Adorned Nails: KOH Loving Bronze

This is polish number two from the KOH Holiday Spirits collection. It's a limited edition, I've been told.

While Romantic Silver was an obvious silver, KOH Loving Bronze is not your conventional bronze. It's a pale peach-pink, more peach than pink. As you can see, it's mighty dense with golden yellow micro glitters. The polish was pretty much opaque in two coats. I did three to get in more of the golden yellowness in the peach-pink.

The brushes that come with these polishes are narrow. Sometimes I have problems with narrow brushes, sometimes I don't (also applies to other brands). Application was a bit streaky with this one. Broader brushes are better, I find.

As far as the shade is concerned, I think Loving Bronze is sweet and soothing to look at. I like its sunny quietness.

This polish was kindly provided by KOH Cosmetics.

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I Drink Nail Polish said...

I love the finishes on these polishes so much! The silver is more suited to my skin tone but I love this shade too! The warm sunset shade with sparkling sun particles is just so lovely! <3

Kayono (Neues vom Kellerkind) said...

That's a really beautiful polish. Wow!

Jossie said...

Beautiful, the color and flecks are gorgeous!!!

Unknown said...

Such an intersting color!!
Really nice!

Anonymous said...

Unique, coz it's nothing like the conventional bronze ones! It's fresh and sunny! Me like! Me love "loving Bronze" :)

esther said...

Ik hou wel van dit soort aparte kleuren. Niet alledaags maar ook niet te opvallend. Echt chique. <3 Morgen even kijken bij Douglas of deze collectie er al is.

Anonymous said...

The other day you showed us that beauty from Catrice "Rusty but Sexy" and now this beauty. It seems to be the in thing those bronze/orangy shades. Not too much glitters and therefore very elegant, my thing. Take care, Nicole x

Bellas Unhas e Cia said...

Hello dear!
What a gorgeous color, I loved it!
Excellent week for you!


Olá querida!
Que cor linda , adorei!
Ótima semana para você!

Nikki said...

Waanzinnig mooie kleur. Volgens mij staan alle kleuren mooi bij jou. Komt zeker door je slanke vingers en mooie nagels. Groetjes

Anutka said...

I love this bronze color and the gold shimmer in it! Beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

Had to check out this beauty again. Take a look at the first pic and take a step back from the screen, it's such an amazingly stunning shade. "KTee" xx

Adis said...

This one looks pretty too :o. Not my kind of colour though as it's a bit more subdued to my liking, but it looks like it would definitely be work friendly ^^.

Witoxicity said...

@I Drink Nail Polish
I love that description - sparkling sun particles! :)

I'm glad you like this polish, ladies! Thanks. :)

The base shade is actually quite simple but the micro glitters add a lot of ooomph to the polish. :)

Oh, ik ben het met je eens. Deze lak ziet er rustig uit, maar wel heel zonnig. Apart. Ik hoop, dat je de lak al in huis hebt! :D

Yeah, we've been seeing lots of rich copper/bronze/orange in the last couple of months. Loving Bronze is a shy-er version of that but it still looks elegant. Have a good week ahead, Nicole! :)

I'm pleased to hear that, Cris. You too, have a lovely week! :)

Bedankt voor je compliment, Nikki. :) Nou, ik weet niet of alle kleuren goed bij mij staan hoor, maar ik ben wel avontuurlijk met verschillende nagellak kleuren. Ik heb eigenlijk nooit geel op mijn nagels gehad (binnenkort misschien, met London van de Catrice Big City Life collectie!). We zullen zien. Groetjes! :D

I'm happy you like it, Anutka. :)

Heh heh, hello again, my dear! It's a gorgeous polish, I agree. When I had it on, I was always checking it out - near, far, sunshine, no sunshine, dark corner. Quite intriguing. To quote Loving Bronze! :D

Yup, it's a subdued one but it's pretty (this coming from one who is partial towards dark/louder shades). The micro glitters here don't get in the way as they're not that conspicious viewed from a distance. Work/school-safe!! :)