Adorned Nails: Essence Into The Dark

I know, I know. It's Vampire's Love overkill this week. Bear with me. I'm almost done. This is the second last one.

Essence Into The Dark is a dark denim blue with silver micro glitters. It looks darker on the nails than in the bottle and that's probably due to the silver micro glitters floating more conspicuously in the bottle.

I've got the usual two coats on here.

Of course, a dark blue polish calls for some silver stamping! They always go well together. I used this design from the Chez Delaney plate B101 and the silver Essence Nail Art Stampy Polish which I bought months back but have never used.

This polish is featured in my ongoing giveaway. Try your luck!

The other three Essence Vampire's Love polishes featured:
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Sometimes the simplest designs look the best. Love this mani!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! Beautiful! I love it! Drool!:P

This is one gorgeous shade. Yup, my kind! Awesome stamping too. "KTee"xx

Bear Woods said...

I love it because the print is delicate and somehow hidden ;)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful mani. It looks like a dark greyish blue shade, I like it.

Silver on blue is always a gorgeous combination. I wonder if blue stamping on silver nails would give the same stunning effect.

Your last photo is really beautiful. The ring matches the silver stamping. Take care, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

@Patricia Colucci
I agree! There is beauty in simplicity. Thank you, Patricia! :)

Thank you very much, KTee! Yeah, this type of shade is my kind of thing too and the silvery effect gives it extra oomph! Yay! I'm really happy you like the end result. :D

I tend to go for subtle stamping. I'm glad you like this one, MissDoll. Thanks! :)

Hmmm, now that you've mentioned it, I don't think I've worn a silver polish on its own before, let alone tried this colour combination in reverse. How funny! I must see about addressing this 'issue'! ;D Thank you for your kind words, my dear. I'm very pleased you like that last photo. :)

Anutka said...

No, not overkill! I love seeing these! All of them so pretty.
Love your stamping. Perfect!

-Diana- said...

Very pretty color and love the stamping too :)

Witoxicity said...

Thank you, Anutka! Oh, good! I'm glad you're not bored out of your ears with this. I have one more to go. :D

Thanks so much, Diana! :)

Nikki said...

Chique zeg!. Een hele mooie kleur en het ziet er nog cooler uit met het zilveren "stamping design" <3

*Raíssa said...

I simply LOVE this color!

Anonymous said...

Blues!!! But the pretty sparkly kind :p. All these nail colour posts make me want to do a mani again /^w^\!

Witoxicity said...

Hey, dank je, Nikki! Ik ben zeker blij dat je deze mani leuk vindt! :D Fijn weekend!

That's great, Raissa! :D

Adis said...

Oh dear :o! The anonymous one would be mine XD;;;.

Witoxicity said...

(Adis?) Go on, just do it! :) You know your nails are calling for some pretty, sparkly polishes. :D

Witoxicity said...

Oh good! I guessed right! Haha!