Adorned Nails: Catrice Be Indiglow

If Catrice Looking Sunkissed was a red satin ribbon, then Be Indiglow would be its blue counterpart.

As you would have noticed from the paisley print on the bottle cap, Be Indiglow belongs to Catrice's Bohemia Collection. Simple dark blue, two coats and a dream to apply. Only €2.49.

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Kayono (Neues vom Kellerkind) said...

Gorgeous polish! Sadly, it was sold out in my town...

BellasUnhaseCia said...

Hello dear!
Here I am delighted with this glaze, beautiful!
The color is perfect and the glass charm!


Olá querida!
Estou aqui encantada com este esmalte, lindo!
A cor é perfeita e o vidro um charme!

Unknown said...

Such a deep blue!!
I thought it was going to be too dark for me, but surprinsingly, not!

Viktorija said...

Looks great, a very pretty colour!

lavender said...

This is so beautiful. And your painting is so professionally done. How do u keep the edge so neat?

Anonymous said...

Blue stunner alert! It's a beautiful color on its own, but some silver stamping would look pretty, I think. Have a great weekend, Nicole x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, I love dark shades. :)


Witoxicity said...

That's a real pity, Kayono. I hope you managed to get the other three though. :)

Bom dia, Cris! I'm happy you like this blue one! Beijos! :)

It's a good thing it's not a black-blue. :)

I'm pleased you like it, Viktorija. :)

I'm notorious for having shakey hands. I do clean up the edges after polishing my nails. I've written a post on how I do it with the Essence Nail Polish Corrector Pen. If you haven't got access to Essence, you could try something similar from Sally Hansen. :)

Yeah, I totally agree! Silver stamping always goes well with a blue background. [looks guiltily at the neglected stack of stamping plates :P]. You too, Nicole, have a fab weekend! :D

Heh heh, me too! I'm pleased you dig Indiglow. I hope your weekend is going well, KTee! :D

Anutka said...

Such a beautiful blue! I used to never wear blue, but now I'm loving it more and more :)

sugar sugar said...

such a cute name and i adore this color too! :)

Witoxicity said...

Dark blues, especially, are gorgeous. Fear them not! :)

@sugar sugar
Yeah, it's another cool name coming from Catrice. :)