GOSH: Long Lasting Lip Marker Review

Funny product, this.

Right, I know there are many lip marker products on the market these days but this Long Lasting Lip Marker by GOSH is my first one. And probably my last one.

I don't get this one. I've had this for some months, used it a few times, didn't like it and put it into cold storage. I thought I'd give it another go, have been using it a few weeks and gaaah, I still don't like it!

To those ladies who can work well with lip markers, good for you. I probably have whacked lips.

This GOSH Long Lasting Lip Marker:

is weird
OK, this is just the inherent nature of such a product. It's literally a marker pen. I never thought I would be using that on my lips one day! It even makes a slight rustling sound quite like when you write with a marker pen on paper. The pen tip, by the way, feels cool on the lips.

is difficult to apply
On the pen, GOSH says to use on clean and dry lips. No kidding. This marker pen won't draw well on wet/moist lips and on lips prepped with lipbalm. In my case, even if my lips are dry, the marker doesn't draw properly sometimes. The colour won't take. I end up having to draw over and over and over and over again to get the colour to transfer. Shaking the pen helps somewhat to get the liquid inside to flow to the tip.

is not longlasting
Sure, the colour sinks into the lips leaving a nice stain (it's pigmented but don't expect full-on colour). It doesn't stay intact for very long on me though, about two hours. It doesn't transfer too much from drinking but most of it does go if I eat.

does not fade evenly
To make matters worse, it fades unevenly leaving an awful outline on the lips, especially when used alone. Really awful.

is not moisturising
As mentioned above, the colour sinks into the lips, into every line on the lips. There is some hydration but I can feel my lips shrivelling a bit within an hour. To counter that, I would use either a lipbalm or a lip gloss over it. If a lipbalm is used, try to apply it with your finger. Otherwise, be prepared for stains on your lipbalm stick.

I can say one good thing about this lip marker though. It smells/tastes sweet. It has the sweetener, sorbitol.


The shade that I have is 003 Berry, a lovely fuchsia red (OK, that's the second good thing). I've seen two other shades in the stores, Chocolate and Red. I'm aware that there is a fourth one called Pink.

Without lipbalm

Strangely, there is no information on this product on the GOSH website. So, I got this from the website of Superdrug:

Now it is possible to make an even more precise application of lip colour. The pen-like tip gives complete control over the application.

The lips will stay hydrated and refreshed and the colour will last for hours.

Yeah, right! I'm sorry but this is going to the waste of money bin. You get 2.5g / 0.1 oz of product but it's a waste of €7.49!


lavender said...

This is a nice color. Gosh is not available in Msia.

Unknown said...

It makes gorgeous lips!!
I love it!

Anonymous said...

Never used a lip marker, but it doesn't sound nice at all, so thanks for the review and not recommending it (can save the money)! LOL "KTee"xx

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this post as you don't simply rave about products. I appreciate your honesty, that's what blogging is about. Take care, Nicole x

Bear Woods said...

I have marker pen from Catrice and I had similar problems with application (lips have to be dry, not patchy, the color stays on for a while but if you eat, the color stays on the edges and it looks like you have lip liner which is not cool when I'm wearing bright color) the only good thing is the fruity smell. I will definitely not buy this again

Witoxicity said...

Well, lip marker pens are also available through other brands. I believe Maybelline has something similar. :)

Thanks, rock-or-not.

Haha, your wallet must be very happy to hear that! :D

Thank you so much, Nicole. I would be happier if I could love this product but unfortunately, it just doesn't work on my lips. I can't say it any other way. :)

Ah, it's good that I'm not the only one who hates such pens. It looks like we have the same issues using them. :)

Adis said...

I got two from NYC from when there was 50% off all makeup and I think they're ok. I'm sort of getting the hang of it, but yeah, this stuff is a whole lot of trouble and has a rather steep learning curve :/.
I'm disappointed to hear the Gosh one doesn't fade evenly :(. It's not cheap and all :x.

In case you haven't tried these:
- Scrub your lips and condition them somewhat before you use the lipstain marker. It'll get rid of dead skin and give the lips some moisture to counteract the onslaught that is lipstain marker :p.
- Work from the inside of the mouth to the outside. By which I mean try to gently stain a small area on the inside of your lips (area closest to that place that makes yummy cookies and cakes disappear...) and just keep slowly adding more and more :). After adding a bit more colour, just press your lips and sort of roll your lips from a pouting position to a no-lips or a 'I can bite my lips off now if I wanted to 8D' position. This makes sure you have more pigments on the inside (where the colour will fade faster) than the outside and gives a bigger chance of even fading :x.
- Wait with applying lipbalm or gloss until your lips feel drier than a sun-scorched camel in the desert. If you apply it too fast, you'll 'lift' the colour off :(.

Although there is no guarantee (Gosh' formulation might just be wonky), these might help with more even fading :/.

Witoxicity said...

Hey, thanks for the tips! :D The thing is: (a) Yes, I do scrub and condition my lips before using this marker pen. (b) Heh heh, yes, I've tried applying from both outside in and inside out, going over and over and over and over (sometimes waiting for a layer to 'dry' first before re-applying) (c) I've also tried pursing and pouting my lips (d) yes, I did wait a while before applying lipbalm (haven't tried applying it immediately after applying the lipstain, actually).

Sigh, I think it's just not meant to be, lip marker pens and I. :( You could be right. Perhaps it's GOSH's formulation. [shrug]

Anonymous said...

I have 2 different shades and i love them because i mostry use it as a lineR so I have it on my lips all day long..when I use it as a lipstic on top I apply a transparent gloss..If you cant use it it doesnt mean its bad !!!