Adorned Nails: Essence Gold Old Buffy

If you thought Catrice Welcome To The Jungle from the limited edition Papagena collection was cool, then you might find this one from Essence a hundred times more awesome.

This is Gold Old Buffy from Essence's latest and very popular trend edition, Vampire's Love. You've seen the Vampire's Love Eyeshadow Palette. Gold Old Buffy probably has some association with the khaki green-brass eyeshadow in that palette. Price: only €1.79 (10ml).

Note: With the exception of the second one, all photos were shot in strong sunshine.

Gold Old Buffy applied superbly and I have two coats on here. The polish is a black or black-brown jelly filled to the brim with brassy gold micro-glitters and small, curious, irregular-shaped brassy gold flakies. It's like a manifestation of my all-time favourite eyeliner pencil, GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Liner - Metallic Brass, in a nail polish, only meaner and grittier (in appearance).

It's a polish that befits a gargoyle (if it wore nail polish) and I absolutely love it!

The other Essence Vampire's Love polishes now featured:
Hunt Me If You Can
The Dawn Is Broken
Into The Dark

More information:
Essence website


sugar sugar said...

that is such a sexy and wonderful color! i love the effect when the light hits the nails! :D


Waaauw erg mooi!

Nikki said...

Onwijs mooi! Ik heb zelf ook 2 lakken van deze collectie gekocht, waaronder deze Gold Old Buffy. Ik heb ze nog niet gebruikt, maar ik zie hier dat de kleur nog mooier is dan ik had verwacht. Nou deze week lakken maar! Groetjes

Unknown said...

This one is not for me )=
I don't like the color..

Anonymous said...

OMG, stunning man! Really beautiful with golden flakies. I love this color.....Classy. :D

I Drink Nail Polish said...

WOW, it's gorgeous!!! It has so much depth and the sparkles are amazing! :D I have way too many lemmings from this collection!

nail crazy said...

and i am a proud owner of this polish... it was really love at first sight :-D

Adis said...

Ooh :o! Pretty! So darkly gold! Gotta love flakie polishes ^^. Am now pretty miffed the stand was cleaned out of this colour by the time I got to it :(.
(And I apparently have the other dark one called 'Hunt me if you can' :o.)

Anonymous said...

I can understand why these Limited Editions are sold out in no time. Look at the price and how stunning this shade is. Gotta love it, it's totally gorgeous. Take care, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

@sugar sugar
It's definitely a gorgeous one. :)

Ik hoop dat je er ook één hebt! :)

Oh, deze Gold Old Buffy is mijn favoriete kleur van de vijf lakken in de collectie. Deze lak ziet er nog mooier uit in het zonlicht. Schitterend! Groejtes! :D

That's a real pity. :(

Yay! I really, really love this one. I'm glad it's up your alley too, KTee. :D

@I Drink Nail Polish
Essence and Catrice do drive us crazy with their nail polish collections. Too many gorgeous ones! :P

@nail crazy
Hey, it's great that you've got this too! :D

Gah, these things sell out so quickly! Why can't they make more of these?!? I didn't get the other dark one at first, but decided to swoop it up in the end. Argh, I'm so weak! :P

Precisely! Who wouldn't want to get these beauties without burning a hole in the pocket, right? I'm glad you like this intriguing one. :D

Adis said...

I don't understand that either :/. You'd think that with all those nail polish fiends out there, they'd make a bigger batch, but nooOOooo... Have to keep it exclusive Xp! Which is really dumb as it's not like they'd benefit from it if someone sells the bottles at jacked up prices or anything O_o.
Whatever though, it's their loss (of money :p).

Hehe, it's okay, you're stimulating the economies and making yourself happy with small purchases :p! (So you have all five colours of this collection now? Lucky! :D!)

Paulina said...


Witoxicity said...

It's all psychology. As you correctly pointed out, the fewer they make, the more exclusive they are and thus, the more desired they would be (haha, I feel like I'm talking about a product with a €1790 price tag!). :D

Yes, I have ended up with all five after all. I didn't really want that last one but I was talked into it a week later. :P

Witoxicity said...

I hope you can get your hands on it when the collection is launched in Poland. :)

Anutka said...

Another beauty... I'll have to see if I can find them at Ulta... and I was hoping to avoid buying more polish for a while ;)

Witoxicity said...

Haha, I say the same thing to myself too - no more nail polish purchases - and look at me now. :P

Bear Woods said...

It is wonderful, flakes catches the light so nicely

Witoxicity said...

I'm pleased you like it. I totally love this polish! It's mean and gorgeous! :D

Nikki said...

Heel mooi met de flakes. Een hele bijzondere kleur. Groet

Witoxicity said...

Inderdaad! Deze vind ik echt gaaf! Groetjes! :)

Stephanie Gauthier-Bujold said...

Golde khaki green... awesome!

Witoxicity said...

@Ms Bubu
I'm pleased you love this too. I think it's such an evil beauty. Haha!