Essence: Nail And Hand Care Gloves

I mentioned the other day in my post on the Le Couvent des Minimes Gardener's Hand Healer about sometimes wearing gloves after applying my hand cream.

Well, this is the pair of gloves that I've been using. It's a cheap and cheerful lilac-coloured pair from Essence that I bought about half a year ago. It's for bedtime use, so there's no need for anything fancy, right?

The gloves come in one size and are made of 97% cotton and 3% spandex. The gloves didn't look terribly promising when I first removed them from the packaging - notice the scrunched-up sections at the base of the fingers (my first thought: Essence knows how to make great nail polish potions and yet, they can't make a simple pair of gloves?!!).

Fortunately, when worn, the fit is okay for me. The thumbs are a bit too long but that's not a major issue. Some ladies may find the fit for the other fingers a bit short though.

They are machine-washable and after some months' use and washes, I'm definitedly seeing some fuzzing. These gloves retail for only €1.99 per pair. At such a budget-friendly price, I should perhaps get me a couple of backups, in case Essence decides to discontinue this item.

What Essence says about these gloves:
The cotton nail & hand care gloves are just the right thing when your hands need some time off. After applying essence hand and nail care products, simply pull them on and relax overnight. The gloves make the care effect even more intensive and your hands will look young and pampered again the next morning! Now rough, chapped hands are a thing of the past!

More information:
Essence Cosmetics website


Girlie Blogger said...

Good way to protect your hands. I need to pamper my hands with these.

Unknown said...

Looks really comfy!!
Essence always have so cool products!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious, will the hand cream not be absorbed by the glove?

Well for that price it's woth to give it a try right. Take care, Nicole x

Perles & Paillettes said...

I should give it a try, for that price ^^
but I can't stand sleeping with something on my hands, so I'll use them when watching tv :)

Witoxicity said...

@Girlie Blogger
I had been looking for a pair and it was pretty good timing that I found these. :)

I agree and they are all budget-friendly products too. :)

That's the good thing about Essence and Catrice. They have a pretty wide range of products, all priced very reasonably, and that gives us the opportunity to try certain things out without having to fork out a fortune. Oh, after applying the hand cream, I would wait one or two minutes for the cream to sink into the skin first before putting the gloves on. :)

@Gwenn V.
Precisely. The gloves don't cost much, so do give them a try, Gwenn. Btw, wearing gloves to sleep does take some getting used to but I don't wear them religiously every night (I'm not that obsessed, haha!). Sometimes I'm too lazy to put them on or sometimes I forget, but when I do wear them, I can definitely see a difference in my skin in the morning - much softer. :)

Anonymous said...

Is there also something similar for feet and what does mr witoxicity think of this outfit? LOL

Just kidding hun, I think it's a great product, hun. ;) Have to find something like this. "KTee"xx

Witoxicity said...

Haha! He rolls his eyes each time he sees me put the gloves on (he thinks I'm nuts). Fortunately, as I was telling Gwenn above, I don't wear them every night. :) For feet, I would recommend socks. Haha! I haven't started on that yet though. :D

Panka™ said...

Hi! For some time now I was thinking about buying these pair of gloves from essence, but they are leaving the range, so now I have to wait for the new products of spring, because I have seen that the gloves will come back under the studio nails section of essence. However, I'm still sceptical. I always thought that the textile of the product would absorb more cream than my hands. Is this so? I might be mistaken, therefore I would love to hear some information about this, whether you noticed this or not. If not, then I will definitely try them out. And another question: you have to wash it out after every single aplication, or only after let's say 2-3 or more times? Thanks for your help, and sorry for the long comment!

Witoxicity said...

Hello, Panka! Well, it's inevitable that some of the hand cream/lotion would get onto the gloves but I try to minimise that by doing two things:

1. I don't apply too thick a layer of cream/lotion. I put on just enough for it to be absorbed into the skin. In the case of products with beeswax, however, the skin would be left with a layer of wax, which would then transfer to the gloves. I usually wear these gloves when using hand cream/lotions and not balms with waxes. In any case, it's best to not apply such a thick layer.

2. After applying the hand cream/lotion, I would wait a minute or two before putting on the gloves. I'd like to give the cream/lotion time to sink into the skin first.

As for washing, no, I don't wash the gloves after each wear. I always apply the cream/lotion on freshly washed hands anyway. I usually wash the gloves once a week (and I don't wear them every night).

No worries about your long comment. Thanks for taking the time to pose these useful questions, Panka. I hope I've answered your questions adequately. Do let me know if you have other questions about these gloves. :)

When I saw that Essence was removing these gloves from the range, I decided to get two back-up pairs last month. Haha! Anyway, it's good that they're bringing them back under a different section. You don't necessarily need to get these gloves from Essence. Any simple pair of cotton gloves would do, if you happen to have them at home already. These from Essence were however very convenient for me to purchase and they were reasonably priced, so I thought I'd give them a try. Cheers! :)

Panka™ said...

Thanks for your help! I expect the stands to be pretty much emptied here by now but I'll check them anyway for these gloves :)

Witoxicity said...

You're most welcome, Panka. Good luck with locating these gloves in the stores. If these are no longer available, then you could wait for them to be relaunched in the new range. :)

Panka™ said...

I was lucky, found one pair at a store :) Tried it twice but there were no significant changes, so I guess I still haven't found the right hand cream :/ My cuticles and the skin around my nails are always dry, and I have a bad habit of scratching them, producing nice little wounds (gross, I know...). I thought, with hydration I would be able to get rid of this habit. Do you have any tips, and/or products for extra-hydration of cuticles and the skin around the nails?

Witoxicity said...

Hello, Panka! I hope you've been well. I've been travelling, hence this late reply. :) Hey, great that you managed to get your hands on a pair!

Hmmm, it sounds like you've got quite major issues with dry cuticles/skin. First of all, please please please stop picking at the skin there (it's not gross, it's just.....ouch!). You know and I know that doing that won't make things any better. :) Secondly, the healing would take time, so improvements wouldn't necessarily be noticed after two applications/wear. Given the situation that you've described, you would need to be patient. And diligent. And be able to resist fiddling with the dry areas.

Simple hand creams may not be effective enough, in your case. Have you tried cuticle creams/balms/oils? Something along the lines of Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Crème might help. Lemon peel oil, especially, works great on nails. Or even simple olive oil might do the trick for the cuticles. You can read my write-up on the said cuticle cream by following the link given. Also, if you haven't already, do have a read through my nail care section. I'm still working on building up this section but perhaps you might find some useful information there too. Oh, one more thing, if your hands are very often in contact with water (especially warm water - very drying), try to keep your hands/nails moisturised/nourished with balms/creams. I hope this helps, Panka. Do let me know how it goes. :)

Panka™ said...

Hi! It's better now, I'm trying not to eat my skin up :) None of the hand creams worked for me, but I have found a very cheap marigold/calendula cream, which is very rich and thick, therefore I only apply it at night with gloves. It works so far, it is a "melkfett", the cream is made by a german brand, I guess, it's milkfat in English. It's also good for eczema and extremely dry skin. I really hope that this cream will work in the long run against dry hands.

Witoxicity said...

Hi, Panka! How nice to hear from you again! I have been wondering about you, if things have improved. I'm glad you've found something that works very well for you and it's even better that it's cheap. I'll have to check out the melkfett cream. Good luck to you! I hope too that this cream will continue to serve you well. :)