Rituals: No. 09 Vanilla Drops + Sweet Orange Eau de Parfum

This little bottle of perfume came in a set of three, all cute and mini. Rituals Cosmetics released two perfume giftsets last month - a Perfume Collection for Women and a Perfume Collection for Men - each consisting of a selection of three 10ml bottles of Rituals' perfumes.

The Perfume Collection For Women contains

• No. 4 Violet + White Lily
• No. 7 White Patchouli + Cedar Wood
• No. 9 Vanilla Drops + Sweet Orange

The Perfume Collection For Men contains

• No. 10 Lemongrass + Neroli
• No. 14 Fresh Cypress + Tangerine
• No. 21 Sandalwood + Patchouli

Each box retails for €24.90.

I'll be doing little features on each of the perfumes in the women's boxset which I bought last month. I'll start off with No. 09 Vanilla Drops + Sweet Orange (bottle on the right in the box).

When Rituals launched its range of perfumes last year, they said in its press release that this perfume No. 09 was inspired by soul songstress, Joss Stone. It seems that the founder of Rituals, Raymond Cloosterman, met the singer backstage after her concert and she mentioned that she loves mixing orange essential oil with vanilla to create her own unique perfume. So, there! I like Joss Stone's style but I don't care much for name-dropping and celebrity-related/-inspired/-created scents. I just thought you should know how the idea of this perfume came about.

This is what the creator of No. 09, Jean-Michel Zenhausern, a Geneva-based perfumer, says:

Imagine a warm, starry night in magnificent Marrakech...where sparkling facets of the Orange tree contrast with the sensuality of precious Vanilla Drops.

An oriental, fruity, sensual fragrance.

No. 09 starts off with a citrus explosion: orange, fresh, loud but not tart. The vanilla creeps in a couple of minutes later to tone down the perkiness of the orange. The citrus accent recedes further and further into the background as the roundness and heaviness of the vanilla takes full control. Somewhere in there, there is also a hint of what I think is cardamom. No. 09 dries down to an extremely powdery vanilla.

I like the opening - the scent is happy and pretty, like a gleeful fresh-faced girl - but unfortunately, it goes downhill from there. That happy girl becomes a squat middle-aged lady with too much rouge on her cheeks.

She's smiling though.

No. 09 is not quite my cup of tea.

The Rituals No. 09 Vanilla Drops + Sweet Orange EDP is also available in full-size 50ml bottles (Price: €39.90 - the full-size bottles have the same rustic wooden caps) and in travel-size 20ml sprays (Price: €14.90).

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sugar sugar said...

i love the packaging! they all look so clean. :D

Anonymous said...

I love the scent of vanilla and that of orange. I don't know about a mix of both, never smelled it.

The bottles are cute and classy at the same time. It's a pity this perfume was not to your liking though. Take care, Nicole x

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics!! Straight from a magazine. The small bottle looks even more stunning due to your photography! ;)

Great post hun. Still curious about the scent of these perfumes.

Tried to put your smell-o-blog advice to the test. Ctrl-Alt-s-n-i-f-f didn't work, probably need an update LOL


Adis said...

Eww! Powdery vanilla! D:! Frumpy old lady alert!!!
(O=o=O)/ <-- Frumpy old lady... with too much rouge :p!

Okay, all kidding aside, I don't think I'd like this either as powdery anything are not my cup of tea :x. Too bad, as orange and vanilla sounds like a fun combo otherwise :/.

Witoxicity said...

@sugar sugar
Me too. I like the whole rustic look and the clean lines. :)

I like orange and I like vanilla but the powdery vanilla at the end is not really my thing (and I'm not saying I hate it). You, on the other hand, might like it though. Gotta try it to know. :)

Thank you so much, KTee. That's such a nice thing to say! :) No scent? Yeah, I think you need to reboot the computer. ;D

I don't mind powdery but I'm somehow not drawn to this powdery vanilla. You should try this perfume on yourself the next time you're in a Rituals store. Maybe it will be different on your skin. :)