Time flies! It's been a long time since that first feature on KOH Red.

We're taking another look at it this time around for three reasons:

1. Bigger pictures.
2. The KOH Holiday Spirits collection includes KOH Red.
3. The lipstick and nail polish set called KOH Red Seduction.

The KOH Red nail polish is a straightforward classic red that you can never ever go wrong with. Although it's nothing fancy (no shimmer, no glitter, no flakies), it's one of those shades that can make a heck of a lot of difference to any look with just a quick lick of paint.

Here, I've used my own bottle of Red that I got during a promotion that KOH had two years ago in my first ever visit to the KOH Experience Shop in Amsterdam. It's a jelly-crème and the polish from this old bottle still went on very smoothly, even after all this time. I didn't need to use a thinner either.

This is a polish that would be opaque in one coat but I would advise doing two to get a richer effect.

KOH Red Seduction

You should know by now that KOH loves box/giftsets and KOH Red Seduction is precisely that. This boxset has been in stores for many months, so this isn't a new release. The Red Seduction boxset is provided by KOH.

The boxset consists of two main items - KOH Red Lipstick and KOH Red nail polish - and a sleek black retractable lip brush.

I'm sure the black nail polish bottle with a KOH charm and an orchid flower on top haven't escaped your notice. It's really the standard KOH nail polish bottle, only opaque black and with embellishment. KOH had also issued these limited edition bottles for its Calcium Nail Whitener. The unusual bottle is a pretty thing for sure but I see it as purely ornamental. Of course, you can polish your nails with it but you do need to remove the KOH charm first and the orchid does get in the way when you hold the bottle cap during polishing. Well, in any case, it's a great adornment for your vanity table.

The colours for the lipstick and the nail polish are similar (obviously!) but when swatched and worn on the lips, the KOH Red lipstick reveals some blue tones. The lipstick is very pigmented. I do need to use a lipbalm as a base though.

List of ingredients for the lipstick (please click to enlarge):

The KOH Red Seduction boxset retails for €24.95 but if you happen to be in the neighbourhood, there may be special deals to be had in the KOH Experience Shop in Amsterdam and also the one in Eindhoven (there are never newsletters on such special offers). This item is currently still available in the KOH online shop.

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Paulina said...

Beautiful reds!

sugar sugar said...

red is so in season for winter! love the red lips + nails anne! :)

Anna. said...

What a perfect red color! Love it!<3

BlackCherry said...

I love red nails and lips, so this boxset is perfect and very beautiful!! The last picture is really cool.

BellasUnhaseCia said...

Uauuuu ... What beautiful!
The packaging is divine!
The color is wonderful, beautiful and perfect!
I was so -> :o

Anne you're beautiful!



Uauuuu... Que lindo!!
A embalagem é divina!
A Cor é maravilhosa, linda e perfeita!
Fiquei assim -> :o
Anne você é muito bonita!

Unknown said...

Another gorgeous red!!
This lipstick looks fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous and sexy red lips and nails! It looks great on you! ;)

The bottle looks so stylish, it's unique. Calling this box Red Seduction is very well chosen.

Great pics hun, "KTee"xx

esther said...

Van de 3 rode kleuren in de holiday spirits collectie is dit mijn favoriet. Diep rood. De rode lippenstift past ook heel mooi bij de nagellak. <3

Mooie giftset. Het flesje in de vorm van een orchidee is echt waanzinnig cool.<3

Anonymous said...

Such a luxurious box/giftset and what a beautiful shade. It suits you very well, my dear.

I think the KOH logo on the lipstick looks cool, eventually it will disapper though, but what to do. Gotta love the orchid bottle too. I already had a peek at your other website, but now I know what KOH Red Seduction is. It is actually more than a beautiful bottle on your vanity table.

I adore your last photo, "Seductive"! Take care, Nicole x

Anutka said...

Beautiful red. Very classy.
With this one the color is not so unique, but I'm supper impressed with all the packaging ;)

Witoxicity said...

They are classics! :)

@sugar sugar
Thank you. :)

I'm glad to hear that, Anna. Thanks! :)

¡Muchas gracias! You're very kind, BlackCherry. It's indeed a lovely boxset to get or give, especially for those who love reds. :D

Obrigada! Thanks so much for your kind words, Cris. I know you're into KOH, so I can imagine this set would be something that you would really like! Beijos! :)

I'm pleased you like this one. One can't go wrong with red. :)

Thank you very much, my dear! :D Seductive name for a sexy colour set. It's a very nice pairing of products. Frankly, if I hadn't had the KOH Red polish from before, I would have bought this set early this year. :)

Hoi Esther! Ik dacht al dat deze Red je favoriet zou zijn. Ja, het is inderdaad een leuke cadeauset en het flesje is uniek! :D

Hey, thanks so much, Nicole! I'm pleased you like the pic. :D I can imagine any lady who gets this boxset as a gift would be squealing with joy when she opens the box. It's hard not to like the items and that interesting bottle design. I've said it before and I will say it again: it's so ornamental! :)

KOH pays a lot of attention to packaging and it shows. :)

Bear Woods said...

I love red, on lips and nails plus this box and packaging is amazing

Witoxicity said...

Hi, MissDoll! It's indeed a very nice set. I love the reds too! :)

Shivani said...

its gorgeous on you, my dear!!!! Reds fortunately or unfortunately never get old :)

Witoxicity said...

@Adorable On Your Vanity
Thank you, Shivani! Haha, love it or hate it, reds will never go away. :D

Nikki said...

Ik zag de red seduction set volgens mij voor rond de 15 euro tijdens de 3 dwaze dagen in de Bijenkorf. Nu ik deze foto's zie heb ik wel spijt dat ik de set niet gekocht heb. Ik ga waarschijnlijk gauw naar Eindhoven, dus dan ga ik daar toch nog maar even kijken of het er nog is. Groet

Witoxicity said...

15 euro is wel een veel betere prijs voor deze box. Ja, ga maar eens kijken bij de Shop in Eindhoven. Als jij nog geen KOH Red thuis hebt, dan raad ik je zeker aan om deze box aan te schaffen. Het bijzondere flesje zal heel mooi staan op je kaptafel! :D