KOH: Vintage Jeans Collection - Sneak Peek

This is a sneak peek of what KOH will be releasing early next year - The Vintage Jeans Collection. There isn't any press release on this yet (not as far as I know) but let's all have a look at the polishes.

I've been granted permission to take photos of the bottles and KOH was kind enough to pass me a nail wheel pre-painted with these six polishes. I haven't got the bottles myself to show you these bluesy, grungy polishes on my nails, so you'd have to make do with swatches on the nail wheel.

Note: This KOH Vintage Jeans Collection is not to be confused with the KOH Jeans Collection which were in stores middle of this year. The Jeans Collection was put together to shine the spotlight on some of the blue KOH polishes in the permanent collection. The KOH Vintage Jeans Collection is made up of newly created polishes.

The six Vintage Jeans polishes are:

KOH Rock Chick
KOH Romantic Flair
KOH Bohemian Chic
KOH Casual Blue
KOH Grungy Touch
KOH Urban Style

L-R: Rock Chick, Romantic Flair, Bohemian Chic

With flash photography

L-R: Casual Blue, Grungy Touch, Urban Style

With flash photography

Daylight photography - Top: Urban Style; Bottom: Grungy Touch

I believe they have been trialling KOH Rock Chick in the last couple of months in the KOH Experience Shop in Amsterdam (and probably in Eindhoven too). I remember being shown this shade there in October but at that time, it was still a nameless polish. Check out the third and the fifth photo in my post, KOH Experience Shop: New Look, and see if you can spot that cobalt blue amongst the existing KOH polishes on that Wall of Joyful Colours.

The release date of the KOH Vintage Jeans Collection is still unknown.

Here are the links to my KOH Vintage Jeans swatches:


Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Love the cool colors.

나니 said...

Grungy Touch is freaking GORGEOUS! : D

sugar sugar said...

KOH Grungy Touch and KOH Urban Style both look gorgeous! :)

Stephanie Gauthier-Bujold said...

I like Rock Chick, it's different, and the glitter ones are nice too!

Bear Woods said...

The last four shades are so amazing

Unknown said...

Some really nice shades in this collection!

Anonymous said...

Another awesome collection, I like the glitter ones and Rock Chick!

I love your first pic hun, very stylish with Koh in the middle. ;)

KTee xx

Shivani said...

Really beautiful!
You know, this is the risk I run from visiting your blog; wanting some KOH. But I have remind myself that there is Zoya, China Glaze, Essie and Spa Ritual at my end, so I need not feel so horrible :)
Hope you are having a good day! x

Nikki said...

OMG, weer een nieuwe collectie. Ik vind Koh Rock Chick en Grungy Touch heel mooi.

Ik hou je blog in gaten voor eventuele swatches, dan kan ik thuis al beslissen welke ik wil.

Leuk artikel. Is weer eens iets anders dan een pers bericht, die je overal kan zien. Groetjes

Anonymous said...

Great sneak peek post. I hope we can see the real thing on your beautiful nails later. I still think it's the best way to get a good impression. Take care, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

@Girlie Blogger
I'm glad to hear that. :)

Grungy Touch would be an interesting one! :)

@sugar sugar
That's great! :)

@Ms Bubu
Rock Chick certainly stands out in the line-up. :)

Ah, so you're into dark shades! :)

Yeah, there are a couple here that are to your taste, rock-or-not. :)

Thanks, KTee. Ah yes, that was a borrowed prop. :D

@Adorable On Your Vanity
Precisely, my dear! I know you have easy access to other great brands in Canada. Btw, I think Sparitual makes fab polishes. I have a few and I love their formula! :)

Bear Woods said...

Yeah, I thought that now in winter I will wear light bright colors to cheer me up but I always choose something dark. Blue and grey are currently my favorite shades

BlackCherry said...

I love all the colours!! I can't wait to see them on your nails.

Shivani said...

Is there a website you got SpaRitual from? I would love to know how. Luckily they send me samples, but I want to buy some for myself too...I know, they give me websites, but they are all US-centered, I'd love to know where you got yours form so I can share with readers in Europe who nag :P I kid :)

Witoxicity said...

Bedankt, Nikki. Haha! Ja, weer een collectie! :o Het is alleen nog niet zeker wanneer de lakken in de winkels te koop zijn. Ik denk ook dat deze twee lakken - Rock Chick en Grungy Touch - het meest opvallen. Ik kan niet beloven dat ik de swatches voor deze collectie laat zien op mijn nagels, maar als ik de collectie heb, dan ga ik het zeker doen. Groetjes! :)

That's true, it's better to see them on real nails. As I was saying to Nikki, I can't promise I will be able to do that but you'll definitely see them here if I have the collection to wear/swatch. :)

No wonder! This collection is about blues and blue-greys, so it's definitely right up your alley! :D

I can't promise, but if I do have the collection, I'll surely feature them here on my nails. :)

@Adorable On Your Vanity
Over here, SpaRitual is available through some nail salons. I used to get mine through a friend in the US (haha, ironic!). There is another source here but again, they don't sell online. :)

esther said...

Wat leuk, weer een aantal nieuwe KOH lakken. Er zitten een aantal mooie kleuren tussen (vooral die met de glitters). <3

Anutka said...

Oh how you tease...
I cannot wait to see swatches of Grungy Touch :)

Witoxicity said...

Inderdaad! Weer nieuwe kleuren! :D Ik vind Grungy Touch best wel interessant. :)

Nooo, I wouldn't dare to tease! Well, if and when I have Grungy Touch, I'll feature it here. :)

I Drink Nail Polish said...

What a beautiful collection!!! *swoons* Oh how I love blue polish!

Witoxicity said...

@I Drink Nail Polish
Oh, a blue nail polish fan! Yup, this collection would be perfect for you. :)