Adorned Nails: KOH Woodstock Green

KOH Woodstock Green is a fairly new addition to the KOH family. I believe it came out just before the brand released its KOH Balance Winter Colours 2011 collection. In the KOH online shop, Woodstock Green is labelled as a limited edition (but then again, I also see KOH Jewel labelled as limited edition there, and KOH Jewel is one that's been around for more than a year and a half).

When I first saw Woodstock Green, my initial thought was that it looked like KOH Meditate from last year's winter collection called Zen. I got the bottle out to compare and in this second photo, I have Meditate on my pinky.

Top bottle: KOH Woodstock Green; Bottom bottle: KOH Meditate

Both are crème polishes. As you can see, Woodstock Green and Meditate are not that close, really. Woodstock Green is a dark spring green with some grey tones. Meditate is a tad lighter with more yellow tones.

I would call Woodstock Green a much duller, unobtrusive dark green. It's a wearable green, for sure. It has a thick-ish formula and is opaque in one coat. I have two coats on here.

This polish was kindly provided by KOH Cosmetics.


Unknown said...

SUCH a gorgeous green! It really suits you :)

Unknown said...

A really nice and natural color!
I like it!

AmyGrace said...

Gorgeous shade and gorgeous pictures!

Anonymous said...

This is lovely, looks slightly darker than Revlons Jaded Night, I prefer this one though.

Atqa Beauty Blog | said...

Beautiful shade! For a long time I wasn't really into green (and blue) nailpolishes but now I love all sorts of greens on my nails, especially deeper ones.

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful green! It looks FAB on your nails hun!;)

Out of these 2 Woodstock Green
would be my favourite.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. Application looks great. Very smooth. Take care, Nicole x

sugar sugar said...

a nice color for christmas! :D would love to see a christmas inspired NOTD dear anne, if you aren't busy. :)

Anutka said...

Love the olive greens on you! Always stunning :)

Nikki said...

Heel mooi. Ik vind "woodstock" op de 2e foto iets mooier, dan "meditate". Net als "rest fully" van de balance collectie. Groetjes

Witoxicity said...

Thank you for your kind words, Moonchild. :)

I'm glad this is to your taste. :)

Thank you, AmyGrace! :)

@Fab Fingertips.
Hmm, I've had a look and yes, there is indeed some resemblance. :)

@Atqa Beauty
Yeah, one can't go wrong with the dark ones, if one is new to greens and blues. :)

Thanks, KTee. Yay! Thumbs up for Woodstock Green! :D

I'm pleased you lke it, Nicole! The formula for this one was very creamy. :)

@sugar sugar
OK, I'll see what I can come up with this year. [puts on thinking cap] :D

Thank you, Anutka! :)

Hoi Nikki! Woodstock Green en Rest Fully zijn meer van het type legergroen. Goed te gebruiken voor camouflage nail art. :) Groetjes!