Adorned Nails: Catrice Genius In The Bottle

Irony again.

For one who wasn't much into Chanel Peridot, I seem to be collecting quite a few possible dupes for it. Well, okay. This is possible dupe Number Two. Even then, I think two is one bottle too many already.

I featured Douglas Fireworks 15 last month. Just a couple of weeks ago, Catrice added some new polishes to its main collection and it included this one here. Catrice Genius In The Bottle is an opulent gold that glows green/aqua, or as convention would have it, it's a gold-green/aqua duochrome.

The formula is quite sheer and I had to put three coats on.

I'm not big on comparisons but I thought I'd do one here. So, what is the difference between Catrice Genius In The Bottle and Douglas Fireworks?

Douglas Fireworks on little finger

1. Genius In The Bottle is on the sheer side and it shows more of its (dark/grey) green initially.

2. The gold of Fireworks is denser and more dominant. Its formula is thicker (and required just the usual two coats).

L: Catrice Genius In The Bottle; R: Douglas Fireworks (taken with flash)

3. The gold in Fireworks is yellower and more intense than that in Genius In The Bottle.

4. Fireworks comes with a double-cap. Genius In The Bottle doesn't.

5. The brush for Genius In The Bottle is mighty wide, quite flat and has a rounded tip. The one for Fireworks is only a bit narrower and its tip is angular.

L: Catrice Genius In The Bottle; R: Douglas Fireworks

Personally, I love love love the new Catrice brush. Its width, its shape and how the brush spreads out on each nail make it possible for me to apply a coat of polish in one neat stroke. There was incredibly minimal clean-up afterwards. Of course, everyone's nails are shaped differently, so opinions may differ.

Oh, there is one more difference.

6. Genius In The Bottle costs just €2.49 (10ml). Fireworks costs €4.95 (11ml).

More information:
Catrice website


Skye said...

I was so happy when Catrice came out with this one! I really love it. I even thought about buying a back-up, something I never do.
Your swatches/pictures are beautiful as always.

Unknown said...

Wow this is a nice gold / copper shade. Of course you have to love this one.

Unknown said...

I loooove this color!!
So beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Stunning pics! I love that one in the snow. Another great find, they are both gorgeous. "KTee"xx

Nikki said...

Ik heb deze van Catrice in het weekend ook gekocht. Erg mooi en ik vind deze kwast ook fijn. Ze hebben weer een paar leuke nieuwe kleuren toch? Groetjes

Jossie said...

Gorgeous!!! Looks like u have two dupes for Chanel ;-)

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Beautiful and smooth. Love the coating.

esther said...

Heel mooi. <3

Ik ga maar gauw even langs bij het Kruitvat.

Honey Bomb said...

Wonderful overview! I've had my eye on this & love the new Catrice brush too. Thanks for the comparison w/the Douglas polish. Your nails look lovely as ever! ;)

sugar sugar said...

looks lovely on your nails dear but i don't think i can pull this color off hehe. :)

Anonymous said...

It was goodbye Chanel and hello Douglas, but there's a new player in town now for this dupe.

Wow Catrice is even cheaper, how many bottles can you buy for the price of 1 Chanel? I think 10 bottles or so.

Like I told you before it's a beauty on your nails, but for me it's to bling bling. Take care, Nicole x

Martje said...

ow wat een mooie kleur :) Im zag em wel liggen bij Kruitvat, maar nu ik de fotos zo bekeken heb denk ik dat ik morgen maar even terug ga ;)

review said...

glittery gold!<3

Witoxicity said...

It's great that you have this one too! For such a good price, you wouldn't need to feel guilty if you bought a back-up! Heh heh! :D

Thank you so much for your very kind words, Serafine! I truly appreciate it. :)

@Nailart Addict
Yeah, it's a pretty cool duochrome. I'm glad you like this. :)

Yay! It's great you approve of this shade! :D

Hey, thank you very much, KTee. It was just good timing with the snow. :D

Oh, goed dat je deze ook hebt, Nikki! Deze lak is zeker een aanrader (zeker voor zo'n leuke prijs). Ja, ze hebben een aantal nieuwe kleuren in het assortiment en sommige hebben ook aparte/grappige namen. :D Groetjes!

I know. I really don't need two dupes but then again, they were both so affordable! :)

@Girlie Blogger
I'm glad you like it. :)

Hoi Esther! Het is inderdaad een mooie lak met duochrome effect. Ga maar eens kijken bij Kruidvat. Misschien vind je ook andere (nieuwe) kleuren mooi! Toen ik deze twee weken geleden kocht, was het al de laatste fles. Maar, het is goed dat deze in de vaste collectie zit, het wordt dus weer aangevuld. :)

@Honey Bomb
Thanks so much, Honey Bomb! I thought the Catrice brush was really, really fantastic. I hope you'll get your hands on this one. :)

@sugar sugar
Heh heh! Don't be so sure, my dear. It just might look great on your nails. :)

I know! Yet another dupe and for an even better price too! It's kinda hard to resist getting one. Well, that's all right, Nicole. I don't expect everyone to like every nail polish that I feature here. :) Hey, have a lovely weekend, my dear! :D

O ja, ga maar eens kijken bij Kruidvat, Martje! Als je van Peridot houdt, dan is Genius In The Bottle zeker een aanrader. :)

It's an opulent gold flirting with green. :)

knitmaus said...

Beautiful colour. Too bad that you can't get Catrice products over here.

Anutka said...

gorgeous!!! :)

Witoxicity said...

Yeah, I wish Catrice were made available in more countries. Surely they know how much in demand their products are. :)

Yay! :)