Adorned Nails: KOH Eat Purely

Finally! KOH Eat Purely, the last of the six polishes in the KOH Balance Winter Colours 2011 collection.

I should first show you the case in which each bottle of KOH polish comes. I admit, I often get carried away with the nail polish itself and tend to forget to feature the case. Again, a reminder for those ladies who purchase KOH polishes from physical retail stores, be it in the Netherlands or in other countries: Make sure that you are given the accompanying case. If the sales assistant forgets or is ignorant about it (it has happened to me before in a couple of parfumerie stores in the past), don't be shy to remind them about it.

The case is really an oversized lipstick case. I've mentioned before that KOH changes the design of the casing every now and then. Some versions have mirrors and some others have two elastic bands (to hold your mini nail file). This one shown here is what they've been issuing this year - black or white faux patent leather with a black & white interior. This version tends to attract finger marks but okay, okay, I know, it's good to have design variety.

For those who are new to KOH, I'll give you an idea of how the case design has changed in the last two years plus. Have a look at the photos in these old posts:

KOH Rain Forest
KOH Purplelicious
KOH Hot Pink
KOH Meditate

As for the polish today, KOH Eat Purely is an easy super-glossy creme. It's a muddy medium brown. You could call it a khaki brown. This one applied very, very well. It was pretty much opaque with one fairly thick coat but I did two to intensify the colour.

That's it with the KOH Balance series. Many thanks to KOH Cosmetics for providing me with this collection.

Stay tuned for more on KOH.


Anonymous said...

Love the first pic. It really shows how luxurious this brand is, a lovely polish in a beautiful classy case.....LOVING it! :)

I like the muddy brown shade too and you applied it so neat/smooth.

Great job showing this KOH Balance collection. "KTee" xx

Esther said...

Wat zijn jouw nagels mooi en zo mooi gelakt zeg! De kleuren staan je allemaal heel goed. Ik vind de doosjes ook top, heel luxe.

sugar sugar said...

this is a good color for everyday! :) i like the packaging it comes in too! =)

Anonymous said...

This color is very unique and it looks gorgeous on your beautifully shaped nails. How I envy you my dear. ;)

The case looks elegant and I like the black/white interior. Take care, Nicole x

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Love the packaging. Very lux. And that color is perfect!

Paulina said...

thanks :*

it's a lovely polish!

Jossie said...

Thanks girl for your comment, u are very kind! I love your blog, especially those Koh polishes posts u do!!!

Witoxicity said...

Thanks so much for your supportive words, KTee. Much appreciated! :) This particular polish applied really well (and I'm not exaggerating), which is why it looks so smooth on the nails. Well, yeah, I think you've seen enough of this brand's products in the last year to know that it places a lot of emphasis on presentation and packaging. I love their cases too. :D

Hey, bedankt, Esther! KOH houdt echt van leuke verpakkingen, hè? Wij blijkbaar ook. Van de zes lakken vond ik de formule van deze het fijnste om mee te lakken - heel glad. :)

@sugar sugar
It's a safe colour, nothing over the top. :)

Thank you very much, Nicole! Ah, no need to envy, my dear. Just tonnes of hand creams, cuticle/nail balms and oils, some luck plus, in this case, a very cooperative nail polish would do. :)

@Girlie Blogger
I'm glad to hear that! :)

That's great! :)

Don't mention it! And I'm certainly happy that you're enjoying these posts. Thanks, Jossie! :)

Nikki said...

Mooie kleur, samen met de 2 groene lakken mijn favorieten. Echte winterse kleuren. Ik heb de 2 groene lakken trouwens ook gekocht, maar ik denk dat ik deze bruine ook ga aanschaffen.

Jouw foto's zijn echt mooi. Ik heb deze collectie ook op een andere Nederlandse blog gezien, maar de foto's zijn daar niet zo mooi. Vind ik tenminste. Jouw foto's zijn volgens mij meer kleur echt. Groetjes

Karen said...

The greens and this beautiful muddy brown are great for winter. Easy to match with my winter clothes.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, a case for nail polish? It looks so luxurious! Reminds me of a lipstick case actually =)

Witoxicity said...

Wauw, wat leuk dat je er twee hebt gekocht! Volgens mij hebben wij dezelfde smaak. Deze drie staan ook in mijn Top 3 van deze collectie. :D

Dank je dat je dit over mijn foto’s zegt. Ik besteed veel aandacht aan mijn foto’s en artikelen en ik wil niet nog meer artikelen schrijven als het ten koste van kwaliteit gaat. Groetjes! :)

You're absolutely right, Karen! These murky colours certainly fit the season. :)

Hi, Natalie! Well, it is really that, only oversized. :)