Adorned Nails: Glam Silver French Tips

When it comes to blue nail polishes, there are four that I've come across so far that are swoon-worthy:

Sephora Blue Sapphire P07 (blue jelly with glitters)
Teeez Cool (blue holo)
KOH Blue Universe (blue with flakies)
TheFaceShop Face It BL602 (blue/purple duochrome)

Shown here is Sephora Blue Sapphire P07 glammed up with silver French tips. I think this would be a cool nail look for a New Year's Eve party. Best of all, it's so easy: just apply a couple of coats of the blue jelly and then apply a thin strip of silver at the tips.

For this, I prefer to free-hand it. A tip painter with a fine brush would be handy (just paint across the nail). If you haven't got that, you could use any silver polish with a conventional brush and do a few strokes in the direction of the nail tips. Here, I've used the silver Essence Multiglitter Tip Painter.

Seal your handiwork with a top coat and you're done!

More photos: Bathed In Light


나니 said...


I Drink Nail Polish said...

So beautiful! Your list of favorite blues is wonderful too. Best wishes for a lovely new year! <3

Jossie said...

Stunning! Perfect for new yrs eve!!

lavender said...

This is very pretty ! I like the colour combo. Here is to wish u a very happy new year!

Shivani said...

Coincidence much? I did a blue with a bit of sparkles on top.
I am totally hooked on polish, thanks to Witoxicity.
Enabler, Anne!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous mani! I love the silver tips. Your ring is beautiful too my dear. Have a great weekend. Take care, Nicole x

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Nice tips. Love the glitter.

Bear Woods said...

This Sephora is magical with all this glitter and definitely worth having.
The combination with silver tips is even better and it suits you

Unknown said...

Perfect for winter!!
I love this mani!!

Witoxicity said...

Yay! :D

@I Drink Nail Polish
Thank you, my dear, and same to you. Have a wonderful new year! :)

Thank you, Jossie! :)

Thank you, Lavender. Happy New Year! :)

@Adorable On Your Vanity
Haha! Great minds think alike! :D Yes, I will shoulder the blame [slaps self in face] but I wonder who I should blame in turn. Hee hee! ;)

Thanks so much, Nicole. As I always say, blue and silver make a perfect pair. You too, my dear. Have a super weekend! :D

@Girlie Blogger
Thanks. :)

Thank you, MissDoll! I'm pleased that you too like this pretty sapphire blue jelly. :)

Thank you! :)

Nikki said...

Heel mooi gedaan en zo netjes. Het is een mooie combinatie. Fijne jaarwisseling en de beste wensen voor het nieuwe jaar. Groetjes

Anonymous said...

I love all your swoon-worthy blues and your ring is to die for. This is a perfect mani for a party like New Years's eve. I love silver on blue and this one is even more pretty coz because the blue has glitters in it. Perfect!

Enjoy your party hun! "KTee"xx

Witoxicity said...

Hey, dank je, Nikki! Het beste is eigenlijk om beide handen op de tafel te zetten, dan is het stabieler en is het resultaat netter. Voor jou ook de beste wensen en een gezellige jaarwisseling toegewenst! :D

Thank you, KTee! Yeah, those are gorgeous blues, eh? Oh, I love love love blue with silver too! :D

dempss01 said...

Gosh, these might just be the prettiest nails I've ever seen! Great job!!

Witoxicity said...

Thanks so much, Dempeaux! :D Happy New Year!