear Woods said...

They are so cute and lovely looking

Witoxicity said...

The packaging is actually simple but simple can be very nice. :)