MuLondon: Organic Foaming Face Cleansers

MuLondon's facial cleansers are here!

You all remember Boris and his MuLondon natural organic moisturisers, don't you?

Of course, you do.

I mentioned last year that Boris was working on expanding his MuLondon range with products like cleansers, massage oils and a facial scrub. I've been eagerly awaiting the launch this past year and a half and finally, in September, Boris gave us a sneak peek of his Organic Foaming Face Cleansers via his monthly newsletter. These are cleansers that he himself has been using for a couple of years.

Well, the cleansers have now joined the official lineup and have been available on the MuLondon website since October. Congratulations, Boris! I'm so pleased that MuLondon is expanding and also to see MuLondon getting more and more mentions on beauty blogs. The brand totally deserves all this publicity.

Very seldom do I write posts along the lines of 'Look At What I Got In The Mail!'. It's like telling you what I had for dinner tonight. Let's face it. Nobody cares.

Today's post would be one of the few exceptions. I received these two cleansers from Boris end of last week. He has kindly sent me a 150ml bottle of his MuLondon Organic Rose Foaming Face Wash and a 50ml bottle of the Organic Lavender Foaming Face Wash to try. There is a third variant in the cleanser range, Organic Fragrance-free Foaming Face Wash (image below). All are 100% natural and plant-based.

Image courtesy of MuLondon

About The Cleansers
This is what Boris says of his cleansers (excerpts):
......contain a unique combination of certified organic ingredients, herbal extracts and essential oils that heal, balance and repair all types of skin, even the most sensitive.

MuLondon foaming cleansers are based on pure, certified organic castile soap. They contain NO detergents like SLS, no parabens, alcohol or mineral oils and are, as always, cruelty-free and vegan.

These cleansers are also free from palm oil and this is something that Boris would never compromise on. The subject of oil palm cultivation is a controversial one due to its impact on the environment and on wildlife. Boris told me emphatically that he does not want to support that and that he had worked hard to find an ethical and palm-oil free source for the ingredients.

The MuLondon cleansers are available in two sizes:

150ml for £12 (£15 for the Organic Rose variant)
50ml for £5 (£7 for the Organic Rose variant)

Updated pricing
150ml for £13 (£16 for the Organic Rose variant)
50ml for £6 (£8 for the Organic Rose variant)

They come in recyclable HDPE plastic bottles that are free from phthalates, bisphenol-A and PVC.

Why These Variants
I was curious as to why he chose a lavender and a rose variant for his cleansers. I already knew he is a huge fan of Lavender Essential Oil (he's been using it daily for the past 16 years) but I posed him the question anyway. This is what he told me:

I love Lavender and Rose, and what they do for the skin. Also, they complement my existing range of moisturisers perfectly, and are tolerated well by people with very sensitive skin, and even those with severe allergies and are safe to use on children and babies.

He created the fragrance-free variant for those whose skin are extremely sensitive to essential oils.

Boris, by the way, isn't ruling out expanding this range of cleansers in the future.

MuLondon Toiletry Bag

In the parcel, there was also a lovely MuLondon toiletry bag. Talk about branding! Look at the gorgeous flower prints. There is indeed beauty in simplicity.

Of course, I had to ask Boris about this toiletry bag. So, this is a heads-up to all MuLondon fans and those who have not tried MuLondon products yet but are curious. Boris plans to hold a competition on MuLondon in January and participants will have the chance to win "a toiletry bag and other MuLondon goodies, in addition to my skincare products".

Coupon Code
One last bit to share with you. This came in MuLondon's latest newsletter sent out just yesterday. For this holiday season, Boris is offering Free Worldwide Shipping on orders of 2 MuLondon products or more. Orders must be placed before 15th December. Coupon code: HO-HO-HO-11. Once entered, click "Apply coupon", go down to "Get Shipping cost", choose "Free Shipping" and update total.

I'll be using these cleansers in the coming months and when I'm ready, I will write a post or two on them.

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Adis said...

Oooh!!! This looks pretty awesome! I've been using the moisturizer I won just about every day since I got it and I'm still not halfway through the jar :D! I have to ask the good man about other payment methods besides paypal and credit card, I want to try more of his stuff! And I should also write that review I promised (>x>)\... That stuff is especially awesome since the weather had finally caught up and started getting properly cold :p. And it still smells so divine!!!!

Witoxicity said...

It's really good to hear that you've been making full use of the White Chocolate Truffle moisturiser. Indeed, it smells heavenly! :D Hmm, we'll have to ask Boris if there are other payment possibilities. Take your time with the review, my dear. No worries. :)

Anonymous said...

Great post, I enjoyed reading it, my dear. You already shared some information with us here, but I'm looking forward to read more. However I know it will take some time, that's always the case with products like this.

It's such a beautiful toiletry bag, I love it.

Take care, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

Thanks so much, Nicole! I've included here the basic information for those who haven't heard about these cleansers. I'll be able to write more about them later as I get to know these cleansers better. Hey, Boris would be pleased to know that you love the toiletry bag too! :D

Anonymous said...

Yay for new Mulondon products!

It's great to hear Mulondon is expanding and I think it's great to hear Boris doesn't support something which is bad for wildlife.

I love the cherry blossom print on the bag, it looks classy. I love cherry blossom.

I'm curious about your review. ;)

Witoxicity said...

The bag is very pretty and stylish indeed! Review/s coming up later after I've used the cleansers for a reasonable period of time. Stay tuned! :D

Mary said...

Such an interesting brand. I love natural/organic products. Great articles on Mulondon. It all sounds divine.

Witoxicity said...

Thank you, Mary! I hope you'll give MuLondon products a try. The moisturisers are fab! :)