Adorned Nails: Catrice London

Eeek! This is new territory for me - yellow nail polish. To be honest, I bought this purely out of curiosity.

The Catrice London nail polish belongs to the Catrice Big City Life Collection. As mentioned before, four cities were represented in this collection: Sydney, Berlin, London and New York. For each city, there is an eyeshadow palette and a nail polish.

You've seen the eyeshadow palette from The Berlin Collection which, in my opinion, had the best combination of eyeshadow shades out of the four palettes. I didn't think the one from The London Collection was that great and that, I believe, is also the general consensus. Stocks of the eyeshadow palette from The London Collection didn't move as swiftly as the others.

The London nail polish is simply a pale yellow with fine shimmers. You would no doubt have noticed the various famous landmarks depicted on the bottle.

Just for fun, I added a barcode-like stamping design. I used a old brown KONAD stamping polish and KONAD plate M44 which has stamping designs for french tips. I decided to stamp it on the cuticle side of the nails.

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Jossie said...

That shade looks super pretty on u! Very clean and not streaky for a yellow!

Appu said...

This is a very wearable, beautiful yellow. Love the stamping too! :)

Nailderella said...

really pretty! Yellow is also a new territory for me! But I've just decided that tomorrow I will try yellow!
I love the shimmer in this polish!

Anutka said...

This is the perfect yellow! So sweet.
And you are brilliant for using the french tip stamping plate on the cuticles. They are always too wide for my nails and I never use them, but I will have to give this a try :)

Shivani said...

So lovely!!!

I can't wait to go nailpolish shopping and buy similar colors to what you have on your blog.

You can call em copy cat then, lol!

Unknown said...

It's really a color we don't see everywhere else and I love it!
A great color!

sugar sugar said...

it's such a cheerful color and i love what you did with your nails anne! <3

Unknown said...

Such a pretty color and such a pretty stamp! I wish yellow looked good on me :(

Anonymous said...

I am not a big fan of yellow nailpolish, but this one is quite nice (or maybe it's because of your beautiful nails or pretty photos). Maybe in summer season, it's surely refreshing.

The bottle is very unique, I like the print on it.

Have a great weekend my dear, Nicole x

Anonymous said...

This is also out of my comfort zone, just like you. This soft yellow shade is quite pretty though. The stamping is nice too, it gives it a different look. ;)

And the bottle with famous landmarks print is very COOL!


Witoxicity said...

Thanks, Jossie! Well, there were some streaks but they weren't so conspicuous. :)

Thank you, Appu! It's not an OTT yellow, so definitely wearable! :)

Heh heh, you must be wearing yellow on your nails by now. I hope you're enjoying the 'new' experience. :D

Thanks, Anutka. I have problems fitting the french tip designs on my nail tips - they just don't fit my nails either. I thought I might as well stamp them elsewhere. Gotta make use of them, right? :)

@Adorable On Your Vanity
Hee hee! Happy shopping but hey, do go easy on the nail polish shopping, my dear. Nail polishes can get very addictive and I'm speaking from experience. My stash is totally getting out of hand! Aiyaiyai! :P

Yay, I'm glad you like this one! :D

@sugar sugar
Thanks, sugar sugar! :)

Hey, thank you, Moonchild! You could try some stamping on a yellow polish. It would help to tone down the yellow. :)

Neither am I, really. I've been avoiding yellow nail polishes for a long time but well, I thought I should try it at least once (or twice?). :D Thanks for your kind words, Nicole, and you too, have a restful weekend! :)

Heh heh, yellow definitely isn't a popular nail polish shade. This pale one makes a good intro to wearing yellow polishes, I suppose. Thank you, KTee! Happy weekend! :)

Bear Woods said...

It's a nice shimmery pale yellow shade but it's still not my color, I like it on you but I would never buy it for myself

Witoxicity said...

Thanks! I normally wouldn't go for yellow polishes myself but it's nice to try something different once in a while. :)